PSA: Remember to enroll in Platinum card benefits


Given that December is a great month to open Platinum cards and many readers may be taking advantage of the targeted Business Platinum card & business checking bundle or one of the great offers on consumer Platinum cards, I wanted to publish a quick reminder that some Platinum card benefits require enrollment. For instance, I was about to use my brand new Business Platinum card at T-Mobile yesterday expecting to trigger that card’s monthly statement credit benefit for wireless services. Luckily, before I submitted payment at T-Mobile, I got distracted by something else and just happened to log in to my Amex account and look at card benefits, where I realized that I needed to first enroll in the wireless credits:

a screenshot of a credit card

I had completely forgotten that those credits aren’t automatic. That certainly is not not the only Platinum card benefit that requires enrollment.

Since I just opened the Business Platinum card, I also want to use the card’s Dell statement credit benefit before the end of this month (as a reminder, this card offers a $200 statement credit twice per year, once from January to June and once from July to December). I wanted to be sure to use that now, before December 31st, knowing that I can get that benefit again two times next year (and maybe again the January after) before my next annual fee becomes due. Don’t forget that benefit also requires enrollment.

a screenshot of a computer

Both business and consumer Platinum come with benefits like elite status that require enrollment and you don’t want to forget to enroll.

What I know I should have done was check out this excellent resource post: How to maximize value with your Amex Platinum Card. Specifically, the checklist section of that post is clutch. I know that Greg last updated and republished that post just last month. But, if you missed that post because you didn’t anticipate the points parade dropping another bundle of points in your lap, this is your reminder to make a list and check it twice — because not getting those calendar-based benefits before the end of the year certainly wouldn’t be nice.

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