PSA: Today is last day to transfer Marriott points for 2018


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Marriott’s new program allows members to transfer up to 100,000 points per calendar year to any other member.  If you have Gold status or higher, you can transfer points for free, otherwise it will cost you $10.  You have to call Marriott Rewards to make the transfer (801-468-4000).  Ironically, the automated phone system still mentions the old 50K per year limit, but I’ve verified that you can do up to 100K today.

What’s the rush?

If you want to transfer more than 100,000 points to another member, the best way to do that is to transfer up to 100K today, and then transfer the rest anytime in 2019.

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Ed Dee

Any idea how long it takes to be reflected in the accounts? Thanks.

Ed Dee

You’re right. Mobile app shows the updated points but not the website. Thanks.


Just transferred the extra points to my wife’s platinum elite account that I earned from the 29 days promotion. It wasn’t much, but from starting my call with platinum elite rewards call number to seeing the points updated in both accounts online was about 4 minutes… 2 minutes of which was listening to the lame automated introduction.


Any special reason to do so today? Does it cost more in 2019?

Nick Reyes

The last sentence in the post — if you want to transfer more than 100K, then transfer 100K today and the remainder any time in 2019.