(EXPIRED) RetailMeNot: Earn 8%-16% Cashback On Many Travel Sites (Marriott, Viator, Expedia, Booking.com & More)

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RetailMeNot is currently offering some increased cashback rates at a wide range of travel sites. What makes the offers even more interesting is that many of the rates are valid sitewide rather than only certain categories.

RetailMeNot 8%-16% cashback

The Deal

  • Earn 8%-16% cashback at many travel sites when clicking through from RetailMeNot.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • Expiry date unknown.

Quick Thoughts

There are some great rates available here for all kinds of retailers and services, but it was the rates available for travel sites that caught my eye.

The increased cashback rates include:

  • Marriott – 10%
  • Travelocity – 10% for hotel bookings
  • Booking.com – 12% sitewide
  • Expedia – 8% sitewide
  • Hotels.com – 8% sitewide
  • Orbitz – 8% for hotel bookings
  • Viator – 16% sitewide

It’s all those sitewide deals that are particularly notable. The reason why is that many shopping portals have a high headline rate, but they only offer that rate for a specific category like hotels or cruises, offering a much lower rate for flights, car rentals, etc. Similarly, Hotels.com sometimes appears at a higher rate on some portals, but only for hotel bookings in specific cities like New York City and Las Vegas.

With these sitewide offers though, there doesn’t seem to be any stipulation on an eligible transaction other than things like gift cards being excluded. That’s surprising because it’s not often you can earn 8%-12% cashback on things like flights, but it would certainly appear that that’s the case here. Be sure to take screenshots before clicking through, plus be sure to note the terms for some offers. For example, for Expedia your reward earnings are limited to $50 which means you’d max it out when spending $625.

It’s not clear how long this offer will be around for; it could even end tonight (September 6), so it’d be worth jumping on this sooner rather than later if you’re interested. It can also stack with card-linked spending offers. For example, there’s a new Marriott Amex Offer for their luxury brands giving $200 back when spending $500. If you made a $500 reservation, you’d earn $200 from the Amex Offer and ~$50 back from Expedia (depending on how much the taxes and fees are).

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Appears to be dead.

Ed S.

Thanks for the heads up. I gave the Booking 12% offer a shot with two flights. A few data points worth noting:

  1. Like the Expedia offer, it had a max of $50.
  2. Expiration was today (Sep 6).
  3. The activation message said that validation and sending the reward may take 45 days.
  4. The t&c’s say that the 12% is on the fare before taxes & fees; we’ll see if that’s accurate or not. If it is, I’ll be earning 12% on about 80% of the final price, which equates to about 9.6% cashback.
  5. Booking charged about $5 more for each ticket than they could be purchased for on the airline’s website, offsetting some of the potential savings, and bringing the cashback rate down to 7.75% of my $390-ish purchase.
  6. while the purchase was thru Booking, the fine print noted that the ticket would be processed via GoToGate (*cringe*). That’s usually a non-starter for me since their FAQ’s state that OTA’s don’t honor the DOT’s 24-hour free cancellation policy (which isn’t true…while OTA’s are not *obligated* to honor the policy like airlines are with direct bookings, OTA’s have the option to do so, and several mainstream ones like Expedia do just that..YMMV).

I went ahead just to give it a try. It’s fairly low-risk for a couple reasons: a) my trip begins in less than a week, so it’s highly unlikely that ‘ll cancel, and b) these tickets were just a couple of intra-South American flights to close an open-jaw, not my main flights to and from South America.

We’ll see how it works out.