Chase Ritz-Carlton Visa airline fee credits: What works?


The Chase Ritz-Carlton Rewards Visa Infinite card is no longer available to new applicants, but it is available to those with Chase Marriott consumer cards via a product change.  The Ritz card carries a hefty $450 annual fee, but the Ritz card offers both an annual free night certificate worth up to 85,000 points per night and it also offers $300 per year in airline fee reimbursements. These reimbursements can help to mitigate a large chunk of that $450 annual fee if you can put them to good use.

Ritz airline fee credits

Chase Ritz-Carlton Visa Infinite card airline fee credits are offered by calendar year. Ritz cardholders can get up to $300 in fee credits for charges made from January 1 to December 31st of the same year.

Note that the date of the charge determines which year’s credit you’ll use. In other words, a charge made on December 31, 2024 will count toward the 2024 airline fee allotment even if you call in early January 2025 to request reimbursement.

What’s new? Readers have frequently asked for updates to this post. I’ve been hesitant to update mostly because what works “unofficially” will always vary based on the agent fielding your request, so a positive data point below only means that some agents may approve it (others may not), so you may need to try more than once. The chart below contains many old data points and some new, but note that since it always varies by agent, those old data points are as good as new ones and if a contrary data point isn’t listed, that means we haven’t received one. Still, anything “unofficial” may be denied — be ready to call again or secure message again or try with another type of charge if necessary.

How to request reimbursement for airline incidental fees with your Chase Ritz-Carlton Visa Infinite card and why this is the key difference

Unlike other premium cards that offer automatic travel reimbursements, the Ritz card requires the cardholder to manually request reimbursement for qualifying charges. You can do this by calling the number on the back of your card or by sending a secure message through your online Chase account.

As a result, what works or doesn’t work to trigger the airline incidental reimbursements is highly subjective in that it is entirely up to the agent fielding your reimbursement request. We’re updating this post with data points about what has worked for various readers, but the fact is that any type of travel-related charges could work depending upon the agent — and at the same time, any successful data point of something outside of the “official” uses of the credit only indicates that at least one agent was willing to reimburse the charge (another agent may not).

Agents do seem to have wide latitude in terms of deciding which charges qualify. While we have of course had readers have success with many types of airline charges beyond the “official” list of uses, we’ve also had occasional data points of success with charges that clearly shouldn’t have been reimbursed. For instance, we once had a reader report getting reimbursed for a Marriott hotel charge and another for an Airbnb charge. Those obviously weren’t airline charges and I imagine that they wouldn’t be reimbursed by 99% of agents, but the point here is that it seems to be up to the agent to determine whether the charge qualifies and so what works or doesn’t is likely to vary considerably based on the agent who fields your request. It therefore also means that if you call to request reimbursement and are turned down for a particular charge, it is probably worth trying again via secure message or vice versa since the next agent may see the situation differently.

All of the above makes the data points shared in this post different than those you’ll find in our post about Amex airline fee reimbursements. Whereas a positive data point in the Amex post means that the same type of charge is more or less sure to work for you on your Amex card, a positive data point in this post just means that the corresponding type of charge might work for you. Again, whether a charge qualifies or not is ultimately up to the agent you reach.

Personally, I find the potential flexibility to be a major strength of this card’s fee reimbursements, though some will no doubt find it frustrating to not “know” for sure which charge will trigger the credits beyond the list of officially-qualifying uses. I accept that if I put a charge on the card that isn’t listed in the “official” uses, it may not be reimbursed. For instance, we had a positive data point for a BLADE helicopter transfer and another for airport parking. While I might take a swing at putting those types of charges on my Ritz card and trying for a reimbursement, I accept that they may not be reimbursed and only use my Ritz card for those types of charges when I feel like it is “worth a shot”.

What purchases officially count towards Ritz airline fee credits?

Eligible incidental fees include:

  • Airline lounge day pass
  • Yearly lounge membership of your choice
  • Airline seat upgrades
  • Airline baggage fees
  • In-flight internet/entertainment
  • In-flight meals and drinks
  • Global Entry fees

And, officially, the following purchases are not deemed to be incidental fees:

  • Airline tickets
  • Mileage points purchases
  • Mileage points transfer fees
  • Gift cards
  • Duty free purchases
  • Award tickets

What purchases count “unofficially” towards Ritz airline fee credits?

Sometimes purchases of gift cards, award fees, or even low-cost airfare are reimbursed even though they shouldn’t be.

As noted above, the key that makes the incidental credits of the Chase Ritz-Carlton card different from those of other premium cards is that the fee reimbursement is not automatic on the Ritz card. You will need to either call to speak with an agent or send a secure message in order to request reimbursement. This means you will be relying on a human to manually credit the reimbursement (and therefore relying on that human’s interpretation of what works and scrutiny (or lack thereof) regarding your charge).

If you are looking to get reimbursed for gift cards, you may want to consider denominations that line up with fees that would ordinarily qualify for the credit. Gift cards purchased in a denomination that correlates with the associated fee for a checked or overweight bag, for instance, might be more likely to be reimbursed. On the other hand, if the charge shows up on your statement as “AIRLINE ABC – GIFT CARDS”, an agent may deny reimbursement even if you had purchased it in a denomination that corresponds to a fee. Secure message may be an easier method to request a credit than over the phone, though some report the opposite is true.

The things that work or don’t work vary by airline and by agent and may change over time and certainly vary by agent. Something that worked yesterday won’t definitively work today — but since the best way to predict future behavior is by looking at past behavior, we will collect datapoints here to try to determine the trends.

Remember that a successful data point is more powerful than a negative datapoint in that a successful data point shows something is possible. Recognize that in some cases, you may need to HUCA (Hang up, Call again) or send a message again in order to be successful.

If you have recently attempted to receive reimbursement via your Ritz travel credit, please comment to add your data points including:

  1. Type of charge
  2. Date of charge
  3. Requested via phone or secure message
  4. Success or failure

The following table shows the unofficial stuff that works or doesn’t work with each airline that we have collected so far (note that I am including some things that officially count as well, like a seat upgrade in economy class on Lufthsana as readers sometimes ask about charges from foreign carriers and for small upgrades like extra legroom, etc):


What works? Recent reports
Award fees 12/2019 (Linh)
Award fees (see linked data point for more info on potential success) 8/2019 (Antonio)

Air New Zealand

What works? Recept Reports
New Zealand domestic flights ($73 and $25) 8/2019 (pbjclimbing)

Air France

What works? Recent reports
Award fees 7/2018 (JustSayin)

Air France

Recent reports
What works?
$220 Award taxes & fees 7/2023 (TomC)
Award taxes & fees (amount unspecified) 6/2023 (LDoc at DoC)
$350 Change Fee via call
2018? (Marshall)

Alaska Airlines

What works? Recent reports
Award fees Early 2017 (Denise)


Recent reports
What works?
Pet fee ($125) 7/2023 (tondoleo at Flyertalk)
Upgrade to first class during booking process (booking a coach ticket, click “upgrade” to book it as first class – save screen shots in case)($260) 12/2016 (Flyertalk)
Inexpensive flight purchase 12/2022 (Gwen)
Seat assignment / upgrade

1/2023 (SteveO)

8/2018 (Angie)

$200 gift card 3/2019 (Martin at DoC)
$100 gift cards* (Note that some reports indicate the charge may now appear as “American Airlines – Gift Cards” and no longer work. Secure Message is more likely to be successful than via phone.)

12/2022 (rxgeek)

4/2021 (r2e)

3/2018 (Chris)

1/2019 (Just a Note via call)

5/2019 (Martin – useful data point)

$75 gift cards (See note about $100 gift cards above) 12/2018 (A G)
$50 gift card 5/2019 (Richard)
Award taxes

11/2023 (LDoc at Flyertalk – $100)

12/2022 (rxgeek – amount not specified)

1/2017 (Doctor of Credit – $170)

Award booking fee ($75) 7/2018 (NI)
Partial ticket purchase (part gift card, ~$120 on Ritz card) 7/2018 (Clay)
Award redeposit fees ($175) 1/2019 (Kimbra)
Flight purchased with Visa Infinite $100 companion discount (~$125 / ticket) via call 10/2018 (Geo@YQB)
Elite status renewal ($495), $300 reimbursed via secure message 12/2018 (John)


What works? Recent reports
Ticket purchase 7/2018 (Josh)

ANA Airlines

Change fee ($119) 5/2019 (hunterwild at DoC)


What works? Recent reports
What doesn’t work? Recent reports
Award fees 4/2019 (Kalei)

British Airways

What works? Recent reports
Upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy 12/2023 (aarjee)
Award fees (note counter-data point below) 1/2018 (JBTx)
What doesn’t work? Recent reports
Award fees (note that this DP suggests it may still be YMMV depending on agent) 4/2019 (Kalei)


What works? Recent reports
Premium seat upgrade in business class ($300) 1/2024 (macmedic on Flyertalk)
Seat assignment fee ($100 for two XL seats) 1/2019 (Ryan)


What works?
Wine in Delta Sky Club 12/2022 (Melissa)
Comfort+ seat upgrades ($109) 5/2017 (Flyertalk)
Gift cards ($50 / $200)* (See below) 7/2018 (Phillip)
Award fees

8/2023 (LDoc at FLyertalk)

7/2018 (Clay)

In-flight food 7/2018 (Clay)
Upfare 7/2018 (Mike)
Flight purchased partly with card (~$50) and rest with gift cards 10/2018 (Geo@YQB)
What doesn’t work? Recent reports
Gift Card ($50) 10/2018 (Cherry)


Recent reports
What works?
Award taxes & fees 2/2017 (Doctor of Credit)
8/2019 (pbjcliming)


Recent reports
What works?
Round trip flight. Asked for bag fees to be reimbursed, but all of it was 12/2018 (Billy Bob)


What works? Recent reports
Cheap Flights (4x ~$34) 7/2018 (Austin)

JAL (Japan Airlines)

What works? Recent reports
$300 upgrade to premium economy
2018? (DSK)


What works? Recent reports
Flight purchased with Visa Infinite $100 companion discount 12/2018 (Clover Chan)


What works? Recent reports
Upgrade to extra legroom seating in economy class ($102) 5/2017 (Nick)


What works? Recent reports
Flight (reported as checked skis) 12/2018 (John)


What works? Recent Reports
Award taxes (unspecified amount) 5/2021 (note that BML reported failure via secure message and then instant success over the phone)
A1-A15 Boarding at gate ($40 or $50) 2/2018 (Nick) and again 12/2018 (Jonn)
Southwest in-flight Wi-Fi ($8) 2/2018 (Nick)
Gift cards ($150) (see counter-datapoint below)

4/2020 (Mom of 3)

1/2019 (T1G3R)

Gift Cards ($75) 1/2022 (Akuma at DoC)
Early Bird Check In ($15) 5/2017 (Flyertalk)
Business Select upgrade 7/2018 (Abby)
Southwest gift card (amount unclear; note that I imagine this is YMMV depending on the rep) 10/2019 (F C)
What doesn’t work? Recent reports
Priority Boarding (note that I suspect this might work given another try or two) 2/2023 (Raylan)
Southwest gift card ($75). Was told that purchase displayed as gift card
12/2018 (BML)

Singapore Airlines

Recent reports
What works?
Award taxes ($130) 1/2017 (Doctor of Credit)
Award taxes (unspecified amount) 5/2021 (note that BML reported failure via secure message and then instant success over the phone)

Spirit Airlines

What works? Recent Reports
The Thrills Combo (checked bag, seat selection, etc) $212 (2 pax) 5/2018 (Nick)

Turkish Airlines


What works? Recent Reports
Buying miles online 4/2020 (Nick. Bought 2500 miles for $75)


What works? Recent reports
Travel Bank 1/2024 $100 (r2e)
12/2023 $250 (Billy Bob, who apparently said it was for skis)
Award taxes (unspecified amount) 5/2021 (note that BML reported failure via secure message and then instant success over the phone)
Mileage transfer fee 1/2018 (Eason)


What works? Recent reports
Airport parking 12/2022 (Chris at DoC)
CLEAR membership

6/2018 (Berkeley Girl)


BLADE helicopter transfer 7/2020 (Drew)
What doesn’t work? Recent reports
CLEAR renewal
12/2019 (Ron)


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Valid for global entry… So if I purchase global entry for 3 people for a total of $300 would that be legit? I know these premium cards usually only cover one per 4 years


anyone try lap infant fees (specifically curious about Aeroplan or Turkish but really for any airline)?


Called Ritz for British Airways – Award Taxes and Fees for 2 transactions(totaling over 300) and got the full $300 credit.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kevin

Data point from a few days ago: used Flying Blue miles to book four tix on Air France, total award fees close to $500, put the fees on my Ritz. Called in, pointed out the transactions to the rep and said that I wanted to use the $300 credit on them, and without any further questions she set up the credit. All $300 appeared the next day.


Data point 9/2023. Seat selection fee for Brussels Airlines business class “throne seat” for $179. Posted a couple of days after requesting via secured message with screenshots.


Booked a partner award with Virgin. Taxes and fees were $83.86. Secure messaged chase with “seat upgrade” and reimbursed without question.


Booked an ANA partner award, had approx $500 in taxes and fees. Charged to ritz card, called and got $300 statement credit applied, had to call a few times to get a decent rep. Booked March 2023 and called to get SC April 2023. I think I said it was some type of fee.


AirCanada Taxes, fees and charges. worked. SM’d as luggage (11/2023)

AA Taxes & carrier-imposed fees. worked. SM’d as seat upgrade (9/2023)

Delta Taxes, Fees and Charges. worked. SM’d as luggage fee (9/2023)

Oren S

I bought an AA flight for approx $95, did a “seat upgrade” to first class for approx $265 upgrade fee.

I actually spelled it out for them with a screenshot, was expecting only $265 out of my $300 credit (and was going to do it again with a cheaper fare for the remainder) But they simply messaged back saying I’ll get the $300 credit and a day or so later it posted.

BEST card out there, hands down. It’s like prepaying $150 for an 85k night PLUS the other great benefits


For 2023 everything worked by secure message for P1/P2. Award fees and taxes on SW, AA, Delta. Seat upgrade/selection on AA. I never tried just for the $5.60 tax. Thought that was pushing it too far. Also paid for balance due on AA ticket. Easy spend of $600. Always just said seat upgrade or baggage fee. Only time I was questioned was when I did not put a reason what it was for. Replied it was for baggage and was approved.


Turkish Airlines – flight change fee

Flyand Ride

I always request the credit via secure message. Got Emirates Award taxes ($210) credited earlier this week. I have never had a problem getting award taxes credited regardless of the airline. I also got Turkey e-Visa fees ($102) credited in 08/2023.


British Airways in 2023 – 3 x Reward Flight Saver fees (Europe short-haul awards)
Qatar Airways in 2023 – 1 x Fare hold fee.



British Airways in 2023 – 2 x short-haul cash fares (1 x $120 & 1 x $62)

Traveling Rogers

Can confirm got full $300 applied to award ticket booking on Delta


WN gift cards worked $150 and $90

WN award taxes and fees $11.20 worked (agent was trying to find something else and said that would work)