RT Flights From East Coast To Hawaii For $288 In September


There are some excellent round trip fares right now from the east coast to Hawaii. While no one should be traveling right now unless it’s essential, these fares are available into September and October, at which point it might be safer to travel.

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Flying from the east coast to Hawaii for under $300 is a great price, especially if you don’t have any/enough ThankYou points to transfer to Turkish, or can’t find availability on United. As you might expect given the price, this doesn’t include checked bags, but that might not be an issue if you’re just planning on lazing on the beach for a week.

These fares are available from June, but given the way things stand right now, it’s not advisable booking flights for travel that soon. Things will hopefully be safer come September and October though, so for some it might be worth speculatively booking these flights. Hawaiian Airlines isn’t charging change fees for any changes made within two years of the original ticket purchase date. That means there’s some degree of flexibility, but you’d have to pay for the difference if the dates you change to result in a price increase.

Something important to be aware of is that right now Hawaii is ordering that anyone flying there has to self-quarantine for 14 days or for the duration of their stay, whichever is shorter. That’ll obviously put paid to the enjoyment of a Hawaiian vacation, but hopefully that order will be lifted at some point in the coming months. There’s no guarantee of that though; if we see a spike in cases when things start opening up in the coming weeks and months, Hawaii may well decide to keep that rule in place.

h/t Thrifty Traveler

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I’m traveling every week for fun. – I’m on a plane right this moment after a long weekend in the Midwest. It’s certainly not ‘essential’ – and your opinion is certainly outdated based on all the data coming out showing what an over-reaction this all was.

The sooner that absolutely baseless line of thinking ‘Don’t travel, hoard toilet paper, be scared of every human in the world!’ goes out the window – the sooner we can start the process of healing as a world.

We’ve done so much damage to ourselves with comments like ‘don’t travel, don’t talk to people. Or ‘don’t worry about the poor, they don’t need jobs!’”

Bloggers and news HAVE to start taking responsibility for their words. You guys can’t keep parroting bad information anymore.

Please, read a book, educate yourself. Traveling is what brings people together.
It’s not the enemy here – neither are your insane rules and decisions that you make personally – helpful to the rest of the world.

Your words and mantra of ‘don’t travel’ are hurting so many innocent people around the world every day. Please, you’ve got to stop at some point here.

The emperor has no clothes, please stop telling us he looks fabulous.


Hard to tell if trolling or Doug just has his head up his a$$.


Has to be a troll …. has to be. No one could possibly be this stupid.


Everyone has their opinion which is fine with me. Look @ Singapore’s Health System fine job much better than the USA . They stated 1 person can infect 30 people so if u can #stayincave why risk getting ur loved one’s Dead .
Look @ the NHS numbers as in No Funds as usual.


I think you may be giving credit on finding these deals to the wrong place. I’m subscribed to both and Scott’s Cheap Flights sent these out last night