Targeted Amex Offer: Spend $100+ & Get 20% Back at Sam’s Club


sams club amex offer

American Express has released a very good targeted offer for shopping at Sam’s Club.

The Offer

Get 20% back as a statement credit, one time, by using your enrolled eligible Card to make an eligible purchase of $100+ in a single transaction in-Club at Sam’s Club locations by 1/31/17. Statement credit limited to $250.

Key Terms

  • An “eligible purchase” means a purchase made in-Club by 1/31/17, excluding gas purchases.
  • An “eligible Card” means a valid American Express® US Small Business credit or charge Card that is issued by a US banking subsidiary of American Express.
  • Prepaid Cards and products, Corporate Cards and American Express-branded Cards issued by other financial institutions are not eligible.
  • Offer valid for in-Club purchases only.
  • Offer is limited to one statement credit, up to $250 per American Express online account.
  • Must add offer to Card and use same Card to redeem.
  • Offer is non-transferable.

How to Load

This offer is targeted to small business credit and charge cards and thus can only be loaded to targeted accounts on the American Express website.

What to Buy

Sam’s Club does sell $500 Visa gift cards, although they may limit these to one per transaction. Additionally you can purchase a wide variety of merchant gift cards or just buy Sam’s Club gift cards which can also be used at Walmart as well.

HT: Danny the Deal Guru

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[…] Targeted Amex Offer: Spend $100+ & Get 20% Back at Sam’s Club […]


Wondering why my HILTON HONORS Amex doesn’t seem to get this offer….thoughts?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Lots of cards do not get the offer. We don’t know how they choose who and which cards to target.

[…] Targeted Amex Offer: Spend $100+ & Get 20% Back at Sam’s Club […]


i went and bought 5 200$GCs and and one 250$ GC and it triggered the 20% off


In one transaction, presumably. That’s sure to work.

Ken east

Yes. Credits posted in just a few days. I bought just single $500 mcgc’s on a given day and $100.99 posted. I read later one should by the 3 mcgc’s in 3 transactions up to $1,250 in a single day, and you will get 2×100.99 + 1×50 statement credits, the full $250!
Good luck.


Can anyone verify if multiple same day transaction triggers the offer, or if it’s possible to buy multiple lower denomination mcgc, say 6 mcgc in one trip?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, verified. You can, for example, have 3 transactions in order to spend $1250 or more and all 3 count for the Amex offer (despite the terms saying otherwise)

Daniel Rindsberg

Question is do the 3 transactions have to be back to back? On the same date? Or can they be on different dates? Did one credit post? Or did multiple credits post?

Daniel, yes they have to be same day at the very least. It’s possible that they also have to be close in time. I’ve always done mine back to back.

Johnny Wong

Did you get multiple emails stating you qualify? I just got one, don’t know if it worked.


I’m guessing he just got the one email…


Has anyone actually gotten the credit back? Am curious as to what experiences people have had buying GCs and if they actually do get the credit.

Sharon McCoy

Just bought a $500 Sam’s Club gift card, it was NOT rung up separately from my food order of $110. So I got the 20% on $610 not just $500 as was mentioned by alex.This was in the Willow Grove PA store. I will attempt $1000 on my other Starwood AMEX business card next week, again with my my combined order of food and other items.

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my experience at the Secaucus NJ store was that they can only load up to $500 per Sam’s Club gift card, even though the rack says $1,000. Also, they had to ring me up separately for each one, so I couldn’t max out my bonus, only did $500 and got $100 statement credit. Next I will try to use my wife’s card and add additional grocery items to it and see if it can be rang up with the gift card together.


single transaction can be multiple items in one trip to the store?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, as long as you checkout all at once with all items.


Has anyone tried an online purchase to see if it will trigger the bonus?


Not sure I’ve seen anywhere an answer to this fundamental question: if I buy $1,250 SaMS club gc’s under this promo (for the full statement credit of $250 per regisothed Amex card), can I use then use these gc’s at either SMS or ally to buy other Mastercard or visa gc’s?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I don’t know


can you explain “one statement credit, up to $250 per American Express online account.”.

* one statement credit – one $20 credit per statement?
* $250 per American Express online account – my AMEX online account has 4 cards (all tied to a single login) , 2 of them had the offer & 2-browser added. Will I get $250 max based on card or account?


I’m wondering the same thing, but afraid I know the answer. My two Amex DL cards each got the offer, one card being an AU of the other.

Greg The Frequent Miler

$250 per card. If you have 4 cards enrolled then you can get up to $1,000 back.


I tried to buy a Visa giftcard at Sams recently. Cashier called supervisor, and she said you can’t pay with a credit card. Do you have to push them to let you pay with a ccard?

Greg The Frequent Miler

They should be able to process them at the customer service desk unless you happen to go to a Sam’s that has a different policy.



Do you know what the policy is for the Sam’s club in our area?

If they take cc for vgcs and if limit is 1 vgc per transaction?


Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes they take cc at the customer service desk. Yes limit 1 per transaction. Limit is imposed by the register not by the employees.


are 200 MCGCs available in our area? Those don’t have a limit right?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I would guess so, but I haven’t checked recently. Yes, no limit with those I believe


A good deal, if you’re targeted. Our SPG business cards, including companion cards were targeted, but nothing else (including other AMEX biz cards).

I read somewhere else about the “you can only buy one Visa gift card” thing. I’m curious how this plays out because I obviously would want to buy $1250 in gift cards in one transaction. Could I combine a $500 Visa with Sam’s Club GCs (good at Walmart) as well as other various GCs?


Nope, they can’t be rung up with any other items (including gc) unless their POS changed within the last 2 weeks or so.


Oh crap. then it’s not much of a deal to max out/card. $95 profit per card on a $505 visa gc.


How about two Visa GCs? I assume these GCs are all Vanilla?

Greg The Frequent Miler

There are a few other options:
1) Buy $1250 worth of Sams Club / Walmart gift cards and resell them at ~90% face value
2) Buy other 3rd party gift cards that you can actually use. These are often slightly on sale to begin with at Sams Club. I think that Disney Gift cards are the big win here for anyone planning a big Disney vacation.


Do you know if it’s possible to buy other GCs with Sam’s Club / Walmart GCs?