Simon offering free ground shipping


Simon Mall recently began offering $1,000 Visa Gift Cards for sale online via their website (you need to register and wait for registration to be processed, which is currently taking some time. See Simon Visa Gift Cards online bulk ordering. Everything you need to know.)

Today they reached out to say that they are offering a limited-time promotion good for free ground shipping with promo code FREEGROUND.

a screenshot of a credit card

This promotion can be used on up to 5 orders per account.

If you’re newly approved to place orders, this could be a good way to save some money (particularly if you’re looking to spread out your $25K daily limit over a few orders / credit cards, though note that adding an additional credit card will put you back in the queue to be approved again for ordering). You’ll still need to pay the $10 processing fee per order, but saving on shipping drops your cost.

Liquidation will be the hurdle that will prevent some readers from being able to purchase at this time. As we’ve said on all recent MS posts, please don’t purchase these if it will mean that you need to take extra unnecessary trips to the store right now. It’s not worth jeopardizing your health & safety or that of others. You could, however, use these cards to pay taxes or use them on your regular trips to the grocery store.

Also see our post about Which card to use for Simon Visa Gift Cards online for thoughts about which credit card(s) are best for this purpose.

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$36 UPS Ground shipping to Hawaii. Yeah after my 5 orders are up, I’m calling it quits with Simon online orders lol.


Thanks Nick for the helpful alert on this (temporary) shipping fee removal. (and for the extended reviews of these cards and the mail option in early posts) I nearly went for it last week when trying to finish out another tier of spending for the Radisson card, but in the end paused, for three reasons:

1. Yes, the combination of fees was prohibitive, for me at my more modest spending. (when factoring in the shipping, especially if I was just testing less than five)

2. Concern about near term liquidation. Yes, there’s COVID concerns (and not wanting to be seen as pushing good sense in these times.) But I’ve yet to try using one 1k card at the increasingly hostile Walmart’s in some areas. (at one Wally World where I’ve done mo’s for several years, there’s a couple of battle ax csr that will flat refuse to complete transactions with the word “gift card” — no reasoning possible) Not inclined to buying more than one til I successfully do one…. Using these cards (already with fees) to pay taxes (with another 2% in fees piled on) makes little sense. (while racking up very high cents in costs)

3. Worry about shut down if I’d have used my US Bank/Radisson buz cards. (very good to read in one of your other posts here that you’ve encountered no issues/problems from US Bank….. Yet thought I’d heard rumblings elsewhere about US Bank becoming hostile m.s….. Hard to know what to believe in this space — Do trust your report…..and yet wonder….)

[…] Update: You can now get free ground shipping with promo code FREEGROUND Hat tip to FM […]

Julian Banks

Any word on when/if they’ll finish rolling out the mobile pay options on their terminals fully?


Hi Nick, thanks for you post once again. Have you verified these Simon cards bought online have similar PIN enabled feature that the mall Simon cards have? Thanks.


Shouldn’t we be putting on hold this activity until things stabilize, and by that I mean there’s no order issued by the government to stay home?


Hi Nick, maybe I’m missing something but you can no longer use VGCs with official payments, right? So you could only liquidate $4000 through tax payments? Or is there a trick to making it work?

But looking at this article suggests they might? Do Simon VGCs work?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Here’s an up-to-date version of our tax article:

Currently Official Payments does not seem to be working with gift cards. The ability to use gift cards with them seems to come and go regularly over time so it may be worth trying again later.


No way to liquidate. Passing on it.




Why are so few blogs pushing this? You are going to get caught and shut down


Of course Simon reached out to you. They love it when you buy that much of their product. It’s your credit cards and your frequent flier accounts that you’re being risky with. I wish you the best of luck though – your blog is too good to have to get shut down.


Do we know how long the code is good for?


i think another article mentioned May 5