(EXPIRED) 45% off fees on Simon Visa Gift Cards online w/ promo code MAY22SAVE45

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Save 45% off fees when ordering Visa and Mastercard Simon gift cards online. Use promo code MAY22SAVE45  when ordering at simon.com/volume.

Note that many have experienced difficulty in liquidation in the last year or two, so this is a less attractive deal than in the past, though it is still relatively easy to come out ahead depending on your liquidation options.  

The Deal

  • Simon Mall’s volume ordering site is offering the following discount codes for orders from its bulk gift card site (which requires approval to be able to purchase – see this post for more detail. Note that consumers should register as a consumer here in order to have access to the $1,000 cards.)
    • MAY22SAVE45 : 45% off all fees. Valid 5/10/22 to 5/14/22

Key Terms

  • Promo codes can not be combined
  • Credit for orders submitted without codes will not be permitted

Quick Thoughts

This promotion makes the cost per card more reasonable assuming you’re buying a large quantity.

For example, if you were to buy 10 Visa Gift Cards and load them with $1,000 each using the discount code, this is how the math would work out in terms of fees:

  • 10 x $3.95 = $39.50
  • Add $10 processing
  • Add $17 shipping (note: This is an example and varies. This was the amount for shipping to me)
  • Total cost = $66.50
  • Total cost after 45% discount on purchase fees = $36.58 (3.66 per $1,000 Visa Gift Card in this example)

Your cost may be more or less depending on how many cards you order (larger orders come to a cheaper cost per card). While not the cheapest manufactured spending around, that certainly makes these cards easily profitable or makes for fairly cheap points for those with a use for the Visa Gift Cards.

Particularly with the demise of GiftCards.com and GiftCardMall.com given the monthly caps on portal earnings for those sites and the fact that those sites now sell a max denomination of $250 per gift card, Simon was looking a bit better until recent issues began. There are other options still around for buying Visa and Mastercard gift cards as well, but as noted above make sure you have a couple of backup plans.

Previous updates

22CINCO55 : 55% off all fees. Valid 5/4/22 to 5/7/22

MAY22DAY48: 48% off all fees. Valid 4/29/22 to 5/1/22

APR22EARTH50: 50% off all fees.  Valid 4/21/22 to 4/23/22.

APR22FOOLS47: 50% off all fees.  Valid 3/30/22 to 4/2/22.

MAR22FLASH60: 60% off all purchase fees only.  Valid 3/21/22 to 3/23/22.

LUCKY22DAY50: 50% off all fees.  Valid 3/16/22 to 3/18/22.

MAR22DLS45: 45% off all fees.  Valid 3/11/22 to 3/15/22.

FEB22SAVE40: 40% off all fees.  Valid 2/25/22 to 3/5/22.

FEB22PREZ46: 46% off all fees.  Valid 2/1822 to 2/25/22.

RESOLVE22SAVE55: 55% off all fees. Valid 1/6/22 to 1/7/22.

DEC21CHEER50: 50% off all fees. Valid 12/14/21 to 12/18/21.

NOV50THANKS: 50% off all fees. Valid 11/22/21 to 11/26/21.

11/16/21 to 11/18/21 save 45% off all fees with promo code NOV45SAVE

11/11/21 to 11/13/21 save 50% off all fees with promo code FALL50NOV21

11/5 to 11/8 save 55% off all fees with promo code NOV21SAVE55

10/27/21 to 11/1/21 save 50% off all fees with promo code OCTSCARY50

10/19 to 10/22 save 45% off all fees with promo code OCT21SAVE45

10/5 to 10/8 save 50% off all fees with promo code GO50SEP21

9/21 to 9/26 save 55% off all fees with promo code SEP21EA55

9/15 to 9/18 save 50% off all fees with promo code SEP21GO50

9/8 to 9/12 and save 40% off all fees with promo code SEP21FS40

8/30 to 9/3 and save 45% off all fees with promo code AUG21SAV45

8/24 to 8/29 save 40% off all fees with promo code FS40AUG21 

8/17 to 8/19 save 50% off all fees with promo code SSN50AUG

8/8 to 8/11 save 45% off all fees with promo code AUG45SAVE.

8/5 and 8/6 save 50% off all fees with promo code FSAUG50.

7/28 to 8/2 and save 48% off all fees when ordering Visa® and Mastercard® Simon Giftcards® online. Use promo code FS48JUL when ordering at simon.com/volume.

7/21 to 7/24 and save 35% off all fees when ordering Visa® and Mastercard® Simon Giftcards® online. Use promo code JUL35SAVE when ordering at simon.com/volume.

7/15 to 7/18 and save 50% off all fees when ordering Visa® and Mastercard® Simon Giftcards® online. Use promo code JUL50SN when ordering at simon.com/volume.

7/8 to 7/12 and save 40% off all fees when ordering Visa® and Mastercard® Simon Giftcards® online. Use promo code FS40JUL when ordering at simon.com/volume.

6/30 to 7/3 save 44% off all fees when ordering Visa® and Mastercard® Simon Giftcards® online. Use promo code FS44JUN when ordering at simon.com/volume.

Update 6/24/21: Order by 11:59pm ET on 6/24 and save 50% off all fees when ordering Visa® and Mastercard® Simon Giftcards® online. Use promo code SUMMER50JUN when ordering at simon.com/volume. Note that many have experienced difficulty in liquidation in recent months, so this is a less attractive deal than in the past, though it is still relatively easy to come out ahead depending on your liquidation options.

June 16-17 and save 50% off all fees when ordering Visa® and Mastercard® Simon Giftcards® online. Use promo code FS50JUN

5/27/21-5/31/21 and save 40% off all fees when ordering Visa® and Mastercard® Simon Giftcards® online with promo code MEMORIAL40

5/11/21: 50% off all fees with promo code FS50MAY

Update 4/26/21: Order April 26-28 and save 40% off all fees when ordering Visa® and Mastercard® Simon Giftcards® online. Use promo code APR21SAVE40 when ordering at simon.com/volume. Note that the code WELCOME21 is also still valid through April 30th for 50% off fees on one order as well, but if you’ve already used that one, the new 40% off code is a decent alternative.

Update 3/31/21: Promo code WELCOME21 will take 50% off all fees for purchases online through Simon Mall’s volume ordering program through April 30, 2021, but Doctor of Credit notes that there might be a limit of one use. Note that this time, the discount applies to shipping fees. Note that many have experienced difficulty in liquidation in recent months, so this is a less attractive deal than in the past, though it is still relatively easy to come out ahead depending on your liquidation options.

Update 4/23/21: Promo code FSAPR50 will take 50% off all fees for purchases on 4/23/21 only. Note that I believe the code WELCOME21 is also still valid for 50% off one order as well, but if you have used that one or want to save it for another day before the end of the month, use FSAPR50 for half off fees today.

Update 3/12/21: Promo code FS21SPRING40 will take 40% off all fees for purchases online through Simon Mall’s volume ordering program from March 12-16, 2021. Note that this time, the discount applies to shipping fees. Note that many have experienced difficulty in liquidation in recent months, so this is a less attractive deal than in the past, though it is still relatively easy to come out ahead depending on your liquidation options.

Update 3/4/21: Promo code FS40MAR21 will take 40% off all fees for purchases online through Simon Mall’s volume ordering program from March 4-7, 2021 only. Note that this time, the discount applies to shipping fees. Note that many have experienced difficulty in liquidation in recent months, so this is a less attractive deal than in the past, though it is still relatively easy to come out ahead depending on your liquidation options.

Update 2/16/21: Promo code FS21FEB40 will take 40% off all fees for purchases online through Simon Mall’s volume ordering program, possibly February 16 & 17, 2021 only. Note that this time, the discount applies to shipping fees. Note that many have experienced difficulty in liquidation in recent months, so this is a less attractive deal than in the past, though it is still relatively easy to come out ahead depending on your liquidation options.

Update 2/8/21: Promo code FS21FEB35 will take 35% off purchase fees for purchases online through Simon Mall’s volume ordering program from February 8-11, 2021. Note that this time, the discount does not apply to shipping fees, which seem to have increased substantially over time. Combined with the difficulty in liquidation these days, this is a less attractive deal than in the past, though it is still relatively easy to come out ahead depending on your liquidation options.

Update 1/18/21: Promo code FS21JAN35 will take 35% off purchase fees for purchases online through Simon Mall’s volume ordering program from January 18-21, 2021. Note that this time, the discount does not apply to shipping fees, which seem to have increased substantially over time. Whereas fees were around $11 for me when Simon began selling cards online, they are now up to $17 for me, which frankly seems totally out of line. Combined with the difficulty in liquidation these days, this is a less attractive deal than in the past, though it is still relatively easy to come out ahead depending on your liquidation options.

Update 12/7/20: Promo code FS20JOY will take 35% off all fees (including shipping). However, I strongly recommend caution here. We’ve previously reported problems that people have had lately liquidating – these are currently not working in most cases for swipes of $100 or more at Walmart and other outlets. Only purchase if you have an alternate plan and a backup plan or two as we continue to monitor developments.

Update 11/16/20: Promo code FS20SAVINGS will take 35% off all fees (including shipping) for purchases online through Simon Mall’s volume ordering program from November 16-18, 2020. However, I strongly recommend caution here. We’ve previously reported problems that people have had lately liquidating – these are currently not working in most cases for swipes of more than $50 at Walmart and other outlets. Only purchase if you have an alternate plan and a backup plan or two as we continue to monitor development

Update 10/26/20: Promo code FS20SCARY is good for 35% off all fees (including shipping) for purchases online through Simon Mall’s volume ordering program from October 26 – 31, 2020. The last time they ran a similar promotion, the code was valid for unlimited use during the promo window and I expect that will be the same this time as well.

Update 11/6/20: Promo code FS20THANKS will take 35% off all fees (including shipping) for purchases online through Simon Mall’s volume ordering program from November 6-8, 2020. That said, I recommend caution here. We’ve previously reported problems that people have had lately liquidating (and we continue to get more reports of the same) and while we reached out to Simon about that we have yet to hear from them regarding this issue.

Update 10/26/20: Promo code FS20SCARY is good for 35% off all fees (including shipping) for purchases online through Simon Mall’s volume ordering program from October 26 – 31, 2020. The last time they ran a similar promotion, the code was valid for unlimited use during the promo window and I expect that will be the same this time as well.

Update 10/12/20: This deal is back, but this time it is good for 30% off all fees (including shipping and handling fees) with code FSOCT20. This makes the net cost per card very reasonable. This code has unlimited use (subject of course to the $25K per day limit on orders with Simon, which includes fees), but it expires 10/14 (valid 3 days only).

Update 8/24/20: This promotion has been extended to 8/31/20 and Simon has added an additional 10 uses of promo code AUG20PR for 15% off all fees (meaning that each customer can use this a max of 20 times).

Update 8/11/20: Simon Mall’s volume gift card site is offering 15% off on all fees (including 15% off the shipping fee) on orders of 5 or more cards with coupon code AUG20PR. While not quite as good as the July promotion, this is nonetheless noteworthy given recent changes in the online landscape.

Update 6/29/20: Simon is offering several promo codes for “July 4th Savings”, including 20% off purchase fees and free ground shipping on orders of 5 or more cards. (expired)//

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Fred p

Can someone help me understand why this is a good deal? I’ve been watching these for a while – and just don’t get it. $1,000 gift card coats $30 in fees. Assuming you use a 2x card – you get 2,000 points for $30. That doesn’t seem like a great value. What am I missing? I get hitting minimum Spends – but beyond that?


a bit lower, around $27…

Last edited 10 days ago by dan
Fred p

Ahh – there you go! Looks like this only makes sense in significant volume. One card would be 15 in fees (assuming it scales linearly). I’d rather go to staples and buy 1,000 in GC and earn 5,000 points on my CIC than spend $15 to earn 2,000 points. But I guess at least 10k that math changes. I’m not into MS per-se. I like to spend the GC on organic spend. Probably not the right vehicle for me.


SMVGCs are for MSers


I like to say I’m an ex MSers during the good ol’ days. I would love to still be a MSer…;) But what options are available for someone living in the NYC area?


My husband and I just had our gift cards declined at 2 different grocery stores. I’m waiting on Simon Mall to confirm what’s going on.


Krystle, care to share which or name of grocery store(s)? also, what’s the declined reason on the receipt? Thx


I tried Food Lion, Publix, and Harris Teeter in NC. I didn’t get a receipt. The system just said Not Authorize.


did you activate the cards as instructed?


not that, the merchants blocked it

Last edited 10 days ago by dan

it is specific to simon cards or their larger amount or visa, because mc from staples and giftcards.com work just fine, all 3 are issued by metabank, anyone knows the pattern?

Last edited 6 days ago by kukuki

Posted on both Flyertalk.com and Reddit on this yesterday. Not sure where you are, but multiple confirmations on this – Safeway-affiliates including Shaws, Jewel-Osco and Acme have all implemented the same block as they had done earlier at their Vons stores in California. You’ll get a “Not Authorized” message when you try to run them.

Dick Bupkiss

Well-known and nothing new. This is expected behavior.


whats expected?


It is only a good deal when it is fee free. Even at almost 50% off the fees it does not make it worthwhile to do on most credit cards even with bonuses eg for office supplies or whatever.


Does anyone else have trouble activating these $1,000 VGCs? Seems I can’t do it online or on the phone number on the back of the card (one message says card is already activated, and another message says the card has not been activated). No help from Simon yet. 60% off all fees sounds good, but only if the cards can be easily activated and used. Frustrating!


You have to log in and activate it through their system. It’s very specific in the instructions.


Simon has generally been great, but the stealth switch from discounting “all fees” to only “purchase fees” seemed a bit slimy. And, as noted in the article, the discount is considerably lower than usual.


Dont know how good of a deal this is and maybe you should wait for a better one, but here goes:

Order now through March 5, 2022 11:59pm EST, and save 40% off all fees when ordering Visa® and Mastercard® Simon Giftcards® online. Use promo code FEB22SAVE40 when ordering at simon.com/volume.


The following code actually works!

Order now through February 22, 2022 11:59pm EST, and save 46% off all fees when ordering Visa® and Mastercard® Simon Giftcards® online. Use promo code FEB22PREZ46 when ordering at simon.com/volume.


can i make an online purchase of gift cards using my P2’s card, but enter billing name as mine?
originally i added P2’s card to account using their name, but received an email from Simon saying how P2’s card needs to be removed, as account holders can only make purchases using their own cards.

Last edited 2 months ago by slaven

It’s obviously not allowed but I’ve been doing it for more than a year.

David Duff

not working 22HAPPY75


Why most are not getting this to work. From Simon:
“The Happy Card promo is a B2B promotion, not applicable to the MS community.”


PSA – just attempted to register and the following is the response. This is a huge change as I have no malls near me. “Due to recent developments, Simon is now requiring new customers that have not bought from us within the past 12 months to visit a Simon location to make an in-person purchase before we can approve you for online sales.”


My order from 2/1 still hasn’t shipped. Why on earth would they run a sale of any kind if they still haven’t shipped orders that are a week old?


Are they really running this? I’ve not yet found anybody who can verity that this works.


Just a warning. Be prepared for a long wait for these cards. They will bill you and you may well be having to pay your credit card before you see the debit cards.

An order placed on 1/30/22 is still showing as being processed on the Simon site and they acknowledge the items have not been shipped by the card supplier (Covid is to blame), but the credit card was billed (not just a pending charge) on 2/1/22. They say it may ship this week. Last month was similar but not quite as bad and it showed as shipped.

Make sure you can carry the float. I use these gift cards for expenses rather than cashing them out and I can afford the wait, but at some point I may have to tell my bank that this is not OK.


Same, not working


Does anybody show this as working. I tried. 5 others I know tried. This code does not work!


22HAPPY75. Invalid code. Did I miss something


after the 18th, will a 55% off follow? haha

Last edited 5 months ago by dan

Nick, what “recent issues” are you talking about?


they now have different VGC designs, but most have a $500/card limit

The Other Sam

NOV21JOY55 gets you 55% off fees.

The Other Sam

Well, it did until this AM.


yep, got 1 order in yday afternoon, but that code stopped working last night; no worry, will likely come back some time in Dec

Ed k

My days of ms are over. No place to liquidate. With the way inflation is and this crazy economy, we sure could use simply for cash out. If you still can, your days are numbered. I did better during the recession. This economy is going down the drain along with the country. So sad.


Which stores allow convert SM VGC to MO? My walmart are dead with $99 limit.

ed k

I used to have many different places to convert to MO. Now, they all went cash only, which is great for a money launderer since “cleaning” ill-gotten cash is the focus. Who takes loads of cash round to convert to MO? If they would take that cash to deposit in the bank, red flags go up. If some places would have simply allowed bank debit, or a debit with your name printed on it to be used to get MO, that would have sufficed. If stores really care about these things, they should ask for photo ID.


has any folks used a venture X to pay for on-line SMVGCs? if so, did it go thru ok or trigger fraud alert?

Last edited 6 months ago by dan
Nick Reyes

I don’t know if anyone has even received their Venture X yet never mind used it for Simon. I’ve used other C1 cards without issue, including when my wife used Simon for the entire $10K requirement on a Spark Cash a few years ago. YMMV as some people do get shut down for going too hard. I’d recommend pacing yourself.

Nick Reyes

I should note that her first (~$4K) purchase on the Spark Cash did indeed trigger a fraud alert. She called in and cleared it and then placed two other orders to reach the $10K without issue.

C1 does tend to decline purchases for fraud alerts more often than other cards I have though.


thx Nick, got mine via fedex earlier today… thinking about SM with this 50% off but unsure; i also have a spark cash for almost 3 yrs which was used for a $10k in 1 trxn periodically

[…] OCTSCARY50 – Order online by November 1 and save 50% off all fees on Visa and Mastercard Simon Giftcards. (HT: Frequent Miler) […]


What does Simon Mall code as for rewards with Chase or Amex? What is the play here, just hit minimum spend?

Nick Reyes

You will not earn any rewards with Amex, nor will the spend count toward any big spend bonuses. Don’t use an Amex.

It doesn’t code as anything special. The play here is just increasing rewards and/or earning a profit. This time around, your cost for $10K would be about $45 plus whatever it costs you to liquidate that (maybe $10-20). So your all-in cost shouldn’t be more than $65. Use a Freedom Unlimited and you’ll earn north of 15,000 Ultimate Rewards points. Cash that out at $.01 each for $150 or if you have the CSR for $225 at the grocery store (or I’m using 16K URs transferred to Hyatt for a hotel room for two nights that would have cost more than $500 and in this example those points would be costing me less than $70). If you have a card earning 2.625% back, that’s $262.50, so you may be more than $200 ahead. If you’re able to scale that (be careful, go slow or risk quick shut down), it only gets better.


Is AMEX still the only one who will not allow Simon purchases? (thinking of Cap One).

Does anyone count these as cash advances?

Nick Reyes

Alliant doesn’t give any rewards for Simon purchases either. Apart from one brief window in time several years ago where cards from Barclays were getting hit with cash advance fees for Simon (it lasted for just a few days or a week I think), I don’t think anyone else has ever coded Simon purchases as a cash advance. I’ve used C1 cards plenty of times with Simon without issue, but I always recommend ramping up slowly. A thousand or two here, a couple more there to start. I’ve never cycled my limit (or if I did maybe by a couple hundred bucks at most).




unless one is in a rush, most will wait for a 50% off

Dick Bupkiss

FWIW, I received this offer today (April 1) but email says it’s valid from April 1-3, not through the whole month.


my on-line acct is temporarily deactivated after >1 yr dormancy; simon insisted that i must visit a local store, more than 50 mile r/t, to buy a minimum $3k first before they will re-activate my online acct claiming that everyone has to do the similar… so wait, for those folks don’t have a local store in the city or state, simon also denied requests for service or refused to sell as well?


Happened to me as well. I signed up for Simon gift cards long ago but hadn’t ever made a purchase. I live close enough to a Simon mall, so called ahead to arrange a purchase in advance, before driving over, as the e-mail instructed. The person at the Simon management office told me that when you are instructed to come in like that due to dormancy, they waive all fees on your first in-person purchase due to the extra hassle. I was told to bring in the letter that I received that asked me to come in-person. So, I bought some $1K gift cards in-person with absolutely zero fees. This is definitely YMMV and only occurred because the person at the Simon mall’s management office told me about it. But you should call to ask, as that savings might make the drive worth it if they honor the same offer.

As a side note, they require you to fill out a brief form and specify the reason that you are purchasing – and the form gives examples, one of which is the abbreviation “MS”. I took FM’s advice and honestly entered “MS”, and they were totally fine with that.

Last edited 1 year ago by Frank

I wasn’t dormant with them but when they changed the policy I was asked to do the same with my online account disabled until I did. This was last summer. I haven’t bothered to deal with it so far because the nearest Simon is over 100 miles one way and until recently there were better deals for my purposes. The fee free thing discussed by Frank is nice but hardly makes up for the time and gas. That said I might reconsider when I am in the area of a Simon for other reasons which may happen soon.


Can I purchase and load a $1000 gift card at the mall or only through the bulk card site? Can I put more than $1000 on one card? I have a very large Federal Income Tax bill to pay this year and these seem like the easiest way to make low fee payments to the Fed.


$1000 is the max value per debit card. I bought some $1K cards today and paid taxes today. Each card was good for a $997.50 tax payment and a $2.50 fee (give or take). You can only use one card per tax payment. And, supposedly, only two payments per processor per tax period.

HOWEVER: I made two CREDIT card payments via PayUSATax on 3/5/21 and two DEBIT card payments via that same company on 3/12/21, all for the 2020 tax period, and all four were accepted. Seems to exceed the published limits, unless I’m mistaken. Would love to see more data points on this.

References: FM IRS

Last edited 1 year ago by Frank

[…] Update 11/16/20: FS20SAVINGS takes off 35% all fees including shipping. Just keep in mind the liquidation issues. Hat tip to FM […]

[…] Simon Visa Gift Cards online: 15% off all fees (incl shipping) (One code expires 8/31/20, another expires 12/31/20) […]


Do you guys have a list of which retailers are no longer working for cash-out (besides WMT)?


This deal is dead as there is no way to cash out. Also Staples Visas are also dead for MOs.

Nick Reyes

“No way” isn’t true. Definitely more limited (as noted in the post). It certainly may be that there is no way in your area or maybe even in many areas, but not necessarily dead altogether yet.

Mark W

Nick, are you aware of any good (i.e.: not too risky or expensive) VGC liquidation methods that are not direct spend or Walmart dependent? Buying MOs at some grocery stores is one. Any others?


so many rookie comments here crack me up


with the current liquidation issue, may help that SM would offer a 50% disc code

Last edited 1 year ago by dan

[…] Simon Giftcards® online. Use promo code FS20SAVINGS when ordering at simon.com/volume. (HT: FM) Just beware of the recent issues with Visa gift cards at Walmart and […]

[…] Update 11/16/20: FS20SAVINGS takes off 35% all fees including shipping. Just keep in mind the liquidation issues. Hat tip to FM […]

Ed. C

Unfortunately, I don’t think the timing of this promo will do anything to increase sales at Simon when what is probably the most convenient place to liquidate them has effectively banned them.

[…] at all, especially if you were sitting on a large pile of Simon Mall cards purchased with one of their recent promo codes. At least now we know – for now – that you can still use the cards at Walmart; […]

Your daddy

Do chase cards still work for these to help hit minumum spend for sign up bonus?

Nick Reyes

Should work, yes. Never heard a negative DP on Chase cards.


Thanks for that DP. I assume Chase doesn’t care whether GCs were purchased online or in store, they’re “friendly” either way? And yes, trying to liquidate those is becoming a major PITA. I now take several GCs with me to rotate in case the swipes fail. The CSR at my Simon said they did reach out to WM and were told this is an unintended consequence of their system upgrade and should be eventually resolved. What is not clear though if their bug is that we can’t successfully swipe some cards OR that we still CAN swipe cards and they were not able to completely kill it. Keeping fingers crossed here.


The swipes now are maxed at $400. You can do 3 consecutive swipes on the same card to drain a simon $1k card.


Yeah, and unfortunately it looks like it’s not only Simon cards but ANY metabank cards. I tried a few different kinds purchased from Staples, OD, Safeway and they all get declined over $400, bummer.


fyi Nick, the system shows ‘subscription fault’ as i tried to subscribe for new comments

Nick Reyes

Thank you! We’ll look into that.


I’ve been getting code 05, “debut not available” at several of my local WMs with SMGCs. That code is supposed to mean that there are insufficient funds, but of course, the funds are there.

Is this unique to stores in my area or nationwide?

At this point, there is just one store I can use. As the grocery stores that take debit cards for MOs already don’t accept SMHCs, that’s a blow I didn’t need.

Ed. C

It’s widespread. Several discussions about it on FT, FM Facebook group, Manufactured Spending Facebook group and others.


is ur name on SMGCs? if so, cashiers @ grocery store happen to check, it sb ok, right? btw, do cover / hide the word gift card

Last edited 1 year ago by dan

No name. I’m getting them in person. I do cover the word, of course. But it’s the machines, not the cashiers.

There are actually two that are pretty reliable, at this point. But one is skittish, over the years, about MOs.


as i earlier commented on another blogger’s site, at my local WMMCs (2 so far) one register didn’t work at all with any GCs (every time) while another next to it continually has no issue whatsoever; the non-working register did take a bank dc fine; any rate, not sure if 1 register got system changed while another did not or has not yet

Last edited 1 year ago by dan
Nick Reyes

You can get your name on them when you buy them online via the volume purchasing program referenced in this post.


thx Nick, i’ve been aware of getting the name on the smgc; what my reply to Sue was that it was strange that 1 register did not work, while another right next to it continually worked as usual

Last edited 1 year ago by dan

Hey Nick,

The new daily max is $25,500, so we can buy 25K in one shot now.



This is after I placed a 25K order today. It’s not all accounts though apparently.


Sorry, tried to post a photo.

Billy Bob

I read the whole thing; can’t make sense of it though.

Joe W

Anyone else having trouble purchasing Simon VGCs? Trying to use my Chase WOH card and it keeps getting declined. Not sure if just my card or a new Chase hurdle.


AUG20PR code does not give free shipping


Either free shipping or 15% off entire order. You cannot combine promo codes. Says it on the email w/ the promo codes FREEGROUND & Aug20PR. Enter promo code AUG20PR to enjoy 15% off ALL fees on orders of 5 or more cards. Limited to 10 orders per customer. Expires August 23, 2020.

The following offer is still available – you can use up to 5 times.

FREEGROUND – Free Ground Shipping on any order size. Limited to 5 orders per customer. Expires December 31, 2020 (subject to change).

Please note – promo codes can’t be combined.

I buy $9K @ a time and free shipping is the better deal for me.


FYI for all….
Just got called form my local Simon Mall; they are restart in person gift card sales on Monday. Word came from corporate, so may be worth others checking with their malls.


I’ve never entertained Simon’s MS options before…can you have a name printed on the gift cards or do they all ready “Especially for you?”

Nick Reyes

yes, you can have a name printed on them. All of those sorts of details are in this post linked above:



To register you need a tax id number. Can you just use an SSN?

Nick Reyes

That sounds like you’re trying to register for the corporate program. If you’re buying for MS purposes, you should be registering for the consumer program (which asks for your SSN rather than Tax ID). Here’s the link:


How does it coded? Is it safe with USBank Biz leverage ?


Any update from your Simon mall contact on when gift cards will be available in the malls?


it requires SSN to register, does it hard pull your credit report?

Nick Reyes

No, there’s no hard pull. They’re doing ID verification because of the high volume they allow.


Posts as “Simon GC Volume” (or similar) on your card statement. IMO that’s the biggest deterrent to purchasing these.


What’s the cheapest MS around that can scale to this volume?

rick b

At $3.16 per card, this is a steal for my stable of 2% cards.


The FREEGROUND code doesn’t work anymore.


Nevermind, it works again. There was about a 1 week period where it wasn’t working for some reason.

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In light of this and new fees for gcm, would love to see a comparison of the two (and gc.com) for the least expensive/best sweet spots for MS in pajamas.


addl disc helps, but single purch of $10k likely ask for CC shutdown; with the in-store grocery cat bonus multiple offers, will wait till local simon malls resume in-store sales


Was thinking the same thing.


I’ve been running max order (24) on BoA PR no problem so far

Dick Bupkiss

Key words: “so far”…


All good things come to an end. This is definitely not the most unreasonable spend I have on the card. Hope they value the value of my total relationship.

Logan Jung

Hey Dan, do in-store sales code differently? I’m asking because if they do, I might explore weather or not AmEx would be worth trying……. I know it is typically recommended AGAINST but I’m just curious whether or not it’s possible.


i wouldn’t use any amex card for either in-store or on-line purch at SM, but if wanting to test, buy 1 & see if any pts would be credited… even if it will, no guarantee that pts / cr would be awarded on future purch

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Logan Jung

Yeah, appreciate the comment. I know most people say it won’t or doesn’t count but I wonder if they are just saying that second hand or have actually done the work themselves to test.



For the last year + I’ve bought $10k-$20k per month on Chase cards with no issues. Can anyone talk about a specific scenario where they have been shut down for $10k in purchases? I’ve regularly checked this forum and FT and shut downs I’ve seen are combined with other problematic activity – like money order issues with banks. Feels to me that every time someone posts about Simon this warning comes up like its routine when I don’t think it really is.

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