Fighting back: fact-checking Pepper’s claims (aka #Vote4Nick #StayCaytoFarAway champ)


Like everybody else, I saw Stephen Pepper’s video yesterday and I was shocked. I didn’t know what to think about his many slanderous claims or how to respond. I had to do some soul searching and fact checking because I could not let that kind of unchecked aggression stand. And so, dear readers, I present you with the truth about his #fakenews reporting and offer my retort as to why you should in fact vote for Nick as the StayCay to Far Away champion:

Let me add to the above that I took first place two of four weeks and am proud to have made the most gratuitous use of family. See each of my videos here:

Vote here:

Final results can be found here.

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I see ur Packing on the pounds further are we to close to the frig? Then ur well paid shoeless son Hmmm and I bet the trinkets were returned for credit.Thanks, Steve I thought the prison time had corrected that problem after his last 4 wife’s complained.
This and More next week as the Toilet Flushes goes on.
#stayincave LOL

Stephen Pepper

If I knew that you’d beat your child on film, I would’ve added that to my exposé.