The Truth Behind The Frequent Miler Team (AKA #VoteForStephen #SmearCampaign)


Voting has begun for the overall winner of #StayCayToFarAway and the smears have already begun.

For example, Greg claimed yesterday that the video for my full English breakfast donut burger needed parental guidance. That was due to a comment of an adult nature that my wife made in the video, but he also said he’d understand why parents might worry about their children eating a donut burger of this kind.

But why? Parents should be clamoring to have their kids eat something like this. It has protein. It has eggs. It has dairy. It has legumes. It has vegetables. What’s not to like?!

a sandwich with beans and bacon on a plate

How You Should Really Choose The Winner

When choosing the winner of StayCay To Far Away, you understandably take into account the quality of how we completed the challenges. You know what’s more important in life than the quality of our videos though?

The quality of our character, that’s what.

And let me tell you, the quality of character for some members of the Frequent Miler team is sadly lacking. There are a lot of shocking truths that you don’t know about Greg, Nick and Carrie, so I went undercover to launch an exposé to show why you shouldn’t vote for them as winners.

Vote For Stephen!

Needless to say, you should vote for me having learned the real truth – here’s the poll:

Final results can be found here.

And I leave you with this. (This is why.)

Stephen Elephant Monkey

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