Sync up SimplyMiles offers for your holiday shopping (Amazon, Food Lion, Allbirds, many more)


American Airlines SimplyMiles is offering a number of ways to earn extra miles on your upcoming shopping at popular retailers — including stores like Amazon (albeit with a very low limit), Food Lion, Holiday Inn, Allbirds, and many more popular retailers. These offers stuck out to me both because there are a number at places where I know I’ll be spending money this week and because I recently opened an American Airlines Aviator Red Mastercard and I realized that I had not yet synced it up with SimplyMiles.

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The Deal

  • American Airlines SimplyMiles has numerous new offers out for popular retailers that may be of interest (particularly with holiday sales heating up). Some examples I saw include:
    • (1 mile per dollar spent up to 45 miles, can be repeated 3 times)
    • Walgreens (1 mile per dollar spent up to 45 miles, can be repeated 3 times)
    • Food Lion (1 mile per dollar spent on your first purchase up to 370 miles)
    • Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express (two separate offers) (930 miles on a purchase of $100 or more)
    • Allbirds (3 miles per dollar spent on any purchase)
    • many more
  • Direct link to this deal

Key Terms

  • See individual offers for full details

Quick Thoughts

There are a lot of new SimplyMiles offers out which could be useful depending on your shopping plans. Some of them are almost laughably small — for instance, earning an extra 45 American Airlines miles per order on up to three Amazon orders amounts to less than three bucks worth of miles — hardly an amount that’s worth going out of your way to earn. However, it might make sense to sync up some of these to cards you are likely to use anyway to earn some extra miles.

The devil is in the details on these offers. Whereas the Walgreens and Amazon offers are good up to a maximum of 45 miles on up to three purchases, the Food Lion offer is only good on your first purchase after syncing up to 370 additional miles, so you’ll want to be sure to sync that up before making a bigger purchase. Similarly, you’ll want to check the terms. I initially thought that 1,860 miles on a purchase of $109.99 or more at Sam’s Club sounded like a good offer for gift card resellers….until I found that it is only valid on a Plus membership through the link provided.

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Keep in mind that SimplyMiles offers only sync to Mastercards, but you should be able to sync them to any Mastercard (it doesn’t need to be an American Airlines Mastercard). The points you earn through SimplyMiles do count as Loyalty Points.

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I have about 9 transactions with Simply Miles that still have not been posted, and some date back 3 months. The customer service team says it’s with a “Tier 2 team,” but nothing has changed in months. Anyone experience something similar and how did you get it resolved?


I didn’t realize these were targeted. I have no Amazon or Walgreens, and Food Lion is just 1 point per $.

Justin Wagner

I recently tried to use the Holiday Inn Express offer, but so far have no miles. I triple checked the terms and conditions, and realized I glossed over something at the top:”Only U.S.-issued Citi Mastercard Credit Cards are eligible.”

Of course, I accidentally used my Chase IHG Premier card. Have people run into this issue frequently? As Nick’s post points out at the bottom, most mastercards sync to simplymiles, but this is the first offer I’ve encountered limiting the specific credit cards eligible.


I wonder if that’s new. I haven’t had some purchases post lately, and it may be because I wasn’t using a Citi card.


Quick update on this. My stay just tracked!! Used the IHG card which technically does not meet terms requiring a Citi card. Go ahead and use IHG cards for this if you haven’t already!


I don’t have ANY of the merchants you mentioned listed in my SimplyMiles account. Which is a drag, because I would use almost every one.


Some of these must be targeted. I just logged into SimplyMiles and I didn’t have the Amazon offer or Allbirds offer, but did have the Walgreens & Food Lion offer.