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(EXPIRED) [YMMV] PayPal Business Debit Card sending targeted spending offers

The PayPal Business Debit Card is sending out targeted spending offers for  Q1 2020 that are good on spend through March 31, 2020. If...
Chase Freedom Q4 2019

Chase Freedom Q4 2019 Categories Announced: PayPal, Chase Pay & Department Stores

Chase has announced the 5% categories for Q4 2019 and it's a good selection - PayPal, Chase Pay & department stores will all earn...

Paypal bought the Tio bill pay service and shut them down

In July, PayPal announced that they had completed the purchase of the bill payment service Tio (formerly ChargeSmart).  Now, via Business Wire, it was...

Avoiding an eBay scammer

Last Monday, I wrote about Six Things I've Resold Lately. In that post, I explained my sourcing strategy and shared some recent wins. While...

CVS stops selling PayPal My Cash cards

Overnight, it seems that CVS pharmacies have stopped selling PayPal My Cash cards. Points, Miles and Martinis posted about this change this morning and...

Gift card deals for Lowe’s, gas, toys, and more

This is a quick afternoon roundup of some popular gift card deals available today: PayPal Digital Gifts Note: Purchases from PayPal Digital Gifts typically earn 5x when paid...

$10 Rewards after $100+ Purchase with PayPal

Get a $10 rewards with a $100+ purchase made online through PayPal.

Free Return Shipping in 2016 from PayPal (Up to $30 per item)

PayPal is offering free return shipping on up to 11 items purchased through them in 2016. Terms and how to register.
PayPal employee

PayPal employee answers: Faster money back? Why work for evil?

Background: In order to earn miles & points, many people “manufacture spend”.  That is, people find ways to increase credit card spend (to get rewards)...
PayPal employee

PayPal employee answers: Safe way to increase credit card spend?

Background: In order to earn miles & points, many people “manufacture spend”.  That is, people find ways to increase credit card spend (to get rewards)...

Anonymous PayPal employee to answer questions

PayPal offers a convenient service for sending, spending, and receiving money online.  They also offer the PayPal My Cash card which can be used...
PayPal Freeze

Beware buying PayPal My Cash cards

Those who enjoy earning credit card rewards can’t help but be tempted by PayPal My Cash cards.  These little seductresses can be paid for...
PayPal register reload

A faster way to add money to your PayPal account

As reported by Doctor of Credit, it appears that PayPal will be replacing reload cards (MyCash cards and MoneyPaks) with a new “load at...
PayPal My Cash

How to cash in your PayPal My Cash cards when PayPal freezes your account

Image this scenario:  Suppose a blogger you know had been buying PayPal My Cash cards at a certain three letter drug store and paying...

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