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Credit card reconsideration via secure message? Maybe

A reader shared an interesting anecdotal report with us this week about approaching credit card reconsideration via secure message. Much to their surprise, it...
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Informed newbie turns Chase denial into approval. Here’s how.

This post is both a reminder (call recon when denied for a card!) and a story about how to get approved for a Chase...
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Calling recon to request a denial

On our page, we list recon (reconsideration) numbers in the App Tips section for each card issuer.  Often, when your application is denied,...
Sapphire Reserve bonus

Approved for Sapphire Reserve against my own advice

In the post "how to get approved for Sapphire Reserve 100K offer" I suggested that people who have signed up for 5 or more...

Ink Plus success with Chase’s Special Consideration form

Over a month ago, I applied for a targeted United Mileage Plus 75K offer and an Ink Plus 60K offer.  Both applications were initially...
Chase Special Consideration

Chase Special Consideration [Now for business cards only]

Update 8/23/2016: Chase has eliminated the Special Consideration Form for Personal Card Exceptions. The following post has been updated accordingly. If you apply a Chase...

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