Targeted Aeroplan transfer bonus from Membership Rewards (20%?)


There has been a report on Flyertalk of a targeted transfer bonus from American Express Membership Rewards to Air Canada’s Aeroplan. We did not find any bonus in our accounts (though, oddly, Aeroplan was a “featured” partner in all of our accounts next to the current Virgin Atlantic transfer bonus). The most interesting thing is that Flyertalk user pichalite reports this statement in the terms and conditions of the bonus (bold is mine)

If you return to redeem points later, this offer may no longer be available. Minimum transfer is 1000 Membership Rewards points. Additional Aeroplan Miles will be awarded at the time of transfer.

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The Deal

  • Possible targeted transfer bonus from Membership Rewards to Air Canada Aeroplan (one report indicates a 20% bonus)

Key Details

  • Terms state that if you return to transfer later, the bonus may no longer be available
  • No end date set

Quick Thoughts

First of all, it’s hard to gauge the validity of a single report on Flyertalk. That said, this wouldn’t be the first time that Amex has shown a transfer bonus that only appeared the first time a cardmember viewed it — we’ve seen that happen with a couple of past bonuses that were not widely available (See: Weird transfer bonus: Don’t click it unless you’re ready to use it, which was also a bonus on transfers to Aeroplan). The user on Flyertalk reports having transferred immediately and received the bonus as advertised.

Aeroplan is a valuable and popular transfer partner, so it’s definitely worth considering this transfer bonus if it is available to you. That said, keep in mind that if you click on this one to “transfer points”, you might not see the bonus again if you don’t transfer immediately. I strongly dislike the idea of being pressured into transferring for fear of missing out. I’d consider whether or not you’re even interested before logging in to see this one so you don’t psychologically strong-armed into the bonus.

If you have received a transfer bonus to Aeroplan, let us know what your bonus is in the comments so that we can track the details.

H/T: IAD Gr8 on Twitter

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