(Targeted) Capital One Shopping: Earn up to 19.5% at many travel sites (Best Western, Hilton, IHG, Viator & more)


Capital One Shopping is once again targeting some users with high cashback rates at a range of travel sites. Be sure to check all your options though because depending on how you search, Capital One Shopping could offer you 4+ different cashback rates for the same site.

Capital One Shopping travel offers

The Deal

  • Capital One Shopping is offering targeted cashback rates including:
    • Best Western – 19.5%
    • Choice – 10%
    • Hilton – 6%
    • Viator – 15%
    • IHG – 8%
    • Marriott – 5%
    • Get Your Guide – 12%
    • RentalCars.com – 10%

Key Terms

  • Expiry date unknown.

Quick Thoughts

These offers came via email on my account yesterday, so check your emails if you’re planning any upcoming paid travel. The subject line was “Well deserved: You’ve got this offer from IHG”, but the contents of the email included far more than just IHG, so don’t ignore it if you received a similar offer but didn’t have any plans to book anything with IHG.

There are some great cashback rates here, particularly the 19.5% cashback for Best Western, 10% for Choice and 6% for Hilton. Something important to note regarding Hilton – that rate likely isn’t available for Diamond members despite the email not specifically listing an exclusion detailing that.

Before clicking through from an email from Capital One Shopping, it’s worth checking all your options. I don’t just mean comparing rates to other portals listed on Cashback Monitor (although that is part of it) – I mean delving deep into Capital One Shopping as there’s a good chance that you have various rates available to you and the ones listed in the email might not be the highest.

For example, the headline offer in my email was 8% cashback at IHG.

Capital One Shopping IHG 8% cashback

On the home page of the Capital One Shopping website, I have a targeted offer for IHG there. You can scroll down to view those, but a quicker way is to click on the ‘Filter’ button and type ‘IHG’ in the ‘Merchants’ search box:

a screenshot of a website

That displays an offer giving 16% cashback at IHG – double the offer that was in the email.

Capital One Shopping IHG 16% cashback

If using the search bar at the top of the website, that only lists an inferior 2.25% rate for IHG:

Capital One Shopping IHG search bar

The Capital One Shopping app sometimes offers higher rates than those listed on the website. In my case, the home page of the app did display that aforementioned 16% targeted offer, but when using the search bar in the app it offered 4.5% cashback.

Capital One Shopping app IHG 4.5% cashback

So depending on how I click through from Capital One Shopping to IHG, I could earn 2.25%, 4.5%, 8% or 16% cashback. That’s an incredible difference in rates considering it’s the same shopping portal. It can therefore – quite literally – pay to check all your options when shopping via Capital One Shopping.

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i guess it’s time to use the shopping portal. was worried the browser might keep rakuten mr from being properly handled . anyone?



Dave Hanson

I can confirm this, have had both browser extensions active in Chrome without issue for many months now.


I’m seeing 30% back for Viator

Dave Hanson

Thanks Stephen.

As another data point, I received the exact same email yesterday myself. Been using the their shopping portal heavily for the last year or so.