(Targeted) Earn 140k Membership Rewards when upgrading to Business Platinum card


The ability to earn a ton of Membership Rewards is continuing at the moment with a targeted offer for some cardholders giving the opportunity to earn 140,000 bonus Membership Rewards points when upgrading to the Business Platinum card.

Amex Business Platinum 140,000 bonus points upgrade offer

The Deal

  • Earn 140,000 Membership Rewards when upgrading to the Business Platinum card and spending $10,000 within the first three months of membership.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • Targeted offer.

Quick Thoughts

This is sadly a targeted promotion, so there’s no guarantee you’ll be eligible. My wife just had the annual fee post on her Business Gold card, so I was hoping she could upgrade that card to the Business Platinum to earn the 140k points after spending $10k in the next three months. Unfortunately she got the ‘We are sorry. This offer is no longer available’ message which means she wasn’t targeted.

If you are eligible for this upgrade, it’s an excellent offer provided you can meet the $10k spend requirement. You’ll earn at least 10,000 points from the spend on top of the 140k bonus points, so you’ll end up with at least 150,000 Membership Rewards. That’s a 15x return which is a solid deal, especially considering the Business Platinum No Lifetime Language (NLL) offers normally require $15k spend rather than $10k.

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Repeat Offender Captain Greg

If you accept one of these offers, do you have to keep the new card for a year (even if the annual fee is at a different time of year)?

Repeat Offender Captain Greg

I’m just realizing that I kind of screwed up the timing of this with P2, but it’s all good.


What are you thoughts on upgrading a newly opened (3-4 months) Business Gold card? Is it a RAT-attracting activity?



I have multiple Biz Gold Cards when I click the request upgrade then it shows all my Biz gold cards to choose from. I chose one of the Gold cards then hit “Request an Upgrade” AGAIN then I was approved. What did you or your wife get when you hit “Request an Upgrade” after choosing the Gold card to be upgrade from? Does this mean I am targeted? I didn’t get any email/mailer/amex offer.


Awesome. Looks that you are still in SD. Heading West from Spearfish?


Nice. Enjoying your insta posts in my home state. Safe travels.


I’ve never had the business platinum, but I see this offer to upgrade my business gold to platinum. My question is, if I accept this upgrade offer, would I still be eligible for a sign up bonus on a future new business platinum? If not, would I be better off signing up for a new business platinum, and hope to upgrade the gold to platinum at a later date, or should I jump on this now?


It will render you ineligible for the BP bonus. First sign up for a BP then upgrade


I am seeing a message indicating that the offer is no longer available. Is that the normal not targeted message?


same for me on both accounts

Kelly Marshall

I just did this, finding it under the ‘featured’ offers under my biz gold card, and I also got an email for the offer. My biz gold card is not yet a year old, so both that annual fee credit and the new annual fee charge were listed together as prorated.

Susan Mulligan

I’m so confused as to where to look for these “Targeted” offers. My best guess is the “Amex Offers & Benefits” when I go online and into my account. These offers are about 100 offers from businesses I’ve mostly never heard of. Is that where I’m suppose to be looking for the targeted offer? I’ve never read anywhere about where this targeted information can be found. Can you help? Thank you!


Same. I don’t think it’s in the merchant offer section but I’d like to know where to look as well


does the “you should keep an account open at least 12 months” rule restart after an upgrade like this? or is it ok to downgrade/cancel the card after bonus posts?


P2 is 6 months into her biz gold and received this offer. Will we get a prorated refund for the gold’s annual fee?


Yes. I went through the same situation a few years ago. If I remember correctly, a debit/credit accounting on P2’s next statement.