(Targeted) Hilton Amex Offer For 5%, 7% Or 10% Back (Limit $100 Back)


There’s a new Hilton Amex Offer out today that can save you up to $100 when paying for your Hilton stays through mid December. While the percentage amount you can save isn’t as high as with some past Hilton Amex Offers, there are two features of this offer that could mean it saves you more money on stays than normal.

Hilton Zemi Beach

The Deal

  • Get 5%, 7% or 10% back as a statement credit on room rate and room charges at participating Hilton properties with a targeted Amex Offer.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid only at Hilton properties in the US & US territories.
  • Reservations must be made online at Hilton.com, via the Hilton Honors App or by calling 1-800-445-8667.
  • Excludes gift card purchases.
  • Offer does not apply to advance purchase rates, including Advance Purchase, Save Now & Pay and Non-refundable rates.
  • Corporate Cards are not eligible for this offer.
  • Offer only valid on room rate and room charges.
  • Offer not valid for lodging stays that are paid for before the promotion start date or after the promotion end date.
  • Limit of $100 in total statement credits per Card Member.

Hilton Amex Offer 5% Back $2,000 Spend

Quick Thoughts

It looks like this offer might only be targeted on Hilton Business credit cards. If that’s the case, it’s a shame it’s not more widely available, but it’s obviously great if you do have that card because it means you’ll also earn 12x Hilton Honors points when paying for your stays in addition to the statement credits, only slightly less than the 14x you could get by paying with a Hilton Aspire card. Update: It’s on some other Amex business cards too.

Most past Hilton Amex Offers have had the potential to save you up to 20%, so in that sense this latest offer isn’t as good. Having said that, there are a couple of features of this offer that could make it better than the normal Amex Offers we see for Hilton brands.

The Hilton Amex Offers we usually see are only valid when paying for stays at specific brands such as Hampton Inn and Hilton Garden Inn or Hilton, Curio Collection and Canopy (n.b. both those offers have since expired.) If you’re planning a stay at an eligible brand then that’s obviously useful, but it’s no good if you’re planning a stay at an Embassy Suites and your Amex Offer is only good at a handful of other Hilton brands. This new Amex Offer is valid at all of Hilton’s brands, thereby making it more useful in that way.

Embassy Suites Hampton Convention Center, VA Hilton

The other feature that could make this better is that Amex Offers for select Hilton brands have usually given a fixed statement credit when spending a fixed amount. For example, an offer giving you $35 back when spending $175 doesn’t earn you more back as a statement credit if your stay costs $500. That’s where this new offer could come in handy. The percentage you get back as a statement credit isn’t as high as the potential of those offer types of offers, but the limit of $100 back in statement credits means you could still save more money overall than you would via one of the more common Amex Offers for Hilton brands.

Note that there seem to be at least two versions of this offer – one giving 7% back and one giving 5% back. Both of those versions have a limit of $100 back, so you’ll max them out when spending $1,428.57 and $2,000 respectively. Update: Based on comments below, it looks like there’s a 10% offer available for some cardholders too. That one will be maxed out when spending $1,000.

Don’t forget to register for Hilton’s latest promotion giving double or triple points, as well as a targeted offer from Amex giving an additional 3 points per dollar when paying for Hilton stays (I’m not sure if that’s available on business cards.)

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I got a 10% back on AmEx Hilton card, max $100


Nothing on my Aspire personal card.


I got excited about this until the US only bit….boooo


I have the offer on 4 out of my 5 business cards (not the Bonvoy Business, which makes sense). However, it’s only 3% for all offers (Amex Bus Plat x2, BBP, and Delta Plat Business).


I had 7% on one of my Blu Biz card and my wife had 3% 🙁 on the same card


10% here…woo hoo!

Tonei Glavinic

Same on my Hilton business card. Still max $100


I’m seeing the 7% offer on my AMEX Business cards (platinum, gold, BBP), I don’t have any Hilton Business cards.


I have the “Get 10% back” offer on my Hilton business card.