(EXPIRED) (Update: better payouts) Amex Offers + Dell Credits = $250 Microsoft credit + $30 cash

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Update 2/21: Today, Topcashback increased its Dell portal rates to 13% and Rakuten increased its Dell payout to 12x.  There is also another Amex offer on the Business Platinum for 10% off up to $1500 at Dell.

This means you can buy $250 in Xbox/Microsoft Store credit for $2.50 out of pocket (with 10% back from Amex and 10% off with the promo code GAME10) and get either $32.50 back from TCB or 3000 Membership Rewards points from Rakuten. GAME10 code now appears to back again!

Several new Amex Offers came out a few days ago, including one that’s good for $75 back when you spend $500 or more at the Microsoft Store.  These come along every few months or so, but this time it happens to coincide with some terrific deals on the Microsoft Surface line of tablets and laptops.  Alongside the newly reset American Express Business Platinum Dell credits (and perhaps some additional stacking), there’s some interesting value to be had.

a laptop with a blue rose on the screen
With multiple stacks, there’s a possibility of up to $300 off of a $700 purchase at Microsoft.

The Deals

  • Get $75 back on $500 or more at the Microsoft Store with a new targeted Amex Offer
  • $200 back on $200 in Dell purchases with American Express Business Platinum
  • (Might stack) 9% back on Dell Purchases with Topcashback
  • 1%-9% back via portal on Microsoft Store (depending on whether or not you’re a new user)

Key Terms (Amex Offer)

  • Expires March 31, 2022.
  • Offer valid online at US website microsoft.com/en-us and via in-app purchases.
  • Valid only on purchases made in US dollars.
  • Not valid on purchases shipped outside of the US.

The Process

1. Opt-in to Amex offer for 10% off up to $1500 at Dell (if targeted).

a screenshot of a credit card

2. Find the 9% 13% back offer for Dell Consumer at Topcashback here.  The Rakuten 12x offer is here.

a screenshot of a computer

  • I don’t know for sure whether or not this will track.  Most Topcashback offers have a standard disclaimer about a possibility of not receiving cash back on gift cards (and usually this is true).
  • That said, there is also a very prominent feature in the actual text of the offer that refers to all of the gift cards that Dell.com offers.  This makes me think that a gift card purchase on this increased offer might track.

a white card with black text

3. Click through to Dell.com and buy 2x$100 + 2x$25 Xbox Gift Cards using your Amex Business Platinum. Note that you can get an additional 10% off by using the code GAME10.  So, $250 will cost $202.50 and be $2.50 out of pocket.  GAME10 code appears to be back again.

screens screenshot of a gift card

  • Both Microsoft and Xbox cards work just the same. Once redeemed to your Microsoft account, you can spend your balance at Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and on Xbox.

  • The easiest way to redeem a gift card or code is online. Sign in to redeem.microsoft.com with your Microsoft account, enter the 25-character code, and then select Next.

4. Enroll in Amex Offer for Microsoft $75 back on a $500 purchase (if targeted)

a white background with black text

5. Find Microsoft Store cashback rates here.  If you see a portal that you haven’t used before, there are some increased offers, up to 9%.  Otherwise, it’s a maximum of between 1%-1.5%.  These will track.

6. Click through to the Microsoft Store.  There are many products available, but to maximize, the total should be $700+, so that the amount charged to your Amex is at least $500 after the $200 in credits.

Quick Thoughts

An 8 GB/256 GB Surface Go laptop (which I have and enjoy) is on-sale for $699 ($200 off the normal $899 SRP).  Using the $250 credits, the Amex Offer and assuming 1.5% cashback through Ibotta, the total out-of-pocket would be ~$365 (+tax). IF Topcashback stacks as well, it would give you back another $32.50 (13% off of the $250 Dell purchase) and bring the total out-of-pocket to $332.50(+tax). You can apply the same sequence to any product (or group of products) sold on the Microsoft Store.  If you don’t have tax, make SURE to add additional items so that the charge to your Amex is $500+.

The full value here necesitates having both the targeted Amex Offers and the Business Platinum. If you do have both, it’s definitely worth taking a look and seeing what can be had. Even without the Dell credits, there could be decent value just using the Amex Offer.

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FYI, GAME10 is working again. Great write-up. I did basically the same method (excluding step 4 since I used GC’s entirely) to get a Surface Pro 7+ with a type cover and surface pen for free (2 bus plat’s, $200 credit each, for 2021 and 2022). I had no issues with this tracking through TopCash and Rakuten on separate transactions. I did have to make multiple orders for (1) $100 and (1) $10 GC in order to use the GAME10 promo on each $100 GC. Some orders did get cancelled which required me to call Dell customer support and place the order again, but it was all worth it in the end. Hopefully Dell keeps selling these Microsoft/Xbox GC’s.


Yesterday I ordered 2 $100 Xbox cards and 1 $50 card after going through Rakuten. I used the GAME10 code and it took off $10. Dell just canceled the order.


This tends to happen often.


Tried today, but Dell said GAME10 coupon is no longer active due to limited availability.


Dell has canceled my orders twice. The second time I placed it directly with a phone agent. Too much hassle. I’m going back to buying ink or letting them expire.


Links to top cash back site.

$200 back on $200 in Dell purchases with American Express Business Platinum


Game10 only applies to one gc for me.


Separate orders.


Rakuten has 8% on Dell, any dp on xbox gc purchase?


Is cash back working for both Topcashback and Rakuten on Gift cards? Thanks


Dell doesn’t cancel your gift card order?? Fantastic


It looks like BeFrugal is offering 10% cashback for Dell, which is slightly higher than TopCashBack. Do you know if there any payout issues with this that makes TCB a better option?


That makes sense — appreciate the insight!


Be mindful of double counting dell credit for deal like this and when doing AF calc.


Was just coming to post the same thing. Folks shouldn’t fool themselves into thinking that $200 at dell is just a freebie that has no cost. They are paying for that $200 when justifying their decision to pay the biz plat annual fee. So this laptop is really not 50% off unless you’re a fan of fuzzy math.


AA shopping portal is also running 6x miles today on Dell plus the 500 bonus on $200 spend through their portal.