The 1800Flowers deal is dead


Are there any $30 items that qualify for 1750 points per dollar?  Do bonus points count towards the Southwest Companion Pass?  Answers below…

1800Flowers is currently offering an impressive 1750 points per order dollar through at least three separate promo codes.  One promo code is RR36 and is found on this public web page from Chase:


Another is RR45, which is found on the Southwest website:



Another is RR43, which was sent to many via email:


I’ve written many posts about how best to take advantage of promotions like these.  Most recently, I published this: How to feed the hungry and fly for free (take two).  The key to maximizing offers like these (where you earn a fixed number of miles per order) is to find items at the minimum accepted price and make sure to be signed up for the 1800Flowers free shipping plan.  For example, the above offers require orders of $29.99 or more.  By ordering items that cost $29.99 (and using the free shipping plan), you would earn over 58 miles per dollar for your order.  And, by stacking other deals (Amex Offers, Sears’ Shop Your Way Rewards, Celebration Rewards, etc.) you can do even better.

At first, the items I suggested in my “how to feed the hungry…” post worked fine.  Then, readers suddenly discovered that those items were no longer eligible for use with those promo codes.  So, I published a few more items that seemed to work.  Soon enough, those items, too, became ineligible.  I tried one more time with the same results.

Now it is clear that there are only a limited set of items remaining that qualify for these promo codes.  To find those items, you can click through from the offer page to 1800Flowers, or use this link.  You’ll then see the following banner (or a very similar banner if you click through from the other offers):


Notice that the banner says “when you order from the Valentine’s collection below.”  Honestly, I can’t remember if the banner said that initially or not (I don’t think it did), but I do know for sure that many items used to work that no longer do.  Now I believe the page to be an accurate list of eligible items.  That is, you can use the promo codes on those items, but no others.

So, what’s left?

When we sort the eligible Valentine’s collection by price, we can find all of the items priced at or around $30:


As you can see above, there is only one item priced around $30: Peruvian Lilies.  The next cheapest item on the list is double the price at $59.99!  The Peruvian Lilies are no good for food donations, but might still be a nice surprise for a loved one.  So, yes, I’ve test-purchased the Peruvian Lilies and the system does accept the promo codes for the order.  We’ll see how long that lasts after this publication…

UPDATE: Before publishing this, I checked the website again and found that the price for the Lilies had increased to $34.99! Ugh!



What about the Companion Pass?

UPDATE: I was wrong.  Multiple readers have now reported that they have received points from this promotion but those points are not counting towards the Companion Pass.  It appears that this deal really is dead.

One of the reasons that this promotion is/was exciting is that Southwest gives customers a Companion Pass once they earn 110,000 points within one calendar year.  The pass lets you bring along a companion, for free, for as many award and/or paid flights as you’d like for the rest of the year in which you earned the pass and all of the following year.  Since it is still very early in the year, the timing for this promotion was particularly good.  One could place a large number of orders and earn a Companion Pass good for almost two full years.  At least, that was the idea…

After I published the post, “How to feed the hungry and fly for free (take two),” 1800Flowers added the following terms to the promotion:

*Bonus points will not count toward A-List, A-List Preferred, or Companion Pass qualification

The terms can be found at the bottom of the promotion emails that were sent out to many customers.  They can also be seen at the bottom of the same pages that list the qualified items for these promotions.

Well, that’s not good!  If true, these terms practically cut in half the value of the points earned from the promotion.

Here’s the thing: I don’t believe it.  I believe that points earned from this promotion will count towards the Companion Pass.  Here’s my reasoning: all prior 1800Flowers promotions have counted towards the Companion Pass.  I can easily see proof simply by logging into my Southwest Account.  Million Mile Secrets proved it, too, when he earned the Companion Pass late last yearAs an aside: when viewing his post, note the wide breadth of products that worked with the 1500 points per order promotion at that time.

It’s certainly possible that Southwest has very recently changed how bonus points are treated, but take a look at these recent comments on my site from a reader named Michelle:

I’ve had one fruit order post to SW & the points were CP qualifying for sure.

…I did the order on 2/2 & points posted 2/4 so there is a chance that they could have changed how they will now post. (but I believe they will still count)

She had points credited to her account much more quickly than usual and she can see that they count toward the Companion Pass!  So, it seems as if we’re safe, but we don’t know for sure.  If Southwest has recoded their systems to disallow these points from the Companion Pass, they would have had to have done so after 2/2/2014.  That’s just last week.  I think the chance of that is extremely low.

My guess is that whoever wrote the terms is simply misinformed.  It reminds me of a portal promotion in 2012 (15X at Sears) in which I told readers that they could earn a Companion Pass by buying things from Sears through the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping portal.  Some readers were concerned that it wouldn’t work so they called Southwest, and Southwest told them that points wouldn’t count.  They were wrong.  Many readers (and I) earned a Companion Pass from that promotion.

I can’t stress enough: I could be wrong about this, but my best guess is that points earned from this promotion will count.

Other Options

Other promo codes continue to work with a much wider variety of items and have no known restrictions against a Companion Pass.  Here are a few promo codes worth trying:

  • RR22: 1000 Southwest points per $29.99 or greater order (With a $29.99 order, you’ll receive 33.33 points per dollar)
  • RR59: 30 Southwest points per dollar for orders of $29.99 or more (use this code rather than RR22 if you plan to order more than $30 worth of stuff at once)

And there are promo codes for other airlines:

  • TB1750: 1,750 JetBlue points per order.
  • AKA3: Currently only 20 miles per dollar (but usually 30 miles per dollar).  Find up to date rates here.
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On December 14, 2015 I have an offer for 30 times points PLUS 200 points for each $29.99 order. I also have a lot of AMEX offer cards registered for $15 credit back on a spend of $50 or more…? Since you are the GURU on this play—do you have a current angle for the best way to do this…?

[…] See also FrequentMiler’s posts: How to feed the hungry and fly for free and The 1800Flowers deal is dead. […]


Regarding SYW points. Mine still have not posted from my Chase Sapphire card. I called SYW today and she said the purchase was not eligible because I did not click through the special partner link even though I was using a link credit card. Obviously others have gotten the points to post so this can’t be true. Does anyone have a screenshot of the SYW page offering the 40% bonus? I don’t remember seeing there are the time that I had to click through their link.

This is really disappointing…


The mention about clicking through their link was there the whole time. I did not click through their link at all on 100 ish orders. Got all syw points for purchases made with citi card. None at all for purchases made with chase card.


Thanks, Tom. So this is an issue with Chase and there’s no escalating it because we didn’t click through the link. Frustrating…


I, too, did not get receive any SYW points on my many purchases on my Chase card. The initial write-up here was pretty clear that it was not necessary to click through any links and obviously others had success with that process. It is unclear to me why using a Chase card versus a Citi card would have any impact on the requirement of making the purchase through the link. Can someone enlighten me? This is very disappointing.


I for one did go to the sears website and click thru the link on EVERY order (20 of them) just to make sure and I did not receive any SYW points. I used my linked CHASE SW card. It sounds like Sears has an issue with the CHASE cards? I have tried several times to get some type of credit and have gotten nowhere. Makes me mad!


I can confirm the 1750 points have posted and are not added to the companion pass total.

In doing the points cross match, I also found that my recently posted 750 points for the Rapid Rewards Shopping December Holiday Bonus also are not adding to the companion pass total. This trend is not looking good for future rapid rewards shopping portal points and bonuses helping with companion pass renewal this year.

Daniel W

My SW points posted. So I received both 1750 SW points and 40% back Shop Your Way points per order. Like everybody else, the SW points did not count toward the companion pass, but recent Southwest shopping portal points did count.

[…] The 1800Flowers deal is dead – 1-800-Flowers had a generous promotion for Southwest Rapid Rewards points, but they changed the terms and removed eligible items as they were discovered. […]

Daniel W

I made orders on 2/5 with deliveries scheduled all this week, beginning on 2/9. Points have not posted to Southwest at all yet. I saw that some people saw points post in about 2 business days, but it has already been 4 business days for me. Anybody else have a similar timeframe?

I am a bit concerned because when I applied the “RR36” promotion code it says that it was applied to the order but it was a generic message and had no language about 1750 Southwest points.



I just checked my SYWR and looks like all my Arrival card purchases were credited, but not Chase Sapphire. I had to switch partway after I got a fraud alert on Arrival.


Also waiting on Chase Sapphire…


Still no SYW rewards from my linked Chase card. I think I’ll call them in the morning…


Any update? I too havent received the points yet.

Daniel Wang

I received SYW points within one business day using my Barclay Arrival card, but I have not yet received SW points. I called 1800-Flowers and they said the points will arrive in 6-8 weeks. Can anyone confirm that they received both SYW and SW points?


A lot of my SW points have posted – not companion pass eligible. (I already have one and just wanted the points.)

The good news is the RR43 code is still working, and is working on some of the $29.99 items it didn’t work on previously. For some reason it works best when I click on one of the links from this 2014 post:
I usually click on the cashews. It takes me to 1800 flowers, I apply the code manually, and it almost always works. I screen shot everything!

Good luck!


It’s a shame people called to complain or question the 1,750 points not qualifying for the CP.

I think we all know or knew per the terms of the CP qualification that no bonus points should qualify, and that, if they did, it was simply a wonderful mistake in our favor. Whether the promotion itself specifically excluded it or not is irrelevant. Now, Southwest will simply be much more careful in making sure that bonus points are not applied to the CP. People calling and questioning why they didn’t apply and arguing that the terms didn’t say otherwise are comparable to people messing up a mistake fare by calling the airlines. Oh well…

On another note, regarding SYR points, if I use the SYR link as directed to get the 40% rebate, will I still get the 1,750 per order? Conversely, if I don’t use the link, will I still get the 40% rebate since my credit card is linked? The SYR promo page indicates that I need to click through from SYR.

ShlockDoc and others, what is your experience? Thanks.


Sorry…”SYR” should be “SYW!”

Judah Ross

Please put in date/time next to “UPDATES”

on average, how many days after delivery are points posting? I have most orders delivering today and want to be aware of when I should be “worried” if my points haven’t posted by. Of course, I know they won’t be valid towards the CP, but obviously still am counting on the points to post.


Orders done on 2/2, with deliveries on 2/4, 2/5, 2/6 and points posted late 2/8


Another data point: Four of my orders posted today, they are not counting towards the companion pass.


so is anyone getting both the sears cashback and sw points ?


I just checked with 800 flowers and SW. 800 flowers says SW controls what qualifies for CP. SW says that all bonus points do not count for CP. Any bonus points that did count for CP before was a mistake that they have now fixed. Only bonus points that count for CP are the 50k from the visa cards.


I got my syw points quickly for my purchases made with my linked citi card. Still waiting on syw points for linked chase card. Anyone else have same issue?


Yeah, my linked card is Chase and still no points in a week…


No SYW points yet? Hmmm


No SYW points for 2/2 or 2/3 purchases.


It’s been 30 days and no SYW points for me. How frustrating.


I placed 63 orders on 2/2 and 2/3. at a total cost of $1,891.61

What I received:
$1,764 – Value of 110,250 SW at 1.6 cpp
$26.69 – Value of 1668 UR points at 1.6 cpp
$6.00 – Discover Cashback for Passport Signup
$340 – 1800Flowers Rewards Pass
?? – SYW points haven’t posted yet
?? – I wont give up the companion pass fight so easily…

Bottom Line:
$245 profit and a whole lot of stuff (popcorn, nuts, fruit, picture frames, chocolate, beer growlers) for family and friends.

If SYW comes through, the bottom line will be even better.


My SYW points posted right away for orders on 2/2 and 2/3.

I’m not sure where to take a complaint. The original offer was posted on a Chase website, the promo points were awarded from 1800Flowers, and Southwest didn’t code the points as companion pass qualifying. I look forward to lots of finger pointing coming as this shakes out.


So do those of us that placed orders before they changed the terms have any recourse regarding getting companion pass?


I did two fruit boxes to the food bank and two plants for myself. All four 1750 bonus points posted to my account, none counted toward the companion pass.

I sent flowers to a friend earlier in the month and used the 1,000 miles promo code. Those miles count toward the companion pass.

[…] UPDATE 2/9/2015: This deal is effectively dead. Please see details here: The 1800Flowers deal is dead. […]

[…] UPDATE 2/9/2015: This deal is dead. Please see details here: The 1800Flowers deal is dead. […]


I stayed away from this deal because it seemed too complicated: aka, a high probability that something would go wrong. I’m glad I did. The KISS principle is definitely applicable to frequent flyer schemes.


Has anyone had SYW points post?


I suspect that I’m not going to get those. This game is always a gamble but I lost big time on this one…

Truly sad for you this morning. I sent FM a screenshot showing the points that had counted but new points this morning did not. I don’t have a shot of the terms you need. 🙁


My SYW points posted for all 5 of my orders. Helps it sting a little less.


I placed 5 orders and joined the passport program for free shipping. All of the orders posted to my account overnight last night without an issue. None of them counted for CP though.


Fortunately the 800 Flowers codes from around Christmas time (deliveries in Jan 2015) counted for the CP in 2015 and I now have 110k CP points! The flowers I wanted for this promotion were all $40 and up and I have had enough of their popcorn for a while!


Awesome. Super happy for you!


Another data point that bonus miles from this promotion (RR36) posted to my Southwest Rapid Rewards account but did not count toward qualifying for a Companion Pass. 🙁

I also just noticed the disclaimer below at the bottom of the Companion Pass Status page on Southwest’s website (emphasis mine) :

*Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from revenue flights booked through Southwest Airlines, points issued on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, and points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners. Points purchased for personal use or as a gift, transferred points, points earned from program enrollment, tier bonuses, flight bonuses, and Rapid Rewards Partner bonuses (with the exception of the Rapid Rewards Credit Cards from Chase) do not count toward Companion Pass status.


So the first sentence says that “points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners” do qualify. I’m thinking that they distinguish puts per dollar offers and bonus point offers now, whereas they hadn’t in the past.


I think they always had the capability to distinguish between regular points and bonus points posting from partners… it’s just that some points that we would consider bonus points also qualified for CP. I had a Budget rental car booking, and the normal earning rate was 600 pts (iirc), there was a bonus at the time of an additional 1200 pts. The 600 base points actually qualified for CP, and the 1200 bonus didn’t. This was about two years ago.
I have to say, I’d completely forgotten about that happening until just now. The question then is, if 1750 are all of the points that you get from the flowers, i.e. it isn’t something like 10pts/$ + 20pts/$ bonus, then how do you define whether those are bonus points or not?? If I were going to argue (politely) for any CP points, that would be the basis of my argument. How can they say these are bonus points, rather than points earned from a partner, when they are the only points earned? Before the T&C of the points was changed to exclude CP earning, that is. Of course, I’d rather not attract more attention to how we earn points like this, but then I don’t have any skin in this game. Only bought one bouquet of flowers for a friend’s birthday.
Best of luck to everyone, and here’s hoping that all of those points post correctly for people.


Dies anyone have a screenshot of the T&Cs from before the CP clause was added?

J. Clifton

Not looking good.

I made 3 test orders on 2/2: Arbor fruit for delivery on 2/4, Cashews for delivery on 2/5, and more fruit for delivery on 2/11. The first two items were delivered last week. The 1,750 from the first two posted to my account this morning (2/9). The points are currently NOT counting toward the CP.


The promotion does not say PER DOLLAR. It says PER ORDER. Please correct this if not true. Big difference between the two.


Ha, it actually did say per dollar for my orders from 2/3. I can’t post a screenshot here, but the text read “Promotion is successfully applied to the order. 1750 pts per $1 min purchase $29.99″ when applying the promo code. Bolding mine, obviously only 1,750 per order posted to my account. Yes it is a big difference, but have fun trying to get them to honor it.

Christine B

Only 4 of my 8 orders posted so far…none of them qualify for companion pass. I don’t expect the other 4 will either.

Still…$75 in WGA fares so far, which will eventually double when I get that companion pass. And I made a bunch of family members happy, too.

Christine B

Grand totals for 8 orders and the free shipping for a year

Spent: $130.25 on AMEX – $30 back in sync rebates = $100.25
$100 in Discover Card Cash Back for giftcards

Total cost = $200.25

1) 14000 SW points worth $200.20 in WGA fares ($400.40 if/when I get a companion pass). Did not count toward companion pass.
2) $9.60 in discover card cash back (will see if some of this gets clawback)
3) $20 certificate for future 1800 flowers purchase
4) 120 AMEX membership rewards for spend on that card
5) 120 Starwood points for spend on that card
6) Eight unexpected gifts to family members

My Take: At least $9.65 profit for sending gifts
$200.25 – (200.20 in WGA + $9.60 in discover cash back + AMEX and Starwood points)

Yes, I’m also VERY disappointed that these did not count toward companion pass. Wish it were different. But I still came out ahead and have happy family, too. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose…in this case I really lost nothing other than the hope of an easy path to companion pass.


The game we play…

Points posted lasted night. No CPQPs. (Companion Pass Qualifying Points)


That was 63 orders. Damn, damn, damn

Justin Farnham

Sent 23 fruit orders to food gatherers and had points post today. Now at 112,000+ point but the new points did not count for companion pass. Still short some 38.000 points for CP.


Hi Greg,
Just checked my rapid rewards , few of the orders got posted but aren’t counting towards companion pass !! Hope more people could give input about these