The best pizza in Manhattan?


I love New York style pizza.  To me, the best pizza is a plain cheese slice with plenty of sauce, and dripping with grease.  The perfect slice will flop over when picked up unless you fold it in half first.  Yummmmm. 


I wrote this post last week, but by the time you read this, I’ll be in Manhattan with my extended family.  I want to make sure that we try some of the best pizza around while we’re here. 

Do you have a favorite pizza place in Manhattan?  Below are Yelp’s top 10 in Manhattan (at the time I wrote this), followed by the top 6 near Midtown East (where we’ll be staying).

Yelp’s Top 10 in Manhattan

The following list is sorted by highest Yelp ratings and excludes places that aren’t really pizza places.

Stanton Pizza

127 Stanton St (between Norfolk St & Essex St)
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Via Tribunali

122 Ludlow St (between Rivington St & Delancey St)
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Prince Street Pizza

27 Prince St (between Mott St & Elizabeth St)
Neighborhood: Nolita

Il Fornaio Pizzeria

1505 Lexington Ave (between 98th St & 97th St)
Neighborhood: East Harlem

La Margarita

151 Ludlow St (between Stanton St & Rivington St)
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Merilu Pizza Al Metro

791 9th Ave (between 53rd St & 52nd St)
Neighborhoods: Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West, Theater District

Primo Pizza 84

57 W 84th St (between W Central Park & Columbus Ave)
Neighborhood: Upper West Side


211 1st Ave (between 12th St & 13th St)
Neighborhood: East Village

Numero 28

660 Amsterdam Ave (between 93rd St & 92nd St)
Neighborhood: Upper West Side


325 Church St (between Canal St & Lispenard St)
Neighborhood: TriBeCa

Yelp’s top rated pizza near Midtown East

We’ll be staying in the midtown east area and we’re considering ordering several for delivery so that we can taste test them side by side.  Since I’m not sure that the best places listed above will deliver to our area, I ran another search based on places near Midtown East.  Below, I listed those that offer delivery (according to Yelp) and have 4 stars or more:

Merilu Pizza Al Metro

791 9th Ave (between 53rd St & 52nd St)
Neighborhoods: Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West, Theater District


547 9th Ave (at 40th St)
Neighborhoods: Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West, Theater District

Posto Pizza

310 2nd Ave (between 18th St & 19th St)
Neighborhood: Gramercy

New York Pizza Suprema

413 8th Ave (between 30th St & 31st St)
Neighborhoods: Chelsea, Midtown West

Gotham Pizza

1443 York Ave
Neighborhoods: Yorkville, Upper East Side

Pizza by Cer Te

132 E 56th St (between Park Ave & Lexington Ave)
Neighborhood: Midtown East

Reader recommendations

What do you think?  Do the lists above really show the best pizza places?  Do you have a favorite that we absolutely have to try?  Comment below!

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Another vote for Lombardi’s.


Well, I’m back from NYC. Thank you for all of the great recommendations! I only had a chance to try two place: John’s of Bleecker and Bleecker Street Pizza. Both were terrific. I actually had a very slight preference for Bleecker Street, but my son slightly preferred John’s. I can’t wait to go back and try more places.


forget pizza, go get some RAMEN at Ippudo!!


@Pizza Man

Most people in the NY Metro area don’t know a thing about Neopolitan pizza either, unless you count New Haven as the NY Metro area.

Pizza Man

@ Ilovepizza
BTW, I’m not a fan of John’s Pizzeria. I know I’m in the minority. The crust is not as good as other places. It’s a bit dry.

Pizza Man


It’s because the people who rated those places have never tried real pizza.

Pizza Man


Thx for the shoutout. Most people outside of the NYC Metro Area don’t know a thing about neopolitan pizza, much less a coal-fired brick oven. (Just because a steel oven is brick-faced, it doesnt mean it actually is a brick oven. Don’t be fooled.)


DiFara, Lombardis, Grimaldis, Patsy’s, John of Bleecker St., Artichoke. That’s the royalty as far as I’m concerned. They’re the best. Incidentally, 2 Bro’s ($1/slice) is better than most pizza because, due the high turnover stemming from the price, it is never reheated.

Absolutely puzzled by the lists in the OP. in 7 years in NYC I’ve never heard of any of these to be good, and I’ve lived near some of them.


I agree with pizza man. True NY pizza is not a crappy slice from Ray’s or any of the others — it comes from a 800 degree coal oven. Try Totonno’s, Lombardi’s, Di Fara. My preference for atmosphere and great pizza in Manhattan is Arturo’s at 106 West Houston at Thompson. It’s old school — booths, walls covered with pictures, and occasionally live music. P.S. the best I’ve ever had is Sally’s Apizza in New Haven, CT.


and FWIW, there is far better pizza to be had 2 hrs up the Metro North in New Haven, CT than any where in the New York City area…


I find sorting yelp reviews by “highest rated” often yields misleading results (which you can sometimes see visually with 3-start places ranked above 4-stars). “Best match” or even “most reviewed” (followed by scrolling through to find the 4-star+ places) is usually a better bet.

This is evident in you list- missing pretty much all the top pizza places in Manhattan, best of which is probably John’s on Bleecker.

For those mentioning Grimaldi’s, note that the better bet is actually Juliana’s next door. Grimaldi himself actually retired several years ago. When the lease his old restaurant held wasn’t renewed last year, forcing it to move next door, Grimaldi came out of retirement to open Juliana’s in the space once occupied by his original restaurant (with the original oven, importantly). Ironically “Grimaldi’s” has now nothing to do with anyone named Grimaldi- that is all happening at Juliana’s where the original Grimaldi’s was. When you go you will probably see a longggg line of tourists waiting for the restaurant called Grimaldi’s, and likely just a few locals waiting for Juliana’s, as word is not quite out yet. Check the pictures on yelp if you don’t believe me- nearly all of them are taken of what is now Juliana’s, since the change happened just last year.


Our favorite is still Di Fara in Brooklyn.

marathon man

to each his or her own… I dont like greesy pizza.
try Stowe, VT:
Pie in the Sky
and a bunch of others in and around town.
With them you can also have some of the best craft beers in the world only avail in the area!


Midtown East – Angelo’s on e 52nd st is amazing. Johns Pizza downtown is awesome. Plus u can never go wrong with Grimaldis in Brooklyn. Many people swear its the best ever.


@Sonny Corleone
Umberto’s? Lol. You have not had good pizza. Umberto’s is very average. BTW: It’s in New Hyde Park not New Hype Park.

Pizza Man

Also, the best pizzas are in Brooklyn and Queens.

Pizza Man

It’s obvious that most of the posters have no idea what they are talking about. Let’s get something straight: If the pizza is not baked in a high-temp coal-fired brick oven pizza, you can fuggedaboudit.

There are only a handful of NY pizzerias that meet this criteria. DiFara’s is one of them. That old man still makes the best pizza in the USA. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just take a look at the ingredients DiFara’s puts in their pizzas.


John’s, Spumoni Gardens, Di Fara, Totonno’s, Grimaldi’s, Nick’s

The end


I second Artichoke Basille – unique and tasty with huge slices.

Lombardi’s is also probably one of the more popular sit-down places, supposedly “America’s first pizzeria”


Unfortunately you are in a bad area for anything other than indian food. I have not been to any of those places, so i cannot speak to them, but I can say that my girlfriend lived in murray hill for 3 years and never once raved or mentioned any pizza place nearby. If you want to get ny style pizza you can go anywhere that looks like it serves NY style pizza. If you want amazing pizza though then you will have to travel to John’s, Grimaldi’s, Di Fara’s, or Co (my personal favorite).


Try Cottage Inn on Washington St….ja, ja, ja


This thread will have a lot of posts, bravo!

Manhattan pizza, Brooklyn pizza, Staten Island pizza, so many options in NYC, so little stomach room.

I am sure people up-thread mentioned New Haven, CT pizza as the best, as they also have good options.




Sutton Pizza – 1st ave and 63 street. I am a lifelong New Yorker. This place is 8 blocks from my apartment and it is the best slice I’ve ever had. Try it, you won’t be dissapointed


How can Artichoke Basille’s Pizza not be mentioned??!!!


That looks so good. Much better than the Papa John’s I had last night for dinner.


And for the record, the best Pizza in the world is hands down in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


My favorite place in Manhattan is Co. (, but it is not the traditional New York stylle you are looking for.

Roberta’s on East Williamsburg/Bushwick is also one of my favorites

Sonny Corleone

Pizza in Manhattan is for tourist………….Umberto’s New Hype Park, Long Island

Flyer Fun

Personally, near Columbia University, I like V & T Pizza & and Restaurant on 1024 Amsterdam (between 111th & Cathedral Parkway). The restaurant is cheap italian, but the Pizza is great.


born and raised NYer here

another vote for John’s on bleecker street- pies only, but soooo worth it. if you want a great slice, go to Joe’s on carmine or their new locale on east 14th (typical new york style pizza, exactly the type you are talking about). my favorite pizza these days is south brooklyn pizza on 1st avenue in the east village- not typical new york style, but the FRESHEST ingredients and absolutely delicious and they sell slices….just trust me.

if you’re on the upper west side, rigoletto’s is really good. if you’re in midtown near grand central, i’d recommend previti.

another non NY style but GREAT pizza is motorino in the east village.


Some names that I think should be on the list if you are looking for excellent authentic Italian pizza (I am Italian, these are the places where I speak Italian to the waiters and they actually respond): Don Antonio by Starita (opened recently, it’s owned by the one of the oldest pizzerias in Napoli) in Midtown West, San Matteo (owned by Ciro, from Salerno) in the Upper East, Forcella on Bowery, agree with Numero 28, I would add Motorino in the East Village


Di Fara’s in Midwood (Brooklyn). Best pie in NYC, maybe even the entire USA. Get the square pie and you’ll thank me tomorrow, though you might need to loosen the belt a bit.

Hitesh Chandwani

Joe’s Pizzeria – 7 Carmine Street…..phenomenal!

Michael W Travels

I’d recommend the first pizzeria in America- Lombardi’s. You can also get a great pie and awesome atmosphere at Arturo’s.

However, for the best pizza, you need to head to Brooklyn.

Grimadli’s was kicked out of it’s original location and moved a few doors down. It’s not very good. Patsy Grimaldi took over the original location (and oven, the place is now called Juliana’s. It is 10X better than Grimaldi’s. You can also go to Sam’s on Court Street, Totonno’s in Coney Island or DiFara in Midwood which is considered possibly the best pizzeria in the country!

If we were going to be home, I’d offer to bring you to a few places but we’re off to Japan tonight!


I agree with John’s on Bleeker St. Have not had any of the others on the list.

I also enjoyed pizza at on the Upper West Side

I have also had pizza from which I thought was good.

Another one I have heard good things about … looks like they are related to these locations


Forget Yelp!

Instead, check out the list at Slice

I’d agree that John’s of Bleecker St also with a location near Times Sq is probably an easy and respectable, family friendly choice.

However, if you head to Coney Island (easy via subway D,F,N or Q lines) visit Totonno’s, a true classic recently reopened after Sandy.


Second Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn, also Totono’s on Neptune near Coney Island. Johns on Bleeker is very good as stated before Enjoy your visit.


Many of the places suggested by commenters and (guessing from their names) pretty much all the places suggested by Yelp do not serve “New York style” pizza, but rather considerably more genuine Italian styles (very good in their own right, but not the same thing).
Everyone has their own favorite “local” pizza joint and opinions vary greatly. Personally, I much prefer a slice that’s crispy enough to maintain its wedge shape when you pick it up, which sounds different from the floppier slice that you describe as your ideal.
That said, my favorite regular NY style slice is a hole-in-the-wall called Traviata on the north side of West 68th Street between Broadway and Columbus.
Koronet (with the ginormous slices) is cool but on my last few times there the pizza wasn’t very good.
My experience is that the dollar slice places that are all over the place generally sacrifice not only size but quality.


John’s on Bleeker!

Nick O

It’s not “NY Style” as you describe it, but Co is the best pizza I’ve ever had. It’s Jim Lahey’s (Sullivan St Bakery) pizza restaurant.


Go to john’s at bleaker street. It’s family friendly so don’t be concerned by the graffiti aestetic and tables of nyu college kids, that’s just part of the thing.

And whatever you do please god don’t do pizza in midtown.

Bill H

Rob P got it. There was a hilarious bit on an early season of The Office, where Michael Scott was speaking to the camera in Times Square. He says:
“The meeting isn’t ’til three, but I always like to come to New York little bit early and hit some of my favorite hunts, like right here, is my favorite New York pizza joint. And I’m gonna go get me a New York slice.” [Michael walks toward Sbarro.]


ITT, New Yorkers (as they are want to do) fall all over themselves to make declarative statements about where the BEST pizza is, and make hilarious claims such as “It’s best in Queens! Manhattan is overrated! No, best pizza is actually on SI.” 🙂

Let’s calm down. There is marginal difference between the “good” pizza places. As long as you’re not walking into 2 Bros., Familglia, Sbarro, etc… you’ll get a good slice.


I was just at Numero 28 last night…pizza is very good, but I’m not sure I’d call it traditional NY style (same goes for Grimaldi’s). Oblig IG shot:


Grimaldi’s! It’s the best!


When I was at college at Columbia, our favorite spot was Koronet Pizza at 110 and Broadway. HUGE slices for a low price…mmmmmmm


Best pizza in NYC is actually on Staten Island, which is disproportionately Italian American. Try Goodfellas, Cafe Milano or Denino’s. If your inclined to not visit Staten Island, I’d say Gotham Pizza is the best bang for your buck from Yelp’s choices listed above.

Rob P


Deals we like

If you are going uptown to Gotham pizza you are much better off going to Delizia instead on 93rd and 2nd. And make sure to get a grandma pie somewhere. Best type of pizza in NYC. In midtown east go to bagels express II. Best bagels in NYC, at least the original bagels express is.

Enjoy NYC!!!

Joey m

Try bravo on broadway btwn 37th and 38th


John’s Pizzeria on Bleeker Street in the West Village –

So good you won’t even mind that it’s cash only!


Pizza Box on Bleeker has a very good “regular NY” slice. Best of all, it’s cheap, has draft beer and a very chill back garden.

My absolute favorite pizza is the *Sicilian* at Artichoke. Crispy crust from baking in a cast iron pan. Delicious sauce, parmesan, mozzerella and fresh basil on top.


Pizzas in manhattan are over rated. Go to Queens. Kew garden hills. Check out valentinos in kissena blvd.