Update: 20% off Hotels.com gift cards may be available online this week


We previously reported that this week Staples is offering $10 off a $50 Hotels.com gift card in-store. It now appears that the discount applies online as well, though gift cards are currently out of stock. Sometimes, items like this go in and out of stock during the week, so it’s worth taking a look now and then if you’re looking for these cards. Click the image for a link to the item:

Hotels.com online Staples

While the “add to cart” button is active, the e-gift cards are currently out of stock. Upon adding to the cart, I see this message right now:

hotels.com out of stock online

Hotels.com gift cards can be combined via the website quite easily and can then be stacked with promotions like coupons or Welcome Rewards (though not both). These gift cards are great way to save money on unique hotel experiences or when your travel plans take you off the beaten path.

Remember that most major chains do not recognize elite benefits nor provide credit for stays booked through 3rd-party websites like Hotels.com and most Hotels.com promotions/coupons will not apply to those chains. But for the right stay, these can be a great way to save.

Not all Staples B&M locations carry Hotels.com gift cards, so it’s good to see that they may be available online at some point this week. Keep your eye on Staples if you’re looking to snag some of these gift cards.

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The $50 emailed gift cards are back in stock online, but no longer discounted.


I went into my local Staples store and was a little surprised to see an empty spot on the rack where the hotels.com gift cards are supposed to be. I asked the manager if he had any in the back. He looked, but no luck. He then checked his computer which showed him that all of the hotels,com cards within a 30 mile radius had been sold in the past day: typically ten at each store in one transaction each.

Wow. I thought this was a good deal but not an incredible deal. Heck, last month I bought a bunch of them at 20% off with the AMEX Offer. Is there some resale opportunity? I can’t imagine it would be lucrative enough to drive around to grab all these things.


$50 Gift Card for Email Delivery is in stock, but not being discounted for me.