US Bank converting all Radisson Rewards Personal Visa cards into Altitude Go Visas


Radisson cardholders recently received a letter informing them that the Radisson Rewards Premier Card will automatically be converted into the US Bank Altitude Go as of May 2022. This was a surprising announcement and there wasn’t a reason given as to why the card is being discontinued.  There was also no word as to what’s happening with existing business cards. The Radisson Rewards Business Card is being converted to the US Bank Triple Business Rewards.

The Radisson Rewards Visa is getting buried in May

Key Details

  • The Radisson Rewards Visa’s 40,000 Radisson Rewards points anniversary bonus will be discontinued as of April 30, 2022.
  • Only spending through April 30th will qualify toward free night certificates.
  • The Radisson Rewards Visa annual fee will be credited back on a prorated basis (for up to 12 months depending on anniversary date.
  • Cardmembers will receive their new US Bank Altitude Go Visa in June.
  • Radisson Rewards expire after 24 months of inactivity, so without the credit card it will be important to keep an eye out to make sure that current rewards don’t expire 24 months after the last card earnings.

Quick Thoughts

This announcement took most of us by surprise. There wasn’t any hint that US Bank would be discontinuing the cards and it’s unknown who initiated the change and also if/when Radisson will partner with another issuer.  Radisson does have a much better reputation in Europe, so it could be that US Bank was an awkward fit.

It’s a shame to lose the card though, as the annual fee was more than covered by the anniversary bonus, and many folks found the ability to generate free night awards with 5x rewards everywhere to be very useful.

The US Bank Altitude Go is a no annual fee card that earns:

  • 4x points on dining
  • 2x points on grocery stores, gas stations, and streaming services
  • 1x points on everywhere spending.

The Altitude Go doesn’t have an annual fee or a foreign transaction fee, but the points are only worth 1 cent each, effectively making it a decent cashback card for dining.  It’s a strange conversion from the Radisson card (albeit US Bank isn’t exactly flush with options).

The Altitude Go conversion could be a useful path to the Altitude Reserve

A more interesting option is that the conversion could be a backdoor way of getting approved for the US Bank Altitude Reserve. For many, the Altitude Reserve is a very worthwhile card.  The points are worth 1.5 cents each and the card earns 3x on mobile wallet payments, effectively making this a 4.5% cashback card when using that payment method.  While the card does have an annual fee of $400, it offers $325 in travel/dining credits per membership year, taking a big chunk out of the total fee.

The problem is that US Bank can be very difficult to get approvals with, especially for multiple cards.  The only card that is eligible for product change to/from the Altitude Reserve is the Altitude Go, so my assumption would be that these converted cards will be eligible as well. Normally, the card needs to be open for 12 months before a product change, so it’s unknown if that calendar will restart upon product change or if the history the Radisson Visa will carry over. Either way, this could be a very good option for folks standing on the outside looking in at the Altitude Reserve and a silver lining to the demise of the Radisson Visa.

R.I.P. Radisson Premier, we’ll miss you.

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Tim, I am looking for some advice here.

Between myself and P2 we have over a million Radisson points. Mostly moved to the International side, but a few left in the Americas in case I can use those to somehow keep the others alive.

What can I do to keep the International ones alive? Do they also expire in 24 months since last usage? I plan on using them early next year outside the US, but I will still have maybe 400K left over. Will moving them back and forth between the 2 programs extend the longevity?

I am not interested in Choice points at all. Any ideas would be appreciated.


So, now we know what is happening with Radisson splitting in two. Radisson Americas will be joining Chice Hotels Group. So, this may complicate the transfer between Americas and International.

I don’t see any mention of this change on Frequent Miler.


Choice, not Chise.


I just received replacement cards for my wife and my Radisson cards and still US Bank has never notified us that they are cancelling the Radisson cards and replacing them with other cards. What are our options at this point? Can we cancel and get a pro-rated refund? I don’t know if the replacement cards are good ones or not, but I assume if retained we would lose the ability to ever get them with a sign up bonus? Seems poorly handled on US Bank’s part.


US Bank charged me the $75 annual Radisson card fee on 6/2/22. It’ll be interesting to see if I get the 40k of Radisson points for it. If not, I’ll cancel whatever they say the card is now and be done with that weird bank.


has anyone received a prorated AF refund yet? Thanks!


Wonder how long it will take?


Yes. I have been away a couple of weeks and on my return I find 2 replacement cards, one for my business Radisson and one for my personal Radisson. I had paid my personal annual $75 fee in April and I see that they have refunded the full amount (very generous). My business card’s annual fee would have been due in July and they automatically refunded me $10 (of the $60 paid last July). So, again, I think quite generous. No need to call.

My wife’s card will be up for the annual fee in August so I assume this will be similar and I will just wait for the new card to come. We don’t need these, but as the new cards have no fee we will just keep them to help the credit score as we have had these a long time.


Yes – I received 37.50 AF credit


I was charged the annual fee yesterday May 3.


Wow, I never received the letter!


What about transferring Radisson points to airlines? I know it’s usually a bad deal but once in a while there are transfer bonuses that could make it decent. Not sure how to sign up for them tho.

huey judy

Radisson has always had serious ID issues; the recent insanity with domestic vs international properties is a great example of bumbling. The Radisson founder, Curt Carlson, must be rolling over in his grave … he and the family put so much into Radisson back in the day, especially in the Midwest. We’ve stayed at some fabulous European Radissons, and also enjoy the Country Inns … but Rad properties are quite sparse in the US. I was always able to keep my points going with the credit card.

Any intel on whether Radisson will affiliate with a new bank to issue their own CC again?

Mohammad M

How long do we get to keep our gold status?


In the days of 2 for 1, we did an annual trip to London and hopped between various properties in and around Leicester Square. It was an incredible value.
Now I have an award stay coming up in Venice and they said via email that they won’t even give free breakfast as gold, so the value of the card had already dropped drastically in my view.


My daughter and I did that too on our annual trips to London. 4 nights at Rad Blu Hampshire in Leicester Square for 2 50k redemptions – Such a great deal.


First, thanks for the alert. Haven’t yet received the news direct. But how is this “surprising?” The “Radishak” chain has been in steady serious decline, esp. here in the US for several years, even a decade+…. Yes, good memories — now ancient past. Still remember TravelisFree and here gushing re. the golden years for this card & the program — eons past — 2 for 1, etc. etc. But the major hits to the program and this card have been steady, constant, dating back long before covid.

This “sudden” demise of the “Radishak” cards from US bank seems rather in line then, esp. with the last year’s bizarre separation (on-line) of the Radisson global vs. Radisson americas programs…. Yes, far better Radisson fare available in northern Europe….

I’m still wondering if Radisson global will be selling off its ever declining Radishak ‘merka fare…. (yet another legacy brand off to Wyndham?)….. Other than the glorious County Inn & Suites at Kalispell, Mt (glacier) this will be all…. much deserved good riddance. Sour grapes, yes.

Last edited 11 months ago by escot
Harry Nguyen

I just got the card sometime in Nov or so, they will give AF refund? I think I’m going to close the card after hearing this. I already have the Go.


First, I’m not quite clear how to keep Radisson points safe from expiration moving forward. Short of actual stays/redemptions they don’t seem to allow for many ways to do it.

Second, I do want to cancel the card as I have no use for Altitude Go. However, I don’t feel that pro-rated refund is fair. After all, they will not correspondingly prorate 40k points. That, of course, is a rant because fighting this with US Bank would be a useless uphill battle.

Robert Barron

Good luck with trying to burn those points. I have just tried to make half a dozen reservations using points only – and we are talking non-popular places like Salt Lake City, and Tucson…and it’s ALL coming up as “no rooms available”. (But there are plenty of rooms available if you are paying cash only….LOL) Another loyalty program bites the dust, I guess. Only thing to do is hunker down and wait and see if we can use them eventually.


I just redeemed for 7 nights in Maldives with no issues.

Jim Worrall

Tim, this is, by far, the most informative article about the demise of the US Bank Radisson Card. I have not been notified by US Bank.


Thanks for the post/warning. To me this is terrible. I used to use my free night in New York and my points in Europe. 2 x annual fees of $75 + $60 = $135.00 for a Radisson Blu in Oslo was great.

I now have a card with annual fee billing on April 17 (in 2 weeks) and normally the 40,000 points would post 2 months later. Do you think I should pay and hope the points will arrive in June? Either way I will just cancel all 5 cards we have as a couple.


When I read your comment I was like hmm, 2 months, really? Then I looked back at my statements and 11-01 annual fee posts $75 and 01-06 40K points post – you’re right – 2 months! Never knew it took that long. So along with that I thought I would get a pro-rated refund from January, now I realize it’s from Nov instead – boo. Looks like people will earn points thru April 30 so if your annual fee is due April 17 and changes don’t occur till end of April then I think you’re one of the luckiest out of the bunch. They’ll have to prorate you only for a couple of days or rather give you your whole 75 back since <30d of use. Getting the prorate is easy – cause it’s from US Bank, the points maybe not so much – but then again the points are awarded by US Bank to Radisson, rather than Radisson posting it themselves so me thinks dealing with US Bank is all you need to do even if something goes wrong.


But if I cancel within 2 months after paying the annual fee will I still get my 40,000 point bonus? I expect not.


You’re entitled to them for sure no matter what. But whether it will mess up whatever automated process to award the 40K to you – that’s anyone’s guess. My letter does say, ” The points you earn through your June statement closing date will remain in your RRA account…” So it looks like the anniversary bonus and the e-cert qualified spending ends April 30, 2022 but regular CC spend still is good till the end of your June 2022 statement. Perhaps they planned for this 2mo delay already. You could definitely just pay the fee now, wait for the conversion to occur in June, annual fee to be prorated (looks like starting June not April 2022), spend the credit, then cancel after all that is done – that’s what I would do.


I agree, butI will call USB and Radisson and ask for confirmation before I pay


I paid the annual fee of $75, got the 40,000 points quicker than usual. I just reloaded my Amazon balance with $1, same for P2, so now we start the 24 months until expiry from today.

BUT, this is the Americas program which I consider to be almost worthless to me as I have no decent Radisson anywhere near me. I do want these for the International program, though.

Does anyone know if the 24 months expiry timeframe is for each program or both?

What id the best way to keep these alive, as with P2 we now have 4 Radisson accounts. I think I read that transfers between people reset the clock, so assuming I don’t use these often, I think I could transfer some points to P2 in each program (Americas and International) and then P2 can transfer some back to me again. Stupid, but should work. We have over 1 million together and would have transferred everything to one of us, but seems safer to have 2 accounts each for now …

Norway, here we come.


Also, I am not interested in the new Altitude card so I think I will ask for a refund of the annual fees I recently paid, and on the business cards too.


GIven that USB stopped accepting applications for the Radisson cards in January, I wasn’t surprised to see a change coming. However, I wasn’t expecting them to completely pull the plug on the cards. I thought maybe a refresh or a new issuer. Regardless, it will be interesting to see when they issue my three free nights for the $30K in spend this cardmember year. I hope it’s later than sooner, as I’ve only used two of my three from last year so far.


I have the Radisson no AF card (downgraded years ago from AF card to keep points extended) and am also getting converted to the GO….so not just the annual fee cards being transitioned.

Last edited 11 months ago by Phill

This doesn’t tick any boxes for me. The streaming fee is after 11 months, the earnings are OK but not worth much to redeem in my arena. It’s not a MasterCard which might be of some value to me with Simplymiles, etc. It’s a Visa Signature which doesn’t mean much. Not excited about this. I enjoyed my Radisson card and had it for so many years. To pull this with no warning is sad. I’ve been a US Bank customer for over 30 years through like 4 different mergers and lately, they have really been screwing stuff up. First, they messed up their online banking bill pay system, then they tried to fix it but it was too late. They have thinned out any decent credit cards. They must be losing their minds or have bad management. It’s really odd. I bet Radisson is going to a new bank for their credit cards.


do we have any guesses who it might be if they are? Amex, Chase, Citi, FNBO, Barclays? Someone else?

I don’t think Amex would associate with Radisson. Chase has got enough travel co-brands. Maybe Citi or Barclays.


This caught me by surprise. I’m sitting on a ton of Radisson points, and use those points often for European travel. Even the Gold Status the card gave me, has come in handy.

Really displeased with this.


oh! forgot about that…no more Gold Status! I wonder if that will go away when the cards close, or next year?


We status matched to get gold status with the international Radisson program. Assume good through this year, not sure about next.


Thanks for this point! I just matched as well, it’s good through February 2023.


If I cancel now (because I don’t want the Go card now but want to keep SUB options for the future), will the annual fee still be prorated?


This stinks. I have both biz and personal cards. I have the Altitude Reserve already and have no interest in either of the cards they’re switch the Radisson cards to. I’ll probably just sock drawer the personal replacement and cancel the business card?

Mary Jane

Anybody know if you can transfer Radisson reward points from one spouse to another?

Dick Bupkiss

Haven’t tried since all the shake-ups started, but it used to be possible. Was not difficult, but did require a call to their customer service to do it manually.

Shannon and Sergio @ScrewTheAverage

We too haven’t done this in a while but the few times we did it was very efficient (a phone call to Radisson from the person’s account who was sending the points was all it took, transfers were instant).


Unless things have changed, gold members can transfer points to anyone. Gold membership came with either of the cards with an annual fee.


I have done it 25 days ago by calling 888-288-8889. It was smooth and instant transaction.


Business getting converted to Business Triple Rewards card. I got both mailers yesterday.


Yep. Same here. It was a cheap points purchase. And the 40k a year made the accrual rate a good fit for a stay every couple years filling gaps in other programs we were more involved with. I mostly don’t care. The new card is pretty useless to us.


I’m burning all of my remaining Radisson points on an upcoming europe trip, so it will be sad I won’t have any more. Only 6,000 left. Maybe they find another card issuer?

The 3x Rewards might be useful. It will be for me. The GO is DOA.


Triple rewards has no AF & $100 annual credit for Quickbooks. Wonder if you can use the credit for Turbotax, since how do they know what you buy on


I’ve had the business version of this card for multiple years just for the 40,000 anniversary points. I never use it though. Is the business card getting cancelled also?


Ok, thanks for the news — though we’ve yet to get any confirmation of this on our two bz cards…. Still, bit lame/lazy of you to say “useful for some folks in some situations….” Come on…. like what? For those of us already with Chase INK cards, the 3x for office supply pales badly by comparison.

Larry K

Sitting on a pile of unused points and the only thing that has been extending expiration is the 40k every year. I guess I better make a charge before 4/30 to extend the time.

Laura R

Same! Between my husband and I we have about 650k Radisson points! Better get to using them I guess.


Just a reminder that US Bank has a small balance forgiveness of $1. I make a $1 Amazon reload every month. It gets forgiven ($0 statement), but they still award 5 Radisson points.


How did I miss that ?? @!! Good for you.


Aww…they already issued my new Altitude Go card. Does that mean I can no longer use this Amazon trick to reset the clock? :/