How do you use Chase Pay in-store?


Recently, there have been some terrific Chase Pay promotions, a couple of which have been available in-store only (see Chase Pay: 10x at Best Buy up to $400 per card (now expired), and the Chase Pay Shop Rite offer, which is still active through February 4th. As these in-store Chase Pay promos have come around, some readers have asked how do you use Chase Pay in-store?

Chase Pay at ShopRite

The process is actually pretty easy. First, you need to download the Chase Pay app (for Apple here or Android here). When you pull up and log into the app (which may require a security text message or email code), you can then select a card with which to pay. This is a key step — your Chase cards are at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you choose the card with which you’d like to pay before having the cashier scan the QR code.

Don’t forget to use the menu at the bottom to slide left or right through your Chase cards to pick the one you want.

Once you’ve done that, the final step is getting the cashier to scan the QR code. Ironically, this might be the most challenging step in the process. Over the holidays, I used Chase Pay in-store at Best Buy and Starbucks. At Best Buy, I showed the cashier the QR code on the phone. He motioned to me to touch my phone to the payment terminal. When I said that he should scan the QR code, he insisted that I touch my phone to the terminal. Not wanting to activate Android Pay, I held firm that he should scan it. He looked at me like I had eight heads, but there was a long line, so he humored me and scanned my QR code using the same scanner gun that he had used to ring up my purchases. The payment terminal then showed “approved” and a balance due of $0.00. He shrugged with surprise and gave me my receipt.

At Starbucks, I expected this would be easier. People pay via the Starbucks app all the time, which requires using the Starbucks scanner (conveniently located on the customer side of the cash register for just this purpose) to scan a gift card barcode in the app. As soon as the cashier saw my phone screen was not showing the Starbucks app, she began insisting that I touch my phone to the payment terminal. I politely stood my ground, telling her that I’m pretty sure I just need to scan the QR code and insisting that she just let me try it. I couldn’t get a good angle on it because of how the scanner was positioned, so I picked up the scanner. At that point, her eyes lit up and she started to reach for the scanner when….bleep. Payment went through.

In both instances, the cashiers were totally unaware of how Chase Pay worked and equally surprised when scanning the QR code authorized payment. Moral of the story: don’t give up and don’t be surprised when the cashier thinks you’re a nutcase.

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