Visit the newly renovated Frequent Miler Laboratory


image_thumb4The Frequent Miler Laboratory is the place to read about, propose, and discuss experiments in mile and point gathering. On this page you will find sections covering completed, in progress, and proposed experiments.

Until today, the Laboratory page was getting cluttered and difficult to read.  People who wanted to keep up with the latest results had a hard time sifting through dozens of experiments.  There was also no way to sort or filter experiment results.  All of that has now changed…

Getting there

You can get to the Laboratory from any Frequent Miler page by clicking Resources and then Laboratory (see picture below).  Alternatively, browse to


Lab Results now in Table form

Lab results used to be listed in a series of bullet points sorted by merchant.  Now, the lab results have been moved to a dynamic table.  With this table, you can sort any column, and you can search for any keyword.  The table now also includes a “last update” column which you can use to find the latest updates.  Note that all entries older than 5/17/12 are given a 1/1/2012 date since I didn’t previously track the dates of each change.


Dynamic Search

The best part of the new table is that the Search happens instantly as you type. For example, suppose you want to find all experiments having anything to do with Walmart. Start typing Walmart in the Search box and the table will instantly filter while you type. Currently “Walm” is enough to limit the table to all entries containing any info at all about Walmart:


Additionally, to facilitate Gift Card Churning, I added keyword tags to each row: BuyGC, UseGC, SellGC, and UpgradeGC.  Use the Search box to quickly filter results as needed.  For example, to see all experiments having to do with upgrading gift cards, type “UpgradeGC” in to the Search box.

Combined Search

Suppose you want to find rows in the table that meet two criteria?  For example, maybe you want to find out everything there is to know about buying gift cards at Staples.  Simply add a space between your search terms and the table will filter to rows containing both.  So, for this example, type “staples buygc”.



Let me know what you think of our new lab space.  Do you have any suggestions to make it even better?

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