Where to buy Vanilla Reload Cards


UPDATE 11/26/2012: On the weekend of November 10th 2012, Office Depot stopped selling Vanilla Reload cards.  As a result, most of the information below is now out of date.  See Office Depot discontinues Vanilla Reload cards and The reload game is on.

In recent posts, I’ve shown ways to earn 5X everywhere by buying Vanilla Reload Cards at Office Depot with an Ink Bold card and then loading the money to either an American Express Prepaid card or a reloadable debit card such as the ill fated NetSpend card.’  See ‘€œOne card to rule them all,’€ ‘€œNetSpend challenges the throne,’€ and ‘€œWe’€™re sorry, there is a problem with your account‘€ for details.


For this trick to work, though, it’€™s necessary to find an Office Depot that sells Vanilla Reload cards, has them in stock, and allows you to buy them with a credit card.’  The table below shows what I’ve learned so far from readers regarding each of those points.’  The date shown is not the date of purchase, but rather the date in which the result was reported to me.’  In some cases you’€™ll see multiple entries for the same city because I’ve entered in data from multiple people, dates, or locations (within the city).

Reader input

If you have experience good or bad with buying Vanilla Reload cards, please report it in the comments below, including the location of the store, and I’€™ll do my best to keep this table up to date.’  I’€™m also particularly interested in finding stores other than Office Depot that sell these (or other reload cards) and allow you to use credit cards for the purchase.

UPDATE Nov 8 2012

Ever since Bluebird launched, stores have begun to sell out of inventory more quickly than before.  As a result, it doesn’t make much sense for me to keep updating this table – it’s out of date by the time I do so!  Instead, please continue to report your findings in the comments below, and use your browser’s search feature to find information about stores in your area.

Also note that since this was written, new stores have been found to carry Vanilla Reload cards.  Most notably, some CVS and Walgreens stores carry them and, of those, some allow credit cards.  Also see VanillaReload.com and hover your mouse over “Reload Locations” to get ideas of other places to look.

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Karl M

That’s Bay Area, NoCal only, right? Still not much luck outside of the 3-letter pharmacy down in SoCal. Local 7-11s only accept debit.


Hi Glenn,
Are you referring to Vanilla Reload Cards?
Did you make this purchase in Norcal or Socal?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.


Confirming beans at local Lucky’s Supermarket in California. No problem buying with credit card.

Herman the Hat Man

This is just too much nuisance to get the lousy 60,000 points. OK, so you have enough points for perhaps 2 round trip tickets, but how much time was wasted. You could have taken the time to investigate some good stock investments instead of working with this petty stuff. You have to consider how you are using your time.

Phillip the Flapper

Yeah, if you are a loser and have nothing else to do this works to work with this petty stuff.


Frank: I’ve stopped trying to keep this up to date since things change too quickly.


Please update this list but with Walgreens and CVS.

I can’t find any in seattle that will let me.

Don T

CVS x2, Valero, Walgreens would not let me use a credit card today.

Nathan Southam


Nathan Southam

All the Walgreen’s in Grand Junction and Fruita, CO are no goes! They only take cash, not even debit! Office Depot is a no as well! They pulled all the cards a couple of weeks ago!

I went to the dollar general here and you can but vanilla reloads with a credit card (I’m not concerned as much with points as I am with meeting my spend) but the cashier and manager both could not figure out how to do the transaction. The register kept telling them to swipe the card, but there is nothing to swipe! They tried entering the bar code number manually, but it gave them a declined message. Any advice on what either they or I are doing wrong?


Today I went to the OD at 5300 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Atlanta GA and I was told that this type of cards have been pulled permanently. bummer!


Can confirm VR is dead at OD. Two DC locations today told me so. I had a blank VR I had saved and it wouldn’t load. Plus they say OD has pulled all VR’s.


Dfw area,3 CVS – none, 3 Walgreens – register said cash only, clerk wont swipe cc

VR nut in New York

I went to my OD store and was told the cards were killed Nov. 10th. with a memo to remove them from the racks.

I spoke with an OD dude. I have no idea if any of this is true, but he suspected new OD investors who own 12% of the company didn’t like the VR cards. He also said people were buying stacks of them at a time. Noted that people were using them somehow to get cash in areas affected by NY area superstorm Sandy. (I find the last tidbit odd but who knows.)

The cards are gone, they even taken out of the POS system so you can’t load up with blanks at CVS and drive over expecting to use them, LOL. He said the VR cards came up as a ‘sale’ in the OD POS system rather than a ‘gift card’ so they may have been the cause of some accounting confusion.

All the other Vanilla products are there and he said the VR cards may return in the future.

So we shall see. For now I’m buying OneVanilla Visa cards there.

bob thomas

Checked an OD in Berlin, NJ – all out. Found ample supplies at both CVS and Walgreen in Mt Ephraim, NJ, but neither would allow credit card to purchase – both stated cash only


i had the same experience at family dollar as Ajay. the guys at the register had no clue how to use the vanilla reload card and just said “it doesn’t work”

they do have to load up the card right away so i had my bluebird card with me, but they couldn’t get it to load properly. fail.


I believe OD has discontinued. I went last week to verify that my OD carried them. There were plenty in stock. I received my BlueBird yesterday so I went today to actually purchase some VR’s and they aren’t there at all. That section had been replaced with Amex prepaid cards. It looked like they were phased out; went to another OD a few miles away and same story. They’re no there and there was no display showing where they would be stocked. Called the 3rd OD in town and was told that they didn’t have the VR, only pre-paids.


I called multiple ODs in the San Francisco Bay Area today, each time was told manager said they’ve been discontinued 🙁


Adam: That’s what I’m hearing too. I’m working on the story right now.


In Atlanta ga went to 5 OD stores,they dont stock it anymore….went to walgreens,they dont accept CC…..went to couple of gas stations they would need only cash…..went to Dollar general and Family dollar,they had these cards without pin number abd the guys at the register have no idea how to reload!!!!!

I have not yet used bluebird and i dont plan on using it unless i get a reload with a CC

Has anybody had luck in any part of Atlanta buying vanilla reload with a CC.


Ajay, Just north of you in South Carolina CVS is now starting to stock the reloads and the store I visited near Charlotte, accepted CCards. It may spread your way.


Fort Worth, TX. Dollar General – cashier and manager rang up VR, got “invalid merchant” error on cash register – no chance to purchase with a credit card.


Boca Raton, FL today: Bought 4 Vanilla Reload Cashier asked if I was paying cash, said no and then she called Chase. Took a long time to finally get the ok. While I was waiting I heard the “manager” on a call telling someone they were out of Vanilla Reload cards. I was looking at some on the rack as he was speaking. Wish the load limit was higher than $5000 per month per card. Property tax bills are in. Have Bluebird for me and my husband and enjoyed paying bills today. Had to remember to stop automatic bank payments when paying with Bluebird. Going to hate paying bills from bank accounts now.


Suzy: Great story! I’ve heard lots of examples where calling OD results in the wrong answer, but this is the best story yet.


I’ve had pretty good luck until this week in San Diego. But this week all of the Office Depots are out of stock. I can only hope they plan to get more.


I have had three different experiences trying to purchase a VR at Walgreens. At one, I was able to purchase cards without any problem. At another, I was sternly told by the cashier that it can only be paid with cash. At the third, I was able to convince them to let me purchase it with a CC but my Hawaiian Airlines visa only rang up the 3.95 charge. They said “Sorry. See? Only cash”. I asked if I could try a different card but they wouldn’t do it.


Called seven OD location in South Denver Metro area today. Only two sell Vanilla Reloads which are currently out of stock.


Better luck today. I am finding plenty of Vanilla Reloads at Dollar General Stores. Granted, no 5X miles, but 1X is better than nothing for my mortgage and car loan.


Bob: At my local Dollar General, they have a different kind of Vanilla Reload card. These cards are scanned at the register and used right there to move money to a reloadable debit card (not Bluebird). It works with MyVanilla and Mio, for example. They don’t allow credit cards. Is your Dollar General different?


My Dollar General sold me the last of their Vanilla’s with a scratch off pin number on the card and somehow they accepted a credit card. Went back today and they now have only the reload display card and will not accept credit cards. Store manager said the system is being converted over to not accept CC. I stopped at a CVS and the manager assured me that they would accept a CC with two forms of i.d. But they are out of Vanilla reloads.


Bob: That’s too bad! I wish it had moved in the opposite direction.

[…] Originally Posted by webazoid i bet somewhere lurking on secret forums, private conversations, there is a list of OD's with vanillas. Why bother? One of the bloggers beat you to it: http://boardingarea.com/freque…-reload-cards/ […]


OD Dallas, TX. First one was out but said they were getting more later in the week. Second one had 5 left. grabbed ’em all and ran for the door. heads up: apparently when buying these in dallas with an out of state credit card, a passport is needed. Luckily had mine on hand. Anybody else get that reaction?


Austin, TX OD which had vanilla 2 days ago pulled the remainder saying they were “expired” and/or were the “referral cards” and would no longer work in the system. Manager would not explain what “referral” meant.


Went to all the OD stores in the Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill,SC area today. No vanilla reloads. Per managers, none coming. Called OD stores in Myrtle Beach and Columbia, SC, no cards. Went to several Walgreens in Charlotte area, plenty of Vanilla reloads but wouldn’t accept cc as payment. Has anyone tried to order the cards from the OD web site?


OD #3234, Memphis, TN / Vanilla / Yes, Yes, Yes
Did not even ask for ID


does anybody know if this would work for office depots in other countries? and if they even sell vanilla reloads at ODs in other countries?

Mile Hustler

@ PirateRadio: which ODs in FLL & MIA did you use?

I tried the OD at NE 163rd St in Miami, FL, and they wouldn’t allow credit card–only cash or debit card to purchase.

The OD on Biscayne & NE 172 St, and they allow credit card purchases, but did not have the reload card in stock–only gift cards.


None in the OD in San Jose, CA (Stevens Creek Blvd).

Jacob Allred

Went to OD in Wethersfield, CT. They sell Vanilla Reloads but were out of stock.

Rob P

Austin, TX yes yes yes at OD. Thank you very much for your blog.


I purchased the last Vanilla Reload Cards at the Wilmington, DE OD without hassle. Paid it all with credit card. All NJ OD are out of the Vanilla Reloads, and they have no idea when they will be getting more.


Sunnyvale, CA, October 28, 29, 31. No vanilla reload cards left in the rack. Then I discovered this blog and guess that there might not be any anywhere. Anybody found a Walgreens in the area that has Vanilla Reload cards and can be bought with a credit card. I have cards that I need a minimum spend on


Went to two different OD’s – Cincinnati, OH (had about a dozen) and Springdale, OH (had several dozen) and both had cards and allowed CC purchases. Bought 2 at the first and one at the second with no problems (used different cards at each). Manager at first went to back to check on if he needed to call in, but for 2 @500 did not apparently.


Went to OD in Fort Lauderdale and bought the last two they had in stock. Tomorrow will go to the other two locations within the city to check


Frederick, MD – out of stock on 10/25/12
Sterling, VA – none 10/26/12
Manassas, VA – 10/26/12 asked if they had any and they went into the back room and brought some out for me. Bought 5, needed to show ID.


After striking out at 2 Walgreens, I had success at a 3rd. This purchase was not without drama. First the card reader at the register would not work. I was sent to a different register and swiped my Barclay Mastercard (wanted something non Amex). No go. My card was denied and I came home to a call from fraud protection. Next, I tried my freedom card. Success! I will go back in few days to try out some other cards. Even though I will only get 1x for these purchases, its still better than nothing for bill pay (mortgage, utilities etc).


smitty06: Agreed. 1X for bills is better than zero!

OD in West Norriton, PA does not have Vanilla reload cards. Unsure if they sell it and are just out of stock or just don’t sell it. Also means I have no idea if you could use a credit card to buy one.

I’ll continue to check a few more OD’s in the area and report back.


OD in Hoboken, NJ does not have any and has not had any, despite “many people asking for them”.


purchased some today with non-chase card at OD on W. Fullerton (chicago). They had several cards (excluding the 10 or so I found hidden in a different location). The cashier asked if I was using a chase card. When I said “no” she said okay because they now how to call in all chase purchases for approval (but you can still purchase with chase). Don’t worry if you are the person that “stored” the cards in a different location. I left them where I found them.


OD’s in Greensboro, NC have plentiful vanilla ice cream!


*Meant to add that I was talking about OD.


The two stores in Raleigh NC have plenty of temporary AMEX cards, no Vanilla Reloads. The other great option though is the Vanilla Visas. There are plenty of those.


Orlando, FL — SR 50 stores have plenty of them (40*).


Omaha, NE had them…on West Center, they didn’t have them at the one on Maple Street. yes, yes and yes on the West Center one.

[…] post on where to buy Vanilla reload cards, including reader input on Office Depot locations with cards […]


Drsifu: which OD did you go to?


Stopped by Mountain View, CA OD tonight. Was told they have none in stock, have no indication if/when they will get more, and he couldn’t find any cards in stock at any ODs in the region (though I should have pressed him to be more specific about “in the region”).

Mile Collector

Paramus, NJ does not have any in stock as of 10/18/2012. The cashier had no idea if and when they would get more. He did mention that a lot of people were asking for them.


Evanston, IL…was in the area, decided to check the OD there. The AMEX display was full of Prepaid cards but Vanilla Reload was empty, ready to leave until I saw way in the bottom 8 cards, bought all of them with a non chase card. Cashier checked ID, stated new policy from loss control was to ring each one separate.. annoying, but got all of them through with a combination of cards. Not sure if they will restock, but this store is now out of vanilla reloads.


Office Depot Dublin and San Ramon, CA. Both had about 6 in stock. Was able to buy using Bold CC. When I bought second batch of cards in the second OD location, my CC was flagged and they had to call in – but got immediate approval.

What I didn’t realize is the OneVanilla Prepaid card isn’t reloadable so all the MyVanilla Prepaid Reload cards I bought wouldn’t work on the prepaid OneVanilla Prepaid card – what a confusing mess. Went to Safeway and bought $20 Paypal Reloadable and used the $500 MyVanilla reloads from Office Depot. OD didn’t seem to have any reloadable CC that could take advantage of the MyVanilla reload cards – very odd and confusing.

The Dublin Office Depot did have reloadable Amex, (San Ramon was out) which I will use for Costco purchases.



I got my IB and other 2=UME & SP shut down 2 days ago.

I couldn’t log in and thats when I knew something went wrong. Called and spoke to reps but they had no exact explaination as to why I am banned. The 4rth Manager I spoke to yesterday asked me whats and whys about my IB usage at OD in the last 3 months. But he told me no one has authority to restore banned accounts. It f***kin sucks! I did use my cards for other purchases too and paid off full balance due weeks before due date.

I will try opening new chase CC next year and see if it works.
If you want relationship with with this company, Stay away from OD trips.

Amy C

Office Depot Spartanburg SC yes, yes, yes.
I was worried today since there was a trainee at the register and this was my first vanilla purchase, but she just asked for my ID and everything went through smoothly.


9/30/12 No for OD in Livonia, Michigan – clerks didn’t even know what I was talking about.


RIP – Bought the last 5 at my local OD, South side Chicago, cashier recognized me and said that “you and another guy always come to buy them”.

I asked him about when they will re-stock, checked the system, and stated that most likely will discontinue.

Told me that OD have a problem with stolen cards and “cloned” cards, explained about home made cards, steal your numbers but put a name with matching ID…..anyways, I hope that they come back.


Office Depot
Myrtle Beach, SC
Yes, Yes, and Yes 🙂
They did call the CC company to authorize.


@Doug – Definitely the my vanilla mio reload cards used to reload my pre-paid amex.


@Goosh is that myvanilla mio reload cards ? or is the vanilla visa ?


Just today, went to the OD on 3rd street in SF. Bought 10 with my ink bold. No problems after the manager gave approval. Only about 5 left on the rack.


Nothing in east bay , peninsula, walnut creek , dublin , san jose


Visited/called several OD stores in bay area and San Francisco, no cards are available any more anywhere. Finally talked to a SF OD store manager, she mentioned all OD stores are ordered by the corporate to take down the cards until further notice, because “something wrong with the card”.

Game over?


Just purchased reloads at Kalamazoo, MI store. They had about 10 more left. No ID checked. No manager. No call to Chase.

Where can I get vanilla reloads in Washington DC/NoVA area?


Is there anyone in NY that knows of any spots? I live on long island where there arent any OD. Closest ones are in NYC but they have all been reported as not carrying. Anyone in my situation have any solutions or easy suggestions?


Miami Beach: in stock 9/20, would not let me purchase with credit card (said it was a new rule implemented 3 days ago)
Miami 22nd/27th: in stock 9/21, allowed CC purchase (however I bought the remaining 4)
Silver Spring, MD: out of stock 9/18
Merrifield, VA: out of stock 9/18
Van Ness, DC: out of stock 9/18
Silver Spring, MD: out of stock 9/18


I tried to buy a Vanilla Prepaid Reload card at Dollar General. There was no scratch off box on the back only a barcode. When they scanned the barcode they were told to swipe my card. I was trying to reload my prepaid American Express card. When they swiped by prepaid American Express they received an error message that said “Invalid Merchant”. I was unable to load my American Express Prepaid card although the Amex symbol was featured on the front of the Vanilla Reload pack.


I just bought 4 vanilla reload at the Kent’s office depot and they let me use my Ink Bold. I also saw a lot of Visa/Amex giftcard for fees range from 3.95 – 6.95, so even when I cant get the Vanilla reload anymore I always have other option. Thanks for the page FrequentMiler, this is so awesome


Updated. Thanks for the input everyone!


Update, today: no Vnla Reload cards at the OD on Potrero and 16th in SF, CA. Manager didn’t know if/when they were going to get another order in. Settled for a prepaid MyVanilla and Visa gift card, both for 5 bills + 4.95. Ample parking available.


9/20 any updates in the BAYAREA ,


San Diego, CA (Mission Valley) Yes, Yes (Lots of them), Yes

Rick C

9/19 OD – Cary, NC – yes, no, ?


Table updated. Thanks for the data everyone!

Steven Lu

I looked all of southbay in northern california and could not find any.

If I have to go all the way to 3rd street in SF, I’ll have to hit it up this weekend. sigh.


was this a myvanilla Mio card which can be added to Amex prepaid card . I visited a couple of OD’s in eastbay and was not able to find any . I dont want to go all the way to SF and come back emty handed ..


[…] Where to buy Vanilla Reload Cards […]

Aaron L

Bought a Vanilla reload card at the Office Depot on 3rd St. in San Francisco. Using a credit card to pay for it required manager intervention, but no hassles beyond that.

This is helping me meet some large spend requirements I have over the next few months. The ATM withdrawal capability is hugely helpful here.


OD North side of Chicago on Ashland – None, I asked the manager about cards, he said none for a while, when will they be restocking them, mgr trying to get them ordered, but none have been available for a while.

OD South side of Chicago – still a bunch left, picked up a couple, assistant manager at register states “Chase Ink again, whats the deal withe these cards, is there a promo going on? Too many people buy these with this chase card”

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Rick C

To be clear I only bought a couple in Houston and there was a stack of 15 left.

Rick C

9/6 – OD Houston Galleria, yes, yes, yes – mgr had to call for authorization. Had a stack of 15 or so.
9/3 – OD Silver Spring, MD – New Hampshire Ave., yes, no, yes. Had a couple that I bought.
8/31 – OD Silver Spring, MD – Georgia Ave., yes, no, ?. Out of stock but cc likely ok.
9/2 – OD Gaithersburg, MD, yes, no, ?. Out of stock but cc likely ok.


Seem like ODs in the Chicago area (at least North and Northwest suburbs) are out of the reload cards and don’t expect to get any more :-(.


8/30/2012: Ann Arbor Walgreens register would not accept credit card for Vanilla reload purchase (cashier was surprised). Ann Arbor Rite Aid allowed credit card purchase of $500 Vanilla Visa card (no reload cards to be found).

Rick C

There are 2 simple ways to reload your card:

This is from the Vanilla Reload FAQs. Maybe it’s referring to new cards but it sounds like old cards might be included. It’s the “add” funds terminology that’s tripping me up.

Buy a Vanilla Reload Network Card:

Swipe your Prepaid Card at Retail:

1Bring your prepaid card to one of the Vanilla Reload participating retail locations.
2Present your card to the retail clerk and let them know you want to add funds to (reload) your card (* typically a $3.95 fee applies)
3The clerk will take your cash, ring up the sale, and swipe your prepaid card
4Your card is loaded instantly and ready for use!


Rick C: The second option means that you can bring your prepaid card (Amex, Netspend, Mio, etc) to certain locations and simply have them reload the card directly without a Vanilla reload card in the mix. I’ve never tried that, but I should…

Rick C

Ok That’s what i thought, but am a newbie- managed to find cards in DC area and vanilla reload website seems to imply one can reload at previous purchase site.

Rick C

Confused about one thing. Can I take a previously loaded and unloaded card back to OD for another subsequent reload?


Rick C: No, I don’t think so. I treat them as disposable


FM: I see. I know safeway allows CC purchase, but i only can find $100 max one with $5.95 fee….


FM: Thks for the info…Sorry i didnt get back sooner, I have checked the notify me, but didnt get the notification.
Lastly, do you know where when I can find $500 visa gift cards in supermarket category that will accept credit card?


chris: I don’t know which supermarkets will allow that. You may just need to experiment.


Call this number to talk to someone @ Chase and get a status on your Ink card. If you are approved they can overnight it to you and you can receive it as soon as the next day (this recently happened to me). If you have a trip or reason to use the card soon, they will expedite it for free.
800-453-9719 Chase business card credit analyst
888 – 609 – 7805 Chase application status department


1) I believe so. I tested a citi AA card by buying a vanilla reload card (not a vanilla visa) and it went through as a purchase. I’d assume the same would hold true for the vanilla visa
2) No
3) yes Netspend and Mio are good alternatives but to load either you still need to buy vanilla reload cards


Chris: some people have found local gas stations or grocers that will sell them, but OD is the only national chain that I know will accept credit cards for them for certain


@ frequentMiller post # 117
1) will citi AA card code them as purchases
2) Vanilla visa cards cannot be added to amex prepaid permanent card ?
3) if no to the above question is there a visa equivalent of amex prepaid permanent card ?


IS OD the only place that accept payment using credit card? went to Lucky near my office that have stack of this and it seems the register coded as cash/debit card only.
I am still waiting for my ink bold that applied since 08/09 but no news about it.


Oakland and Emeryville CA now require purchases of gift cards to be made by either cash or debit card. I now have to drive all the way over to SF.


Out of stock in Office Depot at Van Ness in DC. Def have people in the DC area on to this – FM is buying Visa gift cards a decent alternative? Although no ATM withdrawls I suppose…


Jon: Yes, Visa gift cards can be a great option. Specifically, look for the Vanilla Visa cards that can be loaded up to $500 for $4.95. A 1% hit for 5X is still a great trade off. The cards aren’t as convenient as prepaid reloadables, but still pretty good for day to day spend.


Thanks everyone. I’ve updated the table with the latest comments

out of stock in arlington virginia. where can i get a hold of these in DC metro?


In Chicago the Lincoln ave office depot is restocked. I purchased a few today (8/25)


Vanilla Reload available at Office Depot in Germantown, TN. 15-20 cards in stock as of 8/24/12. No manager approval necessary, just asked for ID. Did not have any trouble with fraud protection during activation.


Clearwater Fl OD Yes yes yes


If you use a razor blade, the entire rectangular sticker covering the PIN code on each Vanilla Card comes off in one piece quite easily. I could definitely see someone taking a whole stack of cards out of the store, removing the stickers, writing the PINs down, replacing the stickers, putting the cards back in the store, and then waiting for some unsuspecting person to buy the card. All I know is – when I have bought a card or two I try to load it as soon as possible after purchase.


I’m not sure if your taking user’s input, but the OD at the Tustin District (Irvine, Tustin, Santa Ana, California) has plenty in stock, some times managers are required, but have had no problem at all.


I did try to buy it using chase ink bold , the manager at OD told that i cannot buy them cause I have an out of state license , am from TX moved to nor cal , should i try another store or will i be shot down till i get me CA id ?


Doug: Different stores have different policies so it could be worth trying a different one.

Frequent Miler

There are still plenty in stock in Ann Arbor. They clearly keep replenishing them. While I’ve had no trouble, there has been one report in which a customer was refused a manager override. I think it’s the luck of the draw as to which manager you get to speak to.


OD in Anchorage, Alaska does not allow anyone to buy these with no more than 100 USD value on it. They said it’s their new policy

Also today netspend shut down my account for exessive usage. I’m glad I only left 10 usd on it. Seriously I would not trust netspend to leave anything more than 10 bucks in my account in case an account closure. I had this account open almost 2 months. I did almost 10k vanilla reloads on them.

Well time for next deal


All 3 stores in Chicago have been out of stock for the past week+.


Dandy Mart in Sayre, PA has plenty of Vanilla reload cards in stock (for Freedom gas category). They would not let me use a card to buy them.


As I posted above, last weekend the state street store only had 4 left. I am not suprised they are long gone. Why dont you call the Niles store as they were the only other store I called that had some in stock. If I find more, I will post here.


SoCal stores are slowly receiving one 25 card restock.


I just visited OD on State street in downtown Chicago and found none.
Does anyone found OD store that sells the card in Chicago?


@milezjunkie….these cards have absolutely no value until activated so there is no loss for the store. Last time i got gas I got a paper towel to wipe my hands before I paid…was I stealing?!?!?! Sorry if my thought offended you but I was just asking as I once needed to scrach off a coupon code at the CVS store counter and the sales person suggested to use an empty gift card. After that he threw the card in the garbage.


Just an idea – if I find them at another store that allowes cash only, can I take the unactivated vanilla cards and go to OD and buy them there or are the Vanilla reload cards store specific? Anyone tried this yet?


Bexho, are you going to steal them from the other store or something?

Frequent Miler

I’ve updated the table with the latest reports. Please let me know if I missed any or got any wrong.

Frequent Churner: I’m pretty sure they’re one use only, but feel free to give it a try 🙂

frequent churner

We should investigate if the plastic reload packs can be reused?

Even though the back is scratched off, could I put some masking tape on those as a precaution, and bring them back to OD to load more funds? Or are they one-time use only?


The local Walgreens just started selling the Vanilla reload cards on Monday. I tried to purchase one with a credit card and it came up as “cash only” in the system. The manager was very friendly and tried to override the system and it did not work. It looks like I will keep driving the extra 15 miles to buy them at OD.


Sometimes they have more in the back or at the bottom of the giftcard shelf.

The 2 stores I frequent had more than I remember seeing last time.

You could also ask an associate to help find which store has some in stock..I’ve had them do that for BP gas cards months back before they had reload cards…

Roadtrip? 🙂


Our SoCal stores show no inventory for any stores anywhere. A store asst manager just called and said one 25 card pack just came in. Her store needs 150 just to fill the rack once.


Can anybody report an OD that “restocked” their Vanilla reload cards? Racks are empty here in SoCal.

Some stores still have a few from the initial stocking. Non have received a “restock.”

Any insider information?


Jim: In Ann Arbor, MI they seem to restock regularly. I don’t know why some locations seem to restock infrequently or not at all.


Sorry. I should have mentioned that I am in chicago.


I hate to be an alarmist, but I did have a few minutes today so I decided to call around to my local OD and here are the results
1)Ashland- sold out this morning
2)Evanston- sold out
3)Lincoln – had some until someone came in and bought 30 this morning. Salesperson asked why these are suddenly popular.
4)Downtown (ohio) – sold out
5)Downtown (state) 4 left
6)Niles- have some, but didnt say how many

Draw whatever conclusions you want from my results. Buying 15K of these cards in one trip is asking for trouble. Everything in moderation gang!


Independence Blvd location in CLT. Had plenty of cards but wouldn’t let me buy with a CC. I have a couple more locations near me I’ll check out but it doesn’t look good for CLT.


No Vanilla reload Cards in New Brunswick, NJ & Edison, NJ.


Newburgh, NY Office Depot today 8/5/2012 no more vanilla reload cards.
I’ve also asked my brother to check out the office depot in Fremont, CA and Hayward, CA. Also, no more.

Seems like once they deplete, they’re not restocking…

My AMEX reload has been empty for quite a while.

Karl Mitchell

For those of us without an Ink Bold, is there any location through which we can buy Money Pak or Vanilla Reload cards that would allow us to get the 2x bonus on American Express Premier Rewards Gold card? It’s less lucrative, but if you include the minimum spend bonus (15000 points for $30k) and transfer bonuses (typically 25-50%), it’s still not bad if you redeem for business/first class flights. I’ve looked down the list, and many that look like they might be eligible end up processing as “wholesale” or “superstore”. Thanks, -Karl


NJ prohibits sale of gift cards at OfficeDepot.

NYC Times Square OD has been out of Visa Vanilla for weeks now and multiple clerks told me that they will not be restocking them.


Maxim: Thanks for the update. One note: NJ doesn’t prohibit sales of gift cards, but they enacted laws that make the sale of gift cards difficult (due to the requirement of tracking the zip code of each gift card holder) so many companies responded by no longer selling gift cards in NJ.


I can’t find them anywhere in North NJ. I even tried Nanuet, NY and they don’t have them anymore. Anyone have any places I can find them near North NJ?


Successfully bought a Vanilla Reload card with Ink Bold at OD located at 10779 Alpharetta Highway, Roswell, GA (Atlanta). In stock, no issues with cc payment.


Susan: People have reported similar things as long ago as May, but most stores seem to still carry them. These may be regional decisions that store managers incorrectly assume are nation-wide.


HEMET, CA Yes, Yes, Yes


I tried to purchase Vanilla reload card at an OD in Dallas. They did not have them on the rack and the manager checked in the back. He later told me that Office Depot had sent out a memo to pull them from the shelves, but that some stores may still have them. He said his cashiers had not been properly trained and so did not adequately inform people as to what they were purchasing and thus they had a number of returns. Has anybody else heard that OD will no longer be carrying the Vanilla Reload Cards. He still had a bunch of the Amex Temporary Cards, but they were in the back, not out on the rack.


OD in Sunnyvale & Mountian View, CA does not have Vanilla reloadable cards. Store managers said they will not have this card restock for a while….


Duplicate posting from the original “One to rule” thread…
OD in Seattle WA, plenty of Vanilla Reload in stock but wouldn’t accept Ink Bold. Didn’t ask for a manager. I’ll try elsewhere.

Kyle M

OD in Santa Maria, CA, July 7, took CC, no manager approval needed, have >50 Vnilla reloader cards on the rack

Paul Ahn

@Stevedealin, for Mio cards, you can go to

You’ll have to have about $30 cash on hand ($20 minimum initial load + fees).


I finally made the short drive up to Brighton, MI to buy a Mio card. The first card I brought to the register had a ridiculous $10 activation fee, but the register wouldn’t let the sale go through. So, I went back to the rack to get a different card and found that the rest of the cards had only a $2.95 activation fee. I brought one of these to the register and it worked fine. I tried paying with credit, but the register didn’t allow it. Now to call and activate the card…


Does anyone know where to buy the Mio cards?


OD in Columbia, MD sells Vanilla and will take CC. However, large purchases (anything over $500 requires an assistant manager to verify and sometimes they call in with the credit card company to verify). Draws way more attention than I would like…but oh well.


I’ve now also bought Vanilla reload cards the Roseville, MN, OD with my Ink Bold.


Encinitas, CA

Yes they have the reload cards and yes you can pay with credit card. If you buy a lot, a manager will have to ring it up and he’ll say, “That’s a lot of pre-paid cards” and you’ll respond by saying, “Yup”


I tried to buy a regular $500 Vanilla One gift card at 7-11 but I was told cash only. This wasn’t a reloadable card but they still would not sell it. I was hoping to max the Chase Freedom gas category.


NJ: Yes Mio and Netspend cards can be used online. Those are probably your best bets right now even though you are likely to have your account closed before long. That’s OK, though, if it helps to get a few rent payments in.


In Walgreens today I noticed a “Netspend Reload” card. It looked a lot like the Vanilla reload card and didn’t say anything about having to use cash to buy it. Unfortunately, when I tried to buy it, the register itself said “cash only”.


1) I was hoping you guys could provide some ideas on getting the most out of the following opportunity:
I can pay my rent (about $2.2K) online via Rentpayment.com for a fixed fee of $24.95, however they don’t accept Amex.
The thing is, I have a Delta Skymiles Platinum and I’m aiming for the 25K spend to get an additional 10K of MQMs.
Any ideas ?

2) Can one use Mio or Netspend for online purchases ?



The Office Depot in Oceanside, CA that once sold Vanilla reload cards no longer sells them. They don’t sell any gift cards either, and beginning 08/11/2012, will not sell anything whatsoever as they are shutting down.


OD Daytona Beach goldmine! inked!


Purchased at 5-6 Office Depots in Fort Lauderdale And Miami, FL with CC, no prob! Manager override needed for transaction over $1000. No override needed for 1 $500 card at a time. Tried local 7-11, Family Dollar, and Dollar General, all said cash or debit only. Has anyone tried to get cash back on a purchase with the AmEx Prepaid? I’d rather buy something for $.25-$1 and get $100 cash back at a time and at least get some gum or something for my money (lol am I being greedy now?), instead of spending $2-5 per $400 withdrawn from ATM. It’s not a debit card but it has a pin so maybe it might work…


I bought an nfinanse card earlier today at a gas station/food mart called Common Cents. It doesn’t appear to be part of the vanilla reload network so I can’t see an easy way to load it other then straight up with cash. I have a Mio which does accept the vanilla reload network. It seems to function much like the Netspend card. I think using both a Mio and Netspend together to keep the load and usage low may be a way to stay under the radar.I am worried that one day Office Depot will halt the purchase of vanilla reload cards with credit. That’s why I’m working to find an other venue for the purchase of reload cards. I’m sorry to see that Milejunkie couldn’t buy the reload case at Dollar General with Am Ex. I too have been unable to purchase those using credit but have have success with a pin debit card. If Am Ex was a pin debit I think it could work.


I went to a Dollar General since they are listed as a location that sells Vanilla Reload cards. I made a purchase with my credit card to see if they are coded as a “grocery” store. Unfortunately, at least the store I was at did not accept Amex cards (I was thinking 6% rebate with Amex at groceries). Anyway, they had a couple racks that list the Mio card (another prepaid debit that can be reloaded with Vanilla Reload, then used to purchase a money order. They were out of all the Mio cards but if anyone else is interested, check Dollar General. They also had another prepaid debit I have never heard of. It is http://www.nfinanse.com


@Piecerate: re #53- I can’t see any possibilities off top fo my head, but love to hear your thoughts if you have some ideas.


DC: Van Ness, Yes/No/Yes (has been out of stock for weeks!
Arlington (Courthouse), VA: Yes/No/Yes (as of 6/23, only a couple left)
Downtown Silver Spring, MD (DC area): Yes/No/Yes as of 6/24, only a couple left)
Silver Spring, MD (New Hampshire Ave): Yes/Yes/Yes


Tampa OD has plenty and no issues buying with a credit card.

On another note, if you shop at a certain store that cells gift cards at grocery stores, one way to earn the 5x equivalent would be to purchase those gift cards at the grocery stores using your Chase Freedom Card (before June 30). The quarterly promotion for 5x points for the Freedom card is grocery store and movies (until June 30, then switches to gas stations and something else). So, if you are an avid starbucks drinker or you need to reload your itunes acct or you shop at home depot, williams sonoma, chilis, etc those gift cards can be found at some grocery stores that cell gift cards. That would give you a 5x earning opportunity at places where you might want to shop in store instead of online.


Update on #51. A non-pin prepaid debit card doesn’t work. A pin debit bankcard does. The question now is, does a pre-paid pin debit card work and is it does offer any possibilities?

Frequent Miler



My idea is to use a 5x prepaid non-reloadable debit card to pay for a load on a relaodable card at the point of sale. Thus moving cc purchased funds to a more user friendly card. They say you can’t buy plastic with plastic. We’ll see if this variation flys. Of course there will be a lot of fees if it works but I think the leverage could pay off.


Piecerate: Anything that generates a value greater than 1%?


Just got back from Orlando, Fl where I purchased Vanilla cards successfully at Office Depot with Ink Bold. Plenty in stock.


The issue is which debit card you use to load your prepaid card. Not all debit cards are created equal.


Nanuet, NY
OD/V: 6/23 No No N/A


I’m a little concerned about Vanilla refill cards not getting restocked in some OD’s. I know the one at Van Ness, DC is out and a couple in the VA suburbs only had a couple left when I went there.

Frequent Miler

Greek2me: good point!

Karen: it’s not necessarily bad data. I just report whatever I’m told by readers. Some will have good experiences, some will not


That was supposed to read: re #36 and #38 above.


Re #3inane 38. No value add in buying 1% cost reloads at 1 DL mile per though.


@Karen: Bad data is not necessarily a bad thing here. See first post by @bringer.


There are two entries for Massachusetts. One says yes and one says no at the same day.confusing.


No, it’s the same product as your picture above of the reload card with a few minor variations. It adds a Momentum card logo and an American Express logo at the bottom with the current partners. The backside says “do not remove from the store see cashier to purchase. I’ll shoot you a photo I took.


FrequentMiler, Piecerate: Officially Suntrust Delta card does not earn miles for “stored-value cards” and “quasi cash”. Not sure if the reload cards fall in one of these categories.

Jon-Bentley Wiggins

NYC OD no cards – employee says store will not stock in future (assuming fraud crackdown)


Saw a new version of the Vanilla prepaid reload today at the Family Dollar. It’s very similar to the OD reload card but no scratch off PIN on the back. You don’t buy the card itself. You take it to the cashier like a green dot and they load it (to a Mio in my case), at the point of sale. The cashier was happy to take a CC but the system would not allow it. It wanted cash. Interestingly, it did take my real bank issued debit card. So, no points since no CC. But a debit card works. Feels like maybe there’s a point possibility in there somewhere but someone smarter (FM?) than me may have to figure it out. The reload card also had a logo for the Momentum Card, another prepaid Visa product product I wasn’t aware of.


Piecerate: Suntrust Delta card perhaps?


Have bought 2500 worth at the Office Depot in Pleasant Hill, CA Used Ink Bold,
had to have the mgr approve the sale first couple times.


Vanilla Visa is very hard to liquidate. do not recommend.


ct5x: That’s true, but this post is about Vanilla reload cards which are completely different

Andy F.

Bought one card at OD around Ontario, CA. was asked for ID when purchasing. CC’s accepted.


Bellevue, WA No, No, No
Redmond, WA No, No, No
Seattle, WA (Store 907) Yes, Yes, Yes




And you can use credit card in Fargo, ND. Done it twice. Last was June 12.


You missed my Fargo, ND comment. Needs to be added.

John Doe

Bad idea. Information will stale quickly. Not to mention granularity is insufficient – doesn’t cite specific stores. CFS


Do you guys know if OfficeMax(OM) sells Costco Cash cards?

Paul Ahn

I tried to purchase a Green Dot Moneypak at a 7-11. The clerk said it was okay to pay by credit card but when I tried it, it was declined. I noticed that Ralph’s supermarket also carries Moneypaks. Has anyone tried to purchase using a credit card? Until June, Chase Freedom card has 5X (up to $1,500) on supermarket purchases. The Amex 6% is also a good option. The first time you reload your Prepaid Amex using Moneypak, they will refund the $4.95 fee (https://www.moneypak.com/Partner/Payment.aspx/AmericanExpress).


Oceanside, CA

Yes, Yes, Yes as of 06/04/12. Will go back to buy some more soon.

Though I may agree with some of the posts about sharing this information, I feel info is a two way street. If you can use information you find on the internet, you also need to provide information that others can use.

I mean, how many people even read this blog? 50 on a really good day?


i’m refuse to post the 4 locations in my area that are all successful because i’m not going to take the risk of some thieves reading this blog and causing a store to stop selling them.

sorry, but this is just a silly post. probably well-intentioned, but someone should honestly put in the legwork to see if their OD sells them or not.


It’s Buffalo, NY – not Bufallo.


Thanks all, I’m trying to keep up! You should see many of your additions in the table now.

monster: Thanks. I’m a notoreaously bad speler


Does OD/OM sell MasterCard prepaid cards?


MaskofZor: Not that I know of


Successfully purchased Vanilla cars with my Ink Bold at the ODs in Eden Prairie, Burnsville, and Minnetonka, MN.


@Bacc: Stay out of my Hartford supply! : )


MA, yes, they did 5 weeks ago, yes. Will be there this weekend, if they have in stock.


office depot in Milwaukee in stock credit cards ok last week of may lst week of june

office depot hartford, ct area mid May ditto


I am not sure this is a good idea. The vanilla reload is the only product in this genre that cna be bought with credit cards.all similar products e.g. greendot moneypack, reload it are cash only… its a matter of time before the vanilla too becomes cash only.


Any other stores beside OD that accept cc payment for the reload card? thanks. Been great in Minneapolis!


DFW Area several times as recent as this week. yes, yes, yes

Ink bolder

@ FM

I have been buying multiple $500/card from this location with my ink bold without any issues. Office Depot located in 7151 Dixie Highway, Clarkston, MI.

They have plenty in stock and it appears I may be the only one purchasing these? Well who know 🙂


@FM, on July 1 I will let you know how it works with 7-11 and a Discover Card and Freedom Card. In the meantime I need to very they are sold in those stores.


OD in Minnetonka, MN

5 reloads between 5/3 and 6/8 and I may need to stop today as my card needs a boost.


I’ve done it twice in Fargo, ND. Last was on June 12.


Yea I could see the concernas about the list but appreciate the reprorting of all this for sure. I see CT on the list would love to meet up with other travel crazies if they were interested. You can add another CT to the list as well for 06/15. Yes, yes, yes…but getting noticeably low in stock


You should expand the focus of this post. I’m thinking since the Reload cards are now sold at 7-11 it should help anyone with a Chase Freedom or Discover Card with the next quarter 5x bonus on gas purchases up to $1,500. Or anyone with a credit card with high gas rebate or points. Also, Reload cards are now sold at Dollar General. Does anyone know if they are coded as a grocery store with American Express? If so, 6% cash back is possible.

Robert Concord

Sorrry, I meant “closest” OD

Robert Concord

I agree with Bringer. I don’t see the point in this. A possible result — perhaps a likely result — is showing some disparity, which is corrected with some type of crackdown. It’s highly unlikely that your readers will benefit from this listing even if no adverse action results.

I have found, by the way, that becoming a regular and familiar customer at my closet OD facilitates the process of buying these cards.


office depot in The Woodlands, TX (N Houston suburb) yes, yes, yes


Can’t say I like the idea of this chart. I’m sure the intents are good, but, like back in the Minting days, is was never a good idea to single out “which banks allowed the best experiences on a public blog..” anyway, just my take on this. I love the reporting on the 5x ink in general though…


bringer, Robert Concord: Thanks for the warning. I believe this to be different than the mint issue: with the mint, banks had no incentive to take in coins — it was just a big pain for everyone. With OD, they are generally happy to make the sale (aside from concerns about fraud). Where I could see this go wrong (I hadn’t thought of this before) is if the crooks I wrote about before use this as a guide of places to hit. Yikes, that would be bad.

pointhuntress: Thanks!

Milezjunkie: Yeah, I’d like to expand to other stores / cards. I have yet to hear of reproducible cases where people could buy reload cards with credit cards other than OD.