$20 rebate on $300+ Visa cards at Staples


Valid through January 10th:

Staples is offering a $20 Visa Prepaid Card rebate when you purchase $300 or more in Visa gift cards at Staples.  This promotion is in-store only and limited to one rebate per household.



  • Earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points by using a Chase Ink card to pay; or earn 5% cash back with an Amex SimplyCash card.
  • Visa Savings Edge no longer pays 1% back for Staples purchases.

Offer fine print (bolding is mine):

In store only. Limit 1 rebate per household.
Valid 1/4/15–1/10/15. In store only. Subject to availability. Visa® is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. See gift cards for details, terms, conditions and (if applicable) fees. Limit 1 rebate per household. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. The Visa® Gift Card is issued by MetaBank®, member FDIC pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.
(4)Gift cards are not returnable. If item is returned, the value of the gift card will be deducted from the refund amount.

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Can I combine this with the amex $25 off offer?


No. One is in store and other is on-line


Bill, any idea what the “Easy rebate ID” is? When you go to fill rebate online it says:

This number can be found:

On the rebate redemption form you received after making your purchase.

but I never received any rebate redemption form.
Is this just the bar code on the receipt? (17 digits)


It’s the number sitting on top of the bar code at the bottom of your receipt. I have my receipts sent to my email so I copied it from that. Good Luck

MKK the normal pin on these cards is the last four digits of the card number. You don’t have to change it. If you already changed, it then try resetting it again. Sometimes that helps it stick. Also, you can try loading them at a kiosk if your local Walmart has one.


Thanks for the ideas Mike! After I bought these assuming I could load $800 worth of giftcard to serve account at walmart, I was surprised when cashier kept getting tender not allowed error. I did set PIN on all the visa cards i bought and when I entered PIN at walmart it went through as well! Could you please help me understand what am I missing? I now have $800 worth of cash on these cards that is useless to me 🙁


Just searched for the rebate and it IS online at…. https://rebate.staples.com/promocenter/staples/promotion.html?sku=763604
This is the first time the form hasn’t been printed out at the register.


Bought $400 worth on the 5th but no rebate. Clerk knew nothing and no rebate form was printed. I read on another blog it was only for Staples GC’s.


Went to Staples yesterday evening, of course $200 cards all sold out. Normally I wouldn’t bother with 3 $100 cards, but since I was already there, I picked up 3 $100 and liquidated them afterward. Mathematically, it is worth it but I only bought 1 set in hopes of finding $200 cards later in the week.


Thx for the early post, Greg. Was able to get cards today before they sold out.


@Carl: Do you not have friends and family you can get these rebate GCs sent to if you buy multiple? I’ve always had luck picking the checkout line with a teenager at the register and actually saying to them ‘there is a rebate on these so I want to ring them up 2 at a time’ and buying 8 or 10 $200 VGCs and getting the rebate sent to friends and families addresses. Even without the VSE you’re making a $6.10 profit on each purchase. Then the next time a rebate deal rolls around you use the rebate VGCs from the last time on each transaction. I’m at the point now where when they have these rebate deals every month or two I’m only paying $393.90 for $400 worth of VGCs because I just keep cycling the rebate GCs.


lot of work for limited offer. i suppose i’ll do it if i’m in the area, but not as worth as much now that VSE is gone and you can’t pick up VGC while there for the same cost point. Whole new calculation as to whether 5x UR are worth the increased cost per point.