Why are JetBlue status points called Tiles? This is why.


Back in December JetBlue announced that they’ll be revamping their TrueBlue loyalty program. You can read more about those changes here: JetBlue adding multiple elite status levels in 2023.

Those changes will be coming in Spring 2023 and one of the key announcements was that you’ll now earn status points. The name they’ll be giving those status points was a little curious though – Tiles.

American Airlines revamped their own AAdvantage loyalty program last year and introduced a similar concept for earning status. They called those status points Loyalty Points which is an easy-to-comprehend name – you earn points for your loyalty and that in turn earns you status.

You might’ve been wondering though why JetBlue would call their status points Tiles. There’s an easy explanation which I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere, although that’s not to say that other points and miles blogs haven’t highlighted this.

Madaba Mosaic Map JetBlue Tiles
The creators of the mosaic in Madaba, Jordan must’ve flown with JetBlue a lot, or spent a bunch on their credit cards

The reason is this. JetBlue’s status is known as Mosaic. There’ll be several status levels in the new TrueBlue program – Mosaic 1, Mosaic 2, Mosaic 3 and Mosaic 4. What is mosaic artwork and flooring made from? Tiles. What do you need to collect to earn Mosaic status? Tiles. To build a bigger mosaic or earn a higher Mosaic level, you need to collect a larger number of tiles. It’s as simple as that.

Anyway, I thought it was worth publishing this quick post in case you’d been wondering why JetBlue went with that terminology as they don’t seem to have been explicit with their reasoning.

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Hey Stephen, what came first, the tiles or the mosaic? Informative post 🙂