Why you might want to book Atlantis while you can (via Caesars Diamond status)


Back in 2019, I wrote about hopping on the status-match-go-round and we’ve updated that post a couple of times since publication. It is once again time to match status back up before the end of this month (more on why to do it again now even if your status was extended below; click here to match from Caesars Diamond back to Wyndham Diamond). Furthermore, Dave at Miles Talk reports that if you have Caesars Diamond status via a Wyndham status match, you may want to book your “free” stay at Atlantis now. Not for travel right now — book it for sometime late this year. The reason why you may want to do it now is because there are signs pointing to the fact that this benefit may be going away for those with matched status when the new Caesars year begins on February 1st, but Dave reports success in booking it earlier this week.

Despite being a Caesars Diamond member since 2019 thanks to the status-match-go-round, I haven’t booked the Atlantis stay because of rumblings a year or so ago about a few people who were threatened with being charged for their room for not meeting expected gambling standards. Twentysomething single Nick might not have had a problem with that, but married-with-kids Nick isn’t going to spend hours on end at the Blackjack table. Besides, if I’m going to gamble for hours, I much prefer poker, which isn’t going to meet the casino’s expectation (if they even have a poker room at Atlantis?). I didn’t feel regretful about not booking Atlantis after reading about the experience that Shawn of Miles to Memories had with a flooded room last year.

However, married-with-kids-who-might-enjoy-the-Atlantis-pool Nick, who is desperate to imagine anything warmer than the fresh snow flying outside his window, is a guy who might be re-thinking Atlantis for November or December. As Dave points out at Miles Talk, there is no deposit / free cancellation, so there really is no risk in making a booking if you’re eligible.

That last part is why Dave argues that you should book it now. He points to two key reasons why you may not be eligible to book this if you drag your feet.

First, while Caesars has announced an elite status extension like everyone else in the business given COVID’s effects last year, it seems that Caesars may not be extending elite status for those whose status came from a match. Nobody knows this part for sure, but I just went to the Caesars status match page and re-matched my Caesars Diamond to Wyndham Diamond just in case anything funny should happen. I already had Wyndham Diamond thanks to their extension, but the system nonetheless congratulated me for being matched to Wyndham Diamond again. I don’t see any harm in matching back now.

Dave further points to an update in the Founders Card terms (note: Founders Card gives you Caesars Diamond status also) indicating that the free Atlantis stay is only for those who earned Diamond status with tier credits (as opposed to getting it for “free”). Whether that term only means that Founders Card members are excluded or that those matched from Wyndham will also be excluded is anybody’s guess, but it isn’t unprecedented given that there are other benefits only available to those who have earned the status.

However, as noted at the top, Dave apparently booked successfully earlier this week, so it looks like you can still book Atlantis as of now. It is far from certain but conceivable that this benefit may end, so it makes sense to take advantage while you can.

Miles Talk also happens to have an excellent guide to the “free” Atlantis stay (which it’s worth noting isn’t really free since you pay resort fees, but is quite deeply discounted). If you’ve followed along with our advice to match back and forth over the past couple of years, you may want to hop on this sooner rather than later.

To be clear, part of the reason I matched back from Caesars Diamond to Wyndham Diamond today (for both my wife and I) is that I expect to be able to match back from Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Diamond on February 1st if my Caesars Diamond status drops. I don’t know as though I’ll make it to a Caesars property this year, but if I do I would certainly like to take advantage of the free $100 dinner again (which would be a $200 dinner since we know that my wife and I could use our credits at the same meal as detailed in that post), so I’m happy to make sure I’ve preserved that. I’ll take a look on February 1st to see whether my Caesars Diamond status is downgraded, but I think I’ll book Atlantis in the coming days just in case I’m not able to book it on the next lap of the status-match-go-round.

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Do you know if I make the reservation before the end of the year for travel in 2022, will it count to my 2021 Atlantis trip or would it count for my 2022 benefit? I recall when I spoke to someone once, they said that if the trip counts for the year it was booked it, but that was a while ago. Thank you.

John kuzachek

The Atlantis booking via status match us Still on. I booked it and went from oct 20 2021 to oct 24 2021. I had a great time

Neena G

Hi John, do you know if Atlantis enforces the over 12 rule (extra $50 charge)? If one adult checks in and gets the 5 wristbands, would they ask for passport or details of everyone staying in the room? Or are there people at the tower entrance checking who’s going etc. Or are the wrist bands different for over 12 and under 12?


Any update if this ended up be accurate overall? Are people without tiers (from status matching) able to book free stay at alantis?

AC in US

Nick – there is no poker at Atlantis even though they previously hosted the PokerStars Caribbean poker tournament.

Also I have been to Atlantis and have no interest in going back even though I have been Diamond Plus (around 40-50K TCs a year though gambling) for many years. Ignore any BS about gambling pressure as that can be resolved a d isn’t why I won’t go (tel them you didn’t get a players card so your play wasn’t tracked if anyone else can asks). First there are resort and housekeeping fees ($50 a day as I recall), they there is a daily charge for more than 2 people (if you take kids), next is that rooms (outside of higher end properties only for Seven Star or maybe Diamond elite) aren’t that nice. Then you add the cost. Atlantis is crazy expensive ($15-$20 drinks and $500 for an average meal in a BBQ restaurant for 2 families totally 4 adults and 5 kids). BTW this was a “medium cost” restaurant. The nicest restaurants are $300-$400 a couple. There are less expensive places within walking distance but options are limited. Then you add that Nassau isn’t very appealing (and I have to almost all the islands).

Bottom line overhyped and not worth it even if it is “free”


Were you able to get out of the 4-hours of play rule? Or just assuming you could. We wanted to but stressed too much and took turns between myself and the wife to hit 4 hours. So we wouldn’t have to leave kid in room. Curious how it went if you did get out of it.

We enjoyed our stay, hiccups aside as others said and want to go back.


A horrible stay with rude staff and people screaming in the lobby. The hotel is like a free for all. I wouldn’t return even for free.


Nick, what an excellent opportunity to compare a few nights at the “free” Atlantis with a few nights at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar which is only 6 miles away. Now that you are a bona fide Globalist with several suite upgrades, you can take advantage of club access and hopefully score the 700 sqft Grand Suite at the Hyatt. I look forward to your post comparing the two!


I have never really understood the allure of this Atlantis offering. Based on what others have written, the resort fees and taxes are high, food prices are astronomical, service isn’t good, and the rooms suck. Meanwhile, due to intense competition, you can find highly reviewed all inclusives in Cancun for not that much more money, especially if you use one of the third party booking sites that aggregates prices from multiple sources.

Dale R

I did the deal in 2019 and had a great time. All the complaints are valid, and the trip is what you make of it. We got an unrenovated Royal Tower room, which was ok, nothing special. Resort fees are waived and you only pay taxes. You can share food or walk to the off-site plaza to save money. Eating on property is expensive. We had breakfast at DnD. Dominoes and Double Dragon Chinese deliver to the hotel. Buy one drink by the pools and keep your cup all day to refill your soda (unofficially, no one cares). The water park is fantastic (best river rapids) and the property is awesome just to walk thru. Worth doing at least once.


Agreed. We had a similar experience. Do this with kids. We’ve taken our kids (9, 7) to Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, the Maldives, you name it. Their favorite is by far Atlantis due to the water park. That’s where they want to return to. A close second was Grand Wailea in Maui, again due to the water park. The beaches are also beautiful at the Atlantis.

Last edited 2 years ago by Nate

FYI Wyndham status match page currently says: “Please note: New status matches are not being offered at this time. Check back soon to see when status match will become available again.”


Worked for me using the link above.


Eddy is talking about matching from some other status (i.e. Hilton Gold) into Wyndham Diamond. That message has been on there for a number of months now.

edit: At this link https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/wyndham-rewards/status-match

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