Will Chase match the Sapphire Preferred 60K offer to 80K?


Will Chase match the new 80K offer?

Will Chase match the Sapphire Preferred 60K offer to 80K?: Chase has recently increased the welcome bonus for the Sapphire Preferred card to 80,000 points after $4K spend.  The previous offer was for 60K points.  Read more about the new offer here: Chase Sapphire Preferred 80K Offer – Should you go for it?

Now, many people have asked two questions related to Chase’s new offer:

  1. I signed up recently for the 60K offer. Will Chase match me to the 80K offer?
  2. If someone refers me to the Sapphire Preferred, is there any way for me to get the 80K offer? The reason for this question is that people playing in two-player mode would like to earn the referral bonus (15K) and the full welcome bonus (80K), but the refer-a-friend offer is currently still only 60K.

If Chase will readily match people to the 80K offer, then that would answer both questions at once.  So, will they?

Will Chase match the new offer? Here’s their usual pattern.

Chase will usually match you to a new public offer as long as you signed up within the past 90 days.  That said, sometimes when a new offer hits the scene, it takes some time before they start allowing matches (I don’t remember how long… maybe a few days or a week?).

But here’s the current status…

So far, most reports (but not all) from people who have asked Chase for a match were negative. They were told no.

My guess is that Chase will open the floodgates soon to status matches, but they haven’t yet.  If you try it, please report your results in the comments below.  Let us know whether you contacted Chase via phone or secure message and of course let us know what the answer was.

Referral recommendations

If you’re in two player mode and would like to earn both a referral bonus and the 80K bonus, I recommend waiting a week or two to see how things shake out:

  • It’s possible that Chase will update the referral offer to 80K. If so, you’ll obviously be happy that you waited.
  • It’s likely (in my opinion) that we’ll start hearing lots of 80K match success stories in a week or two.  If so, you can confidently sign up for the 60K referral offer and then contact Chase for the match.
  • If neither of the above happen, then you’re better off applying directly (Our application link can be found here. Thanks!)

If you signed up earlier for the 60K offer…

Wait a week or two before contacting Chase for a match.  Also, if you were previously told no, there is no harm in later trying again.  Just make sure that you make your requests before the 90 day window is over.  The only hope of getting matched to the better offer is if you make the request within 90 days of your application.

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I applied when the bonus was 80k points, but only the offer of 60k is showing up on my account. Would Chase match the 80k offer if I signed up within the time frame?


Any updated data points on whether Chase is matching the sign-up bonus? We tried a month ago but were denied. Planning to ask again later this month and would love to know if anyone has had success with subsequent requests.


Been waiting for the referral link to reflect the 80,000 points, and it finally worked today! So 80,000 points + an extra 15,000 for referring.


I called customer service today, and the lady who was helping me out filed a report to the marketing team to review my application so they could verify that I had applied directly through the Chase website (and no other referral links) and that I had applied and been approved between the September 13 – November 8 time frame. She said that once those conditions are verified, they would most likely approve the match. So it seems like they are willing to match the offer if the account was opened directly through them (directly on their website & not through any referral links) and between the dates September 13 – November 8.


Keep us posted!

[…] may be available through November 8th.  This info came from a reader who tried to get Chase to match him to the improved bonus, but through secure message was told “this offer is only available to accounts opened between […]


I called and sent message for matching and both were “no”.

[…] What if you recently signed up for the old 60K offer?  Will Chase match you to the 80K offer?  What if you want to refer a friend?  Will they be able to match to the 80K offer?  See this post: Will Chase match the Sapphire Preferred 60K offer to 80K? […]


Same story as everyone else, unfortunately. My wife was approved for CSP on 8/17. Sent a SM on 9/15, asking for a match. Denied. We’ll try again in a month.


Just got my card a couple weeks ago. Asked via phone yesterday for the 80K and was told no even after asking them to make an exception. I’ll try again in a couple weeks per your advice.


Applied and approved 6.29. MSR already met already got bonus. Sent SM for match 9.15. Negative. Will definitely try again by SM again in the next week or so.


Applied 9/14. Phone call today: card was mailed out yesterday, representative said she could not see 80k offer. Denied


Had CSP less than 3 mo.and already received SUB for 60,000 points DM denied today


You just answered every question I had on the subject. Thanks so much.


got it about 2.5 month ago, DM denied today.

Ron R.

I finally got under 5/24, for the first time since they implemented it (thanks in part to the pandemic). Applied for the CSP September 8 and was approved. Found out about 80k on September 14. Called, and was told I would receive a decision by mail. Tried secure message, was turned down flat (and I’m a Chase Private Client). Had not even received the card when I called. I was about to refer my wife for the 80k, thanks for the heads up that it’s only 60k on a referral. I’ll wait a bit and see if anything shakes out before trying again for a match.


A family member got CSP around 60 days ago (haven’t hit MSR yet) and was denied the match as well.


Denied via SM as well. Signed up last month and reached spend but haven’t received bonus


I got my card less than two months ago and was denied a match via SM. I’ll try again in a week or two.


I was approved last week but have not yet received my card. Did an SM message asking for 80,000 but was denied.


I got my card 2 months ago, my husband got his 2 weeks ago and we both sent SM’s with a NO response to matches on both!


I signed up last week at 60K and got my card yesterday. I sent a secure message asking to match the 80k offer and was denied.

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Jim Lenz

How do I know if I met the 48 month requirement. I received the card in August 2016 and met the bonus within a month or so after that. Does Chase have a tool that tells you when you received the bonus?


Best way to find out is to call and ask the agent when you received your bonus.


I already have the reserve, can I have the preferred too?

Billy Bob

I sent a SM – had the card just over 3 months. I’ll get back here in a day or two when I get my answer.

Billy Bob

Here’s my answer:

“Although your account isn’t eligible for the new offer you
requested, the original offer is still available and will
remain on your account.

Billy Bob, you have received 60,000 bonus points after you
spent $4,000 on purchases in the first three months your
account is open.”

Notice the grammar mistake in the second paragraph. I think they altered it (a little carelessly) just before clicking ‘send’.


Got my card last week, yesterday I gave it 3 try: first on phone, got denied immediately, second on SM, got denied immediately, third on phone again, surprisingly I got a nice agent who said she put in a request for the match to 80k, and I would receive the decision in mail within 7-10 business days (im not too positive about this)…

Anyway, I’m not sure why Chase made it such a big deal, make me love Amex reps even more. They always try to show some good will by at least offering you something else…

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