World of Hyatt: Double Elite Nights at Thompson and Dream Hotels


World of Hyatt has launched a new promotion for Thompson and Dream Hotels called “Be More Extra.” It awards double elite nights for all stays worldwide at either brand through June 10th, 2024.

Registration is required in order to participate in the promo.


The Deal

  • Earn double World of Hyatt elite nights on stays at Dream and Thompson hotels through June 10th, 2024.
    • Registration required
  • See the full list of Dream hotels here and Thompson hotels here.

Direct Link to Offer

Terms and Conditions

  • Only Eligible Nights at Thompson Hotels and Dream Hotels on stays completed after registration and between March 22 and June 10, 2024 (“Promotion Period”) will count towards this promotion.
  • Eligible Nights must be on stays completed by June 10, 2024.
  • You will receive double Tier Qualifying Night credits for every Eligible Night completed at Thompson Hotels and Dream Hotels after registration and during the Promotion Period.
  • For the purpose of this promotion, an “Eligible Night” is defined as any night where a member is paying an Eligible Rate or redeems a free night award.
  • Only the room occupied by the registered member will count toward this promotion.
  • Please allow up to four weeks after checkout for the Tier Qualifying Night credits to be posted to your World of Hyatt account.
a patio with a fire pit and couches
Thompson Savannah

Quick Thoughts

Although this promotion covers all Thompson and Dream hotels, it still has a fairly limited footprint, given that there are currently only 26 locations of both brands worldwide (5 Dream and 21 Thompson).

Thompson properties overall are quite lovely, feeling much more like independent, boutique properties as opposed to a large chain. Nick stayed at the Thompson Central Park back in 2022, while Stephen visited The Beekman in New York City last year. Both of them really enjoyed their stays.

Dream is a tiny brand that was acquired by Hyatt in 2023 and gets fairly mediocre reviews. I had a chance to visit Dream South Beach after our Party of 5 Challenge last year and wasn’t terribly impressed. At that time, it felt like a property with more style than substance – and I’ve heard similar reports on the other four locations.

Hyatt has another concurrent Spring promo that awards 3,000 bonus points for every three nights stayed. Both promos will so Thompson and Dream stays will count towards the bonus points and earn double elite nights.

Unfortunately, there is also additional 1,000 point kicker in the Spring promo that isn’t valid in the United States, knocking out all of the Dream hotels and all but five Thompsons.

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I stayed at a Dream in NY for one night earlier this week. Booked through the Hyatt app. Strangely when I check past activity on my Hyatt app, it shows the points earned, but shows qualifying night(s) as 0. I have never had this happened before with another Hyatt stay (this was my first time at a Dream). I get that the bonus night might not get credited for up to 4 weeks, but why would it show 0? Also, assuming Hyatt will post the nights at some point, I worry it won’t get counted toward the 3k bonus.


Stayed at the Thompson Austin which weirdly split each floor with the Tommy Austin which simply had smaller rooms. (Odd distinction where even the room numbers overlapped, but you were supposed to follow either the red or black carpet.) Seemed more style than function with oddities like poorly placed outlets & appliances, a rogue used washcloth, & lights that were impossible to understand. Not sure I’d value the Thompson mark-up over a simple Hyatt.

Michael K

I also just received Chase offers on CSR for 10% off for Dreams and Thompson – which should stack nicely…


It’d be great if you could publish current and historic hotel promos (at least for Hyatt), roughly like your Current Transfer Bonuses. I know it’s impossible to predict future promos, but at least having the history gives some clue as to when promos appear, how they might be structured, etc. Thanks!


By stack, you mean you get 6000 points if you stay three nights at a thompson?

And is it safe to assume the double nights apply toward milestone awards as well?


I’m confused with this part: “That promo will stack with this one, but unfortunately it isn’t valid in the United States”. Are you saying the Spring promo that awards 3,000 bonus points for every three nights stayed isn’t valid in the US or am I reading it wrong? It’s working for me! (I know there was an additional bonus that is only good out of the US though.)


Thanks for updating it. It’s much clearer now.


The 3000 bonus points promo is valid worldwide. There’s an extra 1000 point credit card bonus that is only international.


There is no link in this post where it says:
“ Direct Link to Offer”