(EXPIRED) $100 back on $100 at Dell with new Amex Offer! [Targeted]

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Update: Amex has reached out to indicate that this credit will be available to Platinum card members who enroll by 1/31/21 – so there may not be an urgency to enroll. Additionally, there will be credits coming on other cards as well. See: More $100 credits at Dell, DocuSign, and FedEx coming on Blue Business cards.

Some Amex Platinum cardholders (consumer version, not business) are being targeted with a new Amex Offer today good for $100 back on $100 at Dell.com! That’s a fantastic offer if you’ve got it and I’d recommend syncing it right away if you see it as offers this good may fill up and disappear at any time.

The Deal

  • There is a targeted offer out for Amex Platinum cardholders (consumer version) good for $100 back on $100 or more at Dell.com.

Key Terms

  • Excludes all e-gift card and gift card purchases, international transactions, international contact center, Global events, Dell Financial services, Dell Outlet for Home, Dell Outlet for Work, Dell PartnerDirect, Dell Premier, Dell Premier Connect, Dell Premier Select, and authorized retailers.
  • Terms state it is only valid at Dell.com/amexplat, but as I’ve noted before these types of restrictions haven’t been enforced on past offers

Quick Thoughts

Note that the terms explicitly exclude all e-gift card purchases. While I’d ordinarily take that with a grain of salt, Amex’s penchant for clawbacks far down the line would make me less bullish on using the credit for an e-gift card.

Luckily, Dell sells plenty of things you might want to buy for $100 or less. Keep in mind that Dell offers easy split payment across up to 3 payment methods, allowing you to put credits together if you have multiple Platinum cards and/or want to mix with a credit on a Business Platinum card. See Extreme Stacking Dell for more on the best ways to score the biggest discounts.

Past offers for $100 back on $300 or more at Dell have typically filled up within the first day or two. This one is targeted to Amex Platinum cards, so it is possible that they intend to make it available for all personal Platinum cardholders — but I wouldn’t snooze on adding it just in case they pull it quickly.

H/T: Miles to Memories and reader Adam for the screen shot

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I am curious if this offer is showing up for anyone who recently got a new Amex Platinum in November. I do not currently see it as an offer, but I have also not pared the list down to <100 either so it is possible it is hidden.

[…] is out with more exciting news today: In addition to Platinum (consumer) cardholders gaining an offer for $100 back on $100 at Dell.com (which we are now told will be open to Amex Platinum consumer cardholders provided they enroll by […]


I just signed up for the Plat. i received it a couple of days ago. I don’t see this offer…could it show up or is it dead?.

Mike Saint

I just checked my account and got it! I also just noticed that the Bose 700 Noise cancelling headset I got 2 weeks ago are also $30 off now so I requested a refund for that with Dell as they have a 30 day guarantee. Yipee!


I don’t see it on my Vanilla Personal Plat and AskAmex seems to not know about this: https://twitter.com/a_bhagat13/status/1290375063359774720

Any idea how I can get the offer?


Yes. I didn’t see it initially in my offers. Apparently you can only see a maximum of 100 offers at any time. When I see I have 100 available offers, I add a few offers from the “expiring soon” category and add them to the card, then refresh. I often tend to find the anticipated offer this way. You should keep repeating this until your offers stop getting back to 100 in count after refresh.


Based on the update, is it supposed to work for every consumer Platinum card? My P2 has it on her vanilla Platinum but I do not have it on my Schwab Platinum.


Have these ever worked on outlet purchases?


I am wondering if it is part of the “Lifestyle benefits” Following the link in the offer


Greg The Frequent Miler

Good find! It sure looks like that’s it.

Larry K

I have this on my plat and also am seeing it on my player 2 authorized user card account on my plat. Will I really get the offer x2? Usually authorized user cards get their own Amex offers but this actually seems almost too good to be true.


I was wondering the same parsing the T&C “…Limit of 1 statement credit per Card Member. The enrolled Card account must not be cancelled or past due…..”

Haven’t returned a Dell item in years – IIRC last time they provideded a pre-paid return label, so if credit doesn’t post…. Only but something you need or can flip in the event of a clawback.