[UPDATE: Fixed!] Amex Delta status boost tracker broken, but Amex is working on it


UPDATE: The Status Boost tracker appears to have been fixed as of October 1, 2020.  The original post follows…

Those who earn Delta elite status through credit card spend may have noticed that Amex’s Delta status boost tracker hasn’t been doing it’s job lately.  My tracker has been stuck at the same level for the past month or so.  Fortunately, RenesPoints reports that Amex is aware of the issue and they’re working to fix it.

As we’ve previously reported, Delta Reserve and Delta Platinum cardholders now see a Status Boost Tracker when they log in to American Express.  Each of these cards offers MQDs (Medallion Qualifying Miles) with big spend.  MQDs are helpful for earning Delta elite status.  When this feature is working, it helps tremendously to know whether you’ve spent enough to reach the big spend thresholds.

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Just as an update, my status booster tracker has now been fixed.


The Delta website Sky miles.accohnt page shows the spend to the nearest thousand. That for me has continued to be updated.


Greg, if only I saw this several hours ago–I could have saved a lot of time with AMEX earlier today. I reported it last week and called again today since my status tracker hadn’t changed. AMEX told me today that it affects everyone. The reps now have been briefed on the problem (as of a few days ago). My status booster is stuck and I never received my 10,000 MQM after spending over $25,000 on the card. Interestingly, unlike FindAWay, I did receive my bonus MQM under the AMEX offer, as well as all of the redeemable miles I am due. Delta also shows the $25,000 spent on the credit card. The rep this morning told me that the 10,000 MQM are tied into the tracker, so it is all the same problem. Hope this helps!


My Status Boost tracker is stuck, too. Worse, none of the Status Boost MQMs have posted and I haven’t had the MQMs from the 500 RDMs + 500 MQMs per $1,000 spend Amex Offer post properly either. Oddly, Delta does show I’ve met the $25k MQD waiver from the spend…just missing MQMs.


It’s very weird to me that they can keep count for purposes of the MQD waiver, but are so crippled on the Status Boost side that they can’t even award the MQMs despite the fact that they should be able to just look at the MQD spend tracker to see where you’re at. In fact it’s a little surprising to me that the two trackers operate independently at all. I’m in the same camp as you – my MQD waiver spend updates regularly and accurately reflects my card usage, but I haven’t gotten my second status boost because of the MQM tracker being stuck.