Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts Guide: Your FHR questions answered


Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts is a “luxury” hotel booking program available to both business and consumer Platinum cardholders. When booking hotels through Amex FHR, cardholders enjoy a suite of valuable benefits and in most cases also qualify for elite credit and benefits when staying at chain hotel properties. Since mid 2021, consumer Platinum cardholders have been able to enjoy an annual $200 statement credit toward prepaid Fine Hotels & Resorts bookings, which has piqued the interest of many and is the impetus for writing this guide.

Four Seasons Abu Dhabi, which at $201 per night was a great use of the Platinum card’s Fine Hotels & Resorts credit

Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts Benefits

I’ve long loved Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts and I find myself booking through FHR at least once or twice a year (at least in a normal world). This collection of hotels is accessible if you hold any flavor of the Amex Platinum card (including the Business Platinum). Amex FHR lists luxury hotels in destinations around the world, and when you book through FHR you always receive these benefits:

  1. Daily breakfast for 2
  2. Guaranteed 4pm late check-out
  3. Complimentary Wi-Fi
  4. Unique property amenity (usually a $100 resort credit, food & beverage credit, or spa credit)
  5. Noon check-in when available
  6. Room upgrade upon arrival based on availability

Most of that list is guaranteed — you always receive #1 through #4; numbers 5 and 6 are based on availability. In my experience, all of the above have been honored on most stays. I’ve only once had to wait for a room that wasn’t available for early check-in. The guaranteed 4pm check-out has come in handy a number of times. Breakfast for two at these properties can be worth quite a bit if you would otherwise consider paying the breakfast prices at these luxury hotels. Overall, I’d say it’s a valuable set of benefits.

Greg and I making use of our $100 credits at the Four Seasons Abu Dhabi for Friday brunch. This was just the appetizers. Our hotel credit covered both room service dinner the night before and this entire brunch.

Program terms indicate that you must have a Platinum card to book a stay, but you can use any Amex card in the primary guest’s name to pay (whether in advance or at the hotel), though consumer Platinum cardholders booking a prepaid rate to trigger the annual statement credit will obviously need to pay with the Platinum card to trigger the credit.

Common questions about Fine Hotels & Resorts and the $200 Platinum card benefit

Can you book a prepaid hotel stay for check in during a future calendar year in order to earn the $200 credit for the current calendar year? 

The short answer is yes.

A question we have frequently received is whether, for example, a cardholder can use their 2021 credit by booking and paying for a stay that will happen in the new year (2022). There is no reason that wouldn’t work: the annual $200 credit for Fine Hotels & Resorts or The Hotel Collection bookings is based on making a prepaid reservation, so the date that matters is the date when you pay. As long as you book and pay for the stay during 2021, you can use the 2021 credit whether the stay occurs in 2021 or 2022.

However, see the next question for the challenge here.

Can you make changes to a Fine Hotels & Resorts booking?

The short answer is no.

Many readers have asked whether it is possible to make date changes to an existing Fine Hotels & Resorts booking. For instance, imagine that a cardholder wants to use the 2021 Fine Hotels & Resorts credit to book a stay for summer of 2022. What if plans change and the hotel booking needs to be moved by a week or two?

Unfortunately, bookings made through Fine Hotels & Resorts or The Hotel Collection can not be changed. They can be cancelled and refunded per the hotel cancellation policy, but date, location, or property changes are not allowed.

To be clear, it seems that this likely is not possible even if reaching out to the hotel directly. We have had a number of reports from readers who have tried to move these reservations directly through the hotel without success.

The problem here is that Amex claws back the credit when you cancel a stay. If you book a 2022 stay to use your 2021 credit and you cancel that stay during 2022, the credit will get clawed back and you will not have a way to recover it for another booking. If making a booking for a future calendar year, be sure that plans are firm.

Will Amex claw back the credit if you cancel your stay?

Yes, Amex promptly takes back its $200 credit when you cancel your prepaid Fine Hotels & Resorts or The Hotel Collection booking. In fact, we have cancelled and re-booked several times and had Amex (correctly) claw back and re-apply the credit multiple times on the same account. It seems that the system is set up to correctly recognize when to credit or debit based on reservation activity.

One situation that we haven’t yet tested is whether the credit will get clawed back if you have multiple qualifying reservations. For instance, imagine you make two separate $200 prepaid bookings and you later cancel one of them. Will Amex claw back the credit or recognize that you still have a qualifying booking?

Making multiple prepaid reservations may be  away to hedge your bets (though it is untested). For instance, if in late 2021 you made five separate $200 Fine Hotels & Resorts bookings for 2022 and you later canceled one booking, the Amex system will either claw back the credit or recognize that you still have four qualifying reservations. If the credit gets clawed back, you may have a leg to stand on with Amex to make the argument to be manually re-credited since you have other qualifying reservations made and paid in 2021. However, I don’t know for sure that you will be successful with such a claim and this strategy requires prepaying and floating the money for multiple reservations. I mention it for completeness as it may be a strategy that works, but it probably isn’t an attractive strategy in many cases.

Is a two-night stay required for Fine Hotels & Resorts bookings to qualify for the Platinum card’s $200 credit?


The consumer Platinum card comes with an annual (calendar year) $200 credit for qualifying bookings made through Fine Hotels & Resorts or The Hotel Collection. Note that bookings for The Hotel Collection properties require two nights, but Fine Hotels & Resorts bookings qualify even for single night bookings.

There has been a lot of confusion over the terms and customer service agents often dole out incorrect information. We at Frequent Miler have used this benefit multiple times for single-night Fine Hotels & Resorts bookings and can confirm both from a close read of the terms and from that real-world experience that single night FHR bookings qualify for the $200 Platinum card prepaid bookings credit.

However, The Hotel Collection bookings require a minimum of two nights to qualify for both The Hotel Collection benefits and the credit. A single-night The Hotel Collection booking will not trigger the credit even if it is a stay costing more than $200.

Can you split tender to pay with two Platinum cards?

No. There is no way to split payment for prepaid Fine Hotels & Resorts or The Hotel Collection bookings over multiple cards.

Can you use Plan It to effectively split payment over two years for a single stay?

A related but different question is whether one can use Amex’s “Plan It” feature to split payment for a 2022 booking and pay part now and part later on the same Platinum card. For instance, a reader asked if they booked a $400 hotel through Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts and used Plan It to pay $200 now and $200 in 2022, could they trigger this year’s hotel credit and next year’s hotel credit on the same booking?

My first instinct was that this wouldn’t be possible because Plan It is a way to pay Amex in installments. My assumption had been that Amex Travel gets paid the full $400 now and you would therefore only get the $200 credit for 2021.

However, the way that Plan It is being advertised in the booking process, I’m not sure. Again, my first instinct is that this wouldn’t work, but I find it not impossible that the charges could post separately and coded property to trigger the credit for both years. We should know in early 2022 whether or not this works. It could be worth a gamble for some, though keep in mind the fact that if you have to cancel your stay the 2021 credit will get clawed back.

Will you get Fine Hotels & Resorts benefits on back-to-back bookings?

Benefits like free daily breakfast for two and free Wi-Fi are daily benefits that apply each day regardless of the length of your stay.

The “local amenity” (typically a $100 hotel credit of some sort) is once per stay and technically back-to-back reservations are considered a single stay and thus would qualify for a single credit. In practice, you may end up getting the local amenity credit on back-to-back bookings even on consecutive nights, but it isn’t a guarantee. Many (most?) hotels will recognize and merge back-to-back reservations in the same primary guest name and then may only allow a single property credit. While it certainly isn’t impossible that you’ll get the hotel credit for each night of separate back-to-back bookings, I wouldn’t count on getting the $100 credit for back-to-back bookings in the same cardholder’s name.

If you aim to make back-to-back bookings, a better strategy is to do this in two-player mode. If you have a spouse or partner who also has a Platinum card (or a Platinum card authorized user card on one of your accounts), you could reserve night #1 in Player 1’s name and night #2 in Player 2’s name. That is more likely to qualify for the credit on each night with less pushback from the property, though once again YMMV as I have heard of some properties insisting that they will not give a second credit when checking back in to the same room for a second night. My wife and I have made back-to-back reservations and each gotten full benefits on a number of occasions without issue, but that may have been a combination of luck and the right properties.

If you don’t mind changing rooms, a related two-player strategy could be to take advantage of late check-out from room #1 and have Player 2 check in to a second separate room (since check-in will begin before Player 1 needs to check out). In that situation, I imagine the second $100 credit should apply without issue.

While I have occasionally heard stories of people being able to merge $100 credits from back-to-back reservations to use them on a single meal at the hotel, I certainly wouldn’t count on being able to do that and I would count on having either pushback from the hotel or confusion at the front desk at checkout or both. Proceed with patience.

Do Fine Hotels & Resorts bookings qualify for elite credit, benefits and hotel points?

I had booked this stay through Fine Hotels & Resorts and received Hyatt points and elite credit.


While most bookings made through online travel agencies (like Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, etc) and credit card portals (Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi Thank You Portal, etc) do not qualify for elite credit/benefits and hotel points, Fine Hotels & Resorts and The Hotel Collection bookings are different. These bookings do qualify for elite credit, benefits, and hotel points.

I have personally received elite benefits / elite night credit and hotel points on bookings made at Hyatt, Hilton, and Marriott properties. I expect IHG properties would get the same treatment. It would not surprise me if a customer service agent is unaware of this feature (whether an Amex agent or a hotel loyalty program agent), so don’t be surprised if you ask a supervisor’s supervisor’s supervisor and they tell you that you absolutely won’t get elite credit. You probably will.

Note that this stands in contrast to bookings made through Amex Travel that are not for Fine Hotels & Resorts or The Hotel Collection. If you book a hotel through Amex Travel that is not reserved through one of these two specific programs, that booking will not qualify for elite credit / benefits / hotel points. There is something different about the way that FHR and THC bookings function and as such they do qualify for loyalty credit.

How do you add your loyalty number to an Amex FHR booking?

Yes, you can enter your hotel loyalty program number during the booking process for an Amex FHR or The Hotel Collection booking, but you will need to look closely to expand the proper field and enter your number during the booking process. By default, the field for your loyalty number is collapsed and you’ll need to click on it to expand it an enter your number as seen below:

Alternatively, you could reach out to the property after booking and they should be able to add your loyalty number to the reservation, but I prefer to do this when making my booking so that the reservation automatically populates in my hotel apps and Award Wallet.

Note that this can make for some good stacks. Fine Hotels & Resorts bookings should qualify for any paid hotel promotions for extra points or other awards.

Hilton Gold and Diamond elite members booking stays within the US can make out well since Fine Hotels & Resorts provides free daily breakfast for two, freeing up the daily elite member food & beverage credit to be used at another time of day (and potentially in conjunction with the $100 property credit provided by Fine Hotels & Resorts). Keep in mind that the Platinum card provides automatic Hilton Gold status.

Marriott members with suite night awards can apply those to Fine Hotels & Resorts bookings (provided of course that the property you have booked participates / accepts suite night awards and you have enough awards to cover the length of your stay, etc). I have not tried to apply a Hyatt suite upgrade to an Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts booking, but I expect it would work.

Is it possible to make a Fine Hotels & Resorts booking in someone else’s name?

No, but maybe.

One of the most common questions we receive is whether a Platinum cardholder can book an FHR hotel stay for someone else. Perhaps Player 1 has a Platinum card but Player 2 has hotel elite status or will be the one checking in. Technically, there is no way to change the primary guest name on a Fine Hotels & Resorts booking: the field for primary guest name is automatically entered as the primary Platinum cardholder (or Platinum card authorized user cardholder if your authorized user has a Platinum AU card (not a Gold) and makes the reservation through his/her account).

In practice, it may be possible to add a second guest to the reservation directly through the hotel. An intended workaround involving the loyalty number produced weird results where I ended up with four separate reservations under different confirmation numbers, so I recommend proceeding with some caution if you intend to be creative. Plans changed and I cancelled all four of my reservations (the one I had actually made and three phantom ones), but the hotel still called me on check-in day because things showed up oddly on their end. Proceed with caution.

Can a Fine Hotels & Resorts rate be price matched? Can you make use of a best price guarantee?

No. Fine Hotels & Resorts typically uses what the hotel advertises as its “standard rate”. In many cases, there may be better rates available whether those are rates for loyalty program members, AAA members, or those affiliated with specific corporations or groups. Many hotels also have discounted nonrefundable rates. You can’t book any of those types of specialty rates through Fine Hotels & Resorts. If one of those rates makes more sense for your stay, you will want to book directly to take advantage of that rather than booking through FHR.

On the other hand, many of the properties in the FHR program do not offer regular discounts and in many instances I’ve found rates to match or be approximately the same as what I would book elsewhere. In those cases, the benefits (like daily breakfast for two and the $100 hotel credit) have more than made up for small price differences. YMMV.

What happens if you cancel your Platinum card after booking and receiving the credit but before checking in for your stay?

This is a good question. While I don’t know the answer for certain, I expect that nothing happens: your booking is prepaid and was booked through the Fine Hotels & Resorts program, so I would expect full FHR benefits at the hotel. I doubt the hotel is privy to your cardholder status at the time of check-in so I would expect full benefits.

Note that while you need to have a Platinum card to book a Fine Hotels & Resorts stay and you need to pay with your Platinum card when looking to use the $200 prepaid booking credit, the terms of the program indicate that you can use any Amex card in the primary guests/s name to pay for your stay (whether for incidentals at the hotel in the case of a prepaid booking or for your entire stay if you are not booking to use the prepaid booking credit). You should therefore be able to use any Amex card to pay for incidentals at the hotel even if you have since cancelled your Platinum card.

Again, we haven’t tested this but I would be very surprised if you ran into an issue with this. I don’t know what happens if you later cancel your stay, but I assume it is handled in the same way as any merchant refund after you have closed a card. I assume Amex would send you a check.

Other questions?

If you have additional questions about Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts that are not covered in this guide, please ask in the comments and we will add to the guide as appropriate. If you have further questions that specifically relate to The Hotel Collection, see: The Hotel Collection Mini Guide: Prepaid rates earn hotel points/perks, and more surprising finds.

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I have made an FHR reservation(made last year) with only 2 occupants, and got the $200 credit. can i change the reservation to include two more occupants? Will they accept the change and won’t claw back my credits ?


To add to my prior comment, I was able to call in and make an FHR reservation in someone else’s name. The agent even said that that person would receive FHR benefits.


Any update on if the other person was able to receive FHR benefits.


Have not been able to find much info on this part of the experience, so if there any that can share their experience or links to some details it will be helpful. I booked a Marriott property through FHR. The reservation shows up in my Bonvoy App and I’ve received the option to “Check-in” via the app because they have virtual keys. Has anyone checked in via the app and received (1)Room upgrade, & (2)Early 12noon check-in? I know those two items are “when available”, but just wondered if the app accounts for this, or if it is the actual agent at the desk manually applying those perks when they are available? My initial reaction is to just check-in at the front desk, but thought I would ask.


Contrary to data points on the web, I was able to change the name on a FHR reservation by calling Amex Travel. I received a new confirmation email with the name. The agent was not able to add a second name or loyalty number.

Oren S

Can you use an authorized user card to active your $200 credit?

For example, I have a $100 off $500 on Marriott Luxury properties. If I am to book a Marriott Luxury property for $550 through FHR, choose pay at hotel.

Will it activate my $200 statement credit and then also my $100 off $500 offer?

I only have the offer on an authorized user card.


Oren S

Thanks! Totally missed that little detail…

tina jackson allen

Great article! Thanks for the info!

Am I understanding correctly- I also have an “offer” on my amex platinum for $100 off Conrad/Wa.. If I book Conrad (the FHR) through amex-p, I will get $300 in credits, right? Then I can just add my loyalty for diamond status through hilton and receive daily breakfast (fine hotel credit) ($25 fbc x2 people-diamond) AND $100 property credit. Is that right?!

Martha Barton

Hello, Has anyone successfully used the $200 Platinum Amex hotel credit to book for someone else? If so, did you have to do anything special? I’d like to let my daughter use it if possible.

Jan W

Martha, I was thinking the same thing. Were you successful?

Martha Barton

I didn’t try. I didn’t hear that anyone had successfully tried it.


Does anyone have recent DPs about the pre-paid bookings being treated as a normal reservation with benefits vs a third-party (expedia) booking. I just made a pre-paid booking at IHG, the $200 credit posted, but even though I added my IHG # during the booking, the reservation does not show up on my IHG account. I finally called Amex Travel and they gave the the supposed IHG confirmation number (8-digits, correct format) but that still doesn’t pull up on


Update: called IHG, they verified the reservation # is correct, but since it shows up as Expedia in their system, even the agent couldn’t attach my IHG # to it. She put it in a note and hoped the hotel would honor the plat/ambassador benefits. Not counting on it (especially getting points or elite nights), but if anyone has actual data points of the new Expedia bookings on Amex FHR, would appreciate those. A watch-out for those counting on the $200 FHR benefit, yet hoping to meet various elite night/milestone rewards…


If I have Diamond Hilton status, and my wife has amex platinum card, can I book  Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts for Hilton in my wife’s name, AND enter my Hilton Loyalty account number for Diamond benefits? Or does it need to also be my wife’s Hilton Loyalty number entered (she only has gold benefits)?


Is it possible to combine the breakfast credit and the $100 F&B credit and use them all for lunch/brunch?


Probably depends on hotel, but I have done this. Stayed multiple nights at Conrad DC and they combined the 100 F&B credit with the daily breakfast credits for both my wife and I. Unfortunately they didn’t give us the Hilton Gold credit as well… but that was probably pushing it.

Samantha Trefry

If I choose not to use the travel portal to book my fhr hotel stay, even though the hotel I am choosing IS on that list. Would being a platinum cardholder still entitle me to the benefits that were listed above? This section here:

1. Daily breakfast for 2
2. Guaranteed 4pm late check-out
3. Complimentary Wi-Fi
4. Unique property amenity (usually a $100 resort credit, food & beverage credit, or spa credit)
5. Noon check-in when available
6. Room upgrade upon arrival based on availability

Greg The Frequent Miler

No, you have to book through Amex to get those perks


I have one personal and one business Platinum card. On Dec. 22, 2021 I booked one night with each at the same hotel for consecutive nights. Then, on Jan. 4, 2022, I booked one more night with each, for nights right after the first two. So, a total of four consecutive nights via four one night reservations.

I’ve been checking my statements for the credit, and still don’t see any of them. I should see a $200 credit on each card, once for 2021 and again for 2022, for a total of $800 in credits. A few weeks after booking, I called Amex, and they said it could take up to 90 days. Today, I followed up again, (clearly – 90 days have passed), and this agent told me it was up to 90 days after completing the visit?!?!

According to them, I won’t see this until as late as October this year, since the wedding is at the beginning of July. I’m nearly certain this agent has the wrong information, but wanted to check here first in case others have heard this.

Sad news is that due to a medical issue, I won’t be able to make the trip, but I was quite surprised when the Amex Travel team agreed to change the person on the reservation from my name to my brother-in-law’s, as he is going to the wedding as well. So, I’m farther ahead there than I expected, but seriously think the credits should have shown up by now.


The business Platinum doesn’t come with the $200 FHR/THC annual credit, so you would only be able to get a $200 credit for 2021 and a $200 credit for 2022 – both on the personal Platinum. Also, the credit only applies to prepaid bookings. Did you prepay when you booked with the personal Platinum?


Hi Dan,
Thanks for the quick reply. That’s a bummer that I didn’t catch the business Platinum not being eligible for the credit. My bad there. I did pre-pay, and the charges showed up within 24 hours.


I just checked again to see if I could book another reservation at this hotel, and it does show up on the list of Fine Hotels. I called Amex and got someone really helpful this time. Well, everyone has been helpful, but this person was able to dig and find the information needed. He said these reservations were not eligible for the Fine Hotels credit, so it looks like I messed up when creating the reservations. At that point, I asked if I could just cancel them, since I can’t make the trip anyway. He did that, and the funds are already back in my Amex accounts. Note to self: pay extra attention next time and take screen shots along the way to make sure I jump through the right hoops.


My P2 has an amex platinum card. Can he book the stay, receive the credit, but not go on the trip? Can I check in without him? We have the same last name. I am not an AU on his card.

Irrelevant, but I have my own platinum and plan to use my credit for a different night on the trip.


Just a data point. Baker’s Cay Hilton Curio in Key Largo, FL refused to honor elite benefits with a Hotels Collection booking. Called Amex and they called the hotel to speak to a supervisor and still no go.


Is there any recourse if a hotel booked through the hotels collection refuses to give the elite benefits on top of the amex benefits? Should I call amex? Should I call Hilton?

[…] Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts Guide: Your FHR questions … […]


If I am planning to stay at a Marriott property and book some nights on points and some nights through FHR, would I be able to merge those reservations so we don’t need to switch rooms?

Barbara A

I booked a FHR trip for March and the hotel still hasn’t taken out the one night deposit. Is it possible to call Amex and just pay in full to receive the 5x points even though I originally chose “pay at hotel”?

Barbara A

Hi sorry, I worded that wrong. I’m wondering, since the reservation hasn’t taken place yet, can I call and change it to prepay and pay all now to get the points?


Can I add loyalty number after I made the booking? I was in a hurry to beat the midnight clock and forgot about this. I didn’t see options from Amex Travel-My Trips. I can’t add through Marriott site either the the confirmation. Should I just ask the front desk to add the loyalty when check in?


Tried to book and found out this option is not (yet) available for Delta Platinum Amex.


It wasn’t clear from previous posts whether IHG points on my room rate (booked on the AMEX portal) would be earned. They did not post automatically for me, but I emailed the AMEX booking to IHG & IHG awarded me full points today for a stay over a month ago.

Thank you for a heads up to even know this was possible! 5x on my AMEX Platinum (for booking thru portal)
+ Platinum Elite IHG points is a nice stack.


Is it possible to book via the Amex app? I can find where to book hotels, but not a way to identify FHR properties.


I made a 2022 FHR reservation a few days ago to use my 2021 Platinum credit. It was a hotel I had been looking at for a few days. When I was ready to book and I did the search, strangely the hotel (and a few other FHR hotels in the same city) did not have the FHR designation in the search results or on the hotel page when I clicked through. I had to log out and log back in a few times before the FHR designations showed up again. I didn’t want to book without the FHR designation showing, in order to avoid possible problems triggering the credit.


Looking for some data points: 1) If my daughter is owner on platinum card and we book a Hyatt FHR, If I add my name to the reservation can we use my WOH number so I can get the elite night credit and we can use my globalist benefits. 2) Does my daughter have to come with me to check in? What if I have her platinum card? picture of her ID? Note from her? Anything, so she doesn’t have to be there?


You’ll get elite nights IF the system allows you to put in your loyalty number when you make the reservation. I prepaid some nights for a friend who was in town last week but when I tried to enter my Marriott loyalty number, the site said, “Unfortunately, we cannot accept any hotel loyalty program numbers for this booking. If you book a hotel with the “Lowest Rates Guarantee” label through, that hotel is not required to honor your loyalty program.” After making the reservation, I called the hotel and added my loyalty number, and it did show up on, but I still didn’t get any elite night credit for the stays.


A lot of people (including me twice last week) are getting elite recognition but no points on FHR Hilton stays. They are showing up in Hilton’s system as “Expedia” rates. This is happening on prepaid and pay at hotel bookings. I’ve had them give me points on these as well, but it is hit or miss.


What happens if you cancel your Platinum card after booking and receiving the credit but then have to cancel the reservation?


I have the same question


“I don’t know what happens if you later cancel your stay, but I assume it is handled in the same way as any merchant refund after you have closed a card. I assume Amex would send you a check.”
I assume the check will include what you paid out of pocket. I double you can get the $200 statement credit.


This FAQ is fabulous! What about if I book 1 night using 2021 credit for 2022, and then another 2022 night in 2022 for 2 nights, and then cancel my AMEX card and later also have to cancel the reservation, since it is prepaid but refundable, where would the money go? Can I ask for points for refund? I do have other AMEX cards. Thanks!


so reading this. My wife and I both have the personal and business platinum… We could technically book 4 nights at one hotel, just book each with a different card, correct?


You only get the $200 credit on the consumer card.


Providing a counter data point on “Do Fine Hotels & Resorts bookings qualify for elite credit, benefits and hotel points? YES!”- I booked W Taipei earlier this month for one night. In order to use the $200 credit from one of my Plat cards, I selected Pay Now at the checkout. With my Titanium loyalty number entered in this booking, the reservation naturally showed up in my Bonvoy app. Everything seemed aligning with points listed above in this post. However when I checkout, I was informed by the W Taipei front desk, because the booking was made by a third party agency, I was not able to get elite night and points, including the expense from dinner charged to the room.

I do have another data point to use the same process to book The Nines Portland, and received elite nights and points, even able to apply SNAs. So I guess Pay Later is probably guarantee to be a YES! to this question, but not so much for Pay Later.


Thank you for some feedback on this Joseph, sounds like earning loyalty points/nights very much a hit or miss thru AMEX Travel


Sorry, found a small typo. The last piece should be Pay Now:

I guess Pay Later is probably guarantee to be a YES! to this question, but not so much for Pay Now.


If an authorized user books the stay on their AU card, will it automatically trigger the credit?

Bulls Fan

OK- here’s (a long) one for ya:

I booked FHR in my wife and daughter’s names 4 weeks ago only & simply to use the $200 personal plat credit. Datapoint: I got Hyatt points in my account automatically and they paid incidentals with a Mastercard.

Thank goodness I screen-shot every step of the process, because when I called Amex Travel to try to determine what the $100 incidental would be at this property, they informed me that it was NOT FHR.

I have spent probably 3 hours on hold/talking to AT agents and supervisors, called Plat customer service more than 3 times to be told that only AT could resolve my issue, chatted online and been told that an escalation case was created (but never got the email confirming it), and exchanged at least 7 emails with AT support at the supervisor level.

I wanted the $200 annual credit and they said I had to go to Plat customer service.
AT supervisor did issue me a $200 courtesy credit for all of my time and aggravation, but I’m still waiting for SOMEONE to get back to me on the annual $200 credit.

I wanted the value of all of the FHR benefits since my wife received none of those- early/late check in/out, free breakfast, $100 on site, etc. They did not address that for 5 consecutive emails and finally said that they would open a case, but I’m still waiting for SOMEONE to get back to me on that.

I was charged a resort fee by the AT system upon the pre-paid booking, but the property charged it again upon checkout- paid with a MC, but I’m still waiting for SOMEONE to get back to me on that.

I was charged for all the taxes by AT system upon the pre-paid booking, but the property charged them again upon checkout- paid with a MC, and received a statement credit to my plat for the amount after 3 emails with the AT supervisor.

Is any/all of this worth $2/3/400 to me- not in a million years.

BUT- I will spend as much time as this takes to get everything that I’m due and more because this should have never happened, they didn’t take ownership of their system failure and make it right, and they’re dragging it all out when it’s all documented.

Additionally, I had similar customer service issuse with AT 5/6 years ago trying to use the 150% MR benefit (used to be) for my selected airline (because it was SWA and their systems can’t book them so I was told to book myself on the SWA website). That workied fine for maybe a year and a half when suddenly the credits stopped all together and I had to spend hours of my life fighting them to get them back- and subsequently closed that Biz Plat because of the lack of customer service.

All that I can say after all of this is that I use my 14 amex cards as infrequently as possible and maximize every possible arbitrage/credit/SUB/AU Bonus/Dell/Saks/wireless/streaming/Amex offer available and probably make a reasonably large profit off of them every year.


Sounds like you had a lot of disappointment with this booking.

Something I don’t understand, though. I just did she FHR credit booking this week and it wasn’t possible to book for anyone other than the card holder — the Primary Guest field was pre-populated and not editable. I believe the FHR benefits and credit is only for bookings where the Platinum card holder is staying (otherwise you could set yourself up as an “FHR booking agent” without paying the vig).

This was your card, right? Is your wife an A/U? How did you get the booking through in a name other than yours?

Bulls Fan

I never tried to book FHR before and can’t wait to try to use the $200 next year! I can only guess, but if I had to , I’d day that the hotel I booked really isn’t a FHR and there was some glitch such that it displayed as one- and that let me book it in her name, etc. I never entered my Hyatt # but since it’s inmy AT profile (I assume) I did get points for the stay.

I know that it’s a holiday week, but I’m pretty mad that I haven’t heard back on the esclation or from the AT supervisor in a week.

Anyone have a better idea for me to try? Nick?


Last year I applied a suite upgrade to a Hyatt stay I made through this program. I called my concierge and she applied without hesitation.
The cool thing about that was you also get a second upgrade with the Amex program so my suite was further upgraded to an executive suite at the Grand Hyatt in Bkk.

Dave Hanson

Beautiful stack. Will have to remember this. Were you globalist at the time?


Sorry, yes, I thought that was evident when I mentioned a concierge. To my knowledge you must be a globalist to have an assigned conceirge.


Need 2-night stay in SF in 2022. Any problem booking 1 night now, in December, to use $200 credit for 2021, and booking 2nd night in January to use $200 credit for 2022?


No problem. If they’re in the same name they may get joined as one reservation and you’d get the “once per stay” credit say the hotel only once.


You don’t even need an Amex card to check in. I used my BoA Premium Rewards visa card to stay at Delano. They didn’t care or ask about Amex.


Definitely not true in all cases. Many people have reported needing an Amex card to check out and some have been asked for a Platinum card (but were able to pay witha different Amex card).


In Vegas I was able to use CSR to pay for the resort fee hence I was able to get the 3x for the hotel charge. But in San Diego Grand Hyatt they required me to pay through platinum card to get the Amex benefits. So keep the Platinum card handy. Any way I always keep the Platinum card when traveling so I can access delta sky club and or centurion lounge .


I check-in with my Platinum then at checkout ask them to carve out (most) to my CSR. That way AMEX still gets hit for some of the charge.


Will amex really properly claw back a 2021 credit if cancelled in 2022, or will they claw back any used 2022 credits? I don’t believe i have seen amex have this kind of programming before. Food for thought.


I’m wondering this myself as well, as this is exploiting a different mechanic, AMEX may “lose memory” across calendar years. I wonder if this edge case can properly be exploited. It might be worth making some phantom bookings to test it out while still having some ground to stand in the case that they claw it back.


I have 3 200$ hotel cred I need to use, 2 in my dad’s name and 1 in my mom’s name. I wanted to book them a 2 night stay using the hotel collection but I know they’ll want to spend time with other families. Is it possible to book 1 hotel in my dad name , 1 other hotel in my dad name and add other family as guest, and 1 other hotel in my mom name and book other family as guest. The 3 booking could be in the same or different hotel brand but in close proximity but will all be in the same book days… say all 3 are check in same Friday and checkout same Sunday.


If you booked a two week stay at a Fine Hotels Resort but had to leave early, would the hotel bill you for the entire two weeks?


“These bookings do qualify for… hotel points.” Nick, does this mean the original hotel booking made thru AMEX earns hotel points (as opposed to only on-site charges)?

I included my IHG number in a HC Kimpton res I booked on the AMEX portal but no points posted for the room rate portion, only what I spent once on-site.


It’s no go using WOH suite upgrade for booking using THC. Called my concierge, she tried calling the property to secure the room but was told it cannot be done since it was book via third party booking (Expedia). Told them it was actually through the Amex Travel Website.


My experience differed. I did it this past year by calling my concierge. See my other comment.


Julius, I’m not sure if it matters, but I contacted Hyatt first to add my Hyatt number to the reservation. Then I called my concierge and she applied suite upgrade.


Oh wow. I’m glad it works for you. I was able to add my WoH number during the booking process via Amex Travel. Following the booking I was able to view the reservation in the WoH app. When I called my concierge she saw the reservation and tried using my suite upgrade but the hotel said No since it was via 3rd party reservation. Showing as expedia in the hotel end.


Same thing happened to me booking a Preferred Hotel. I added my iPrefer number to the res I booked on the AMEX portal. I called the property about stacking iPrefer benefits/points with FHR and they said “no” since it was a “third party booking.” One or the other…

This same property also advertises a “free dinner” as its AMEX “Experience Credit,”but the front desk wouldn’t honor that, either! I initiated an internal investigation by emailing
customeradvocate(at)amextravel(dot)com. They are very good, I highly recommend for any issues with properties honoring $100 credits or other benefits.


Can MGM / MLife or SLH properties booked through FHR or THC be credited to Hyatt? If so will they receive typical Hyatt perks?

My understanding is that these non Hyatt properties need to be booked through Hyatt directly for partner benefits and elite earning, but I’d love to be wrong.


So when you book MGM / Mlife properties through FHR / THC that you intend to credit to Hyatt are you adding your MLife number at booking?

Then you’re asking to credit to the Hyatt account linked to your MLife account at hotel checkin?



Honestly the best part of this site is how active you all are in the comments. Thanks for spending so much time responding to the community!


Actually done this multiple times. Per Hyatt you will get points but not elite night credit for your stay. I had to complain pretty hard to Hyatt to get these elite nights based on what I had read online. But basically the T&C’s say these are Hyatt Points eligible but not elite night eligible. The Twitter team gave me the elite nights as a one-time thing. This was after I followed the suggestions above to add my Hyatt to Mlife account and then confirm at check-in and check-out that this was in there.


MGM/Hyatt is definitely not giving stay credits for FHR stays.


Regarding Plan It, I’m pretty confident your original instinct is correct and these will not split into credits over different years. While I’ve never used it for FHR, I have current fee free plans in effect. In each case, the original charge shows up in full on the date you made the charge and your monthly payment options are adjusted instead. It doesn’t seem likely they would treat FHR purchases in a different way.


I generally very much dislike using Membership Rewards for hotel bookings because of the significant haircuts AMEX takes. I use my Chase portal UR BONUS thru my Sapphire Reserve account instead.

By AMEX providing this $200 statement credit benefit, however, along with the ability to cash out point for dollar on FHR bookings has proven the exception for me. Since AMEX “cashes out” points on the booking, the $200 is still applied. And AMEX will refund back to points if you call. Still a big no, however, to .007 MR point value on Hotel Collection bookings!


If I book at a Las Vegas Hotel and have status can I use that status to avoid the resort fees? If so will that hotel remove the charge?


What happens if government regulation makes it impossible to use the hotel stay (new Covid rules)? Will Amex penalize you for that? Lets say Hawaii closes again, or you had made a reservation in Israel.


Note that you may not receive elite night credit for Hyatt at Vegas MLife properties booked via FHR. You will receive points for spend.


Yes – I stayed at Bellagio using FHR 12/16 and received points (even for spend reimbursed by Amex) but no elite night. I’ve also seen posts about it on FT. It may be a relatively new thing.


I just stayed the Delano this past week via FHR. I can confirm that I only received points on spend and NOT elite nights.


Totally newbs question as I’m interested to sign up for the personal Plat card & was always interested in the FHR & the HC’s program. Will I be able to use Amex MR pts to book FHR & HC hotels like the Chase’s UR’s pts program?


Yes, I’ve been “quoted” a points price for the hotels. Sometimes is $.01 per point, sometimes much worse. You can also mix and match points and money (so, you could pay a $234 FHR reservation with $200 cash and the rest in points and, presumably, get the $200 back from the FHR credit).


FHR props always cash out at .01. HC & non-FHR/HC props vary from .007 on down


Thanks, that explains a lot!


yes, bu it’s not a good value. Most bookings give you a value of 1 cent per point or worse. AmEx MR are much more valuable when used for booking flights and should be used almost exclusively for that.


Using MRs to book flights in the AMEX travel portal still only yields a max .01 redemption. Again compared to Chase URs which bonus you 33% more (with Reserve) on their portal, I choose Chase for that type booking.

If you are transferring MRs to airline partners & THEN booking flts, sky’s then the limit with AMEX; Chase; Citi; or Capital One.

Actual Michael

Yes, I was referring to transferring points. Unless you have an AmEx Biz Plat to get the rebate on booking flights through the AmEx portal, you should always be trying to leverage MR through partner awards.


Yes, worth .0154 with the Business Plat or .0133 with the Business Gold but only works on the airline specified for the incidental credit when booking economy fares.


I booked and stayed at a Radisson BLU property last week on a THC reservation and was told at checkout that I was not eligible for points or night credits because it was booked through Expedia. Haven’t tried filing a missing stay request with Radisson Rewards yet.


Could you tell us which property? I wonder if foreign vs domestic makes a difference particularly with the way Radisson has split up their program


Radisson BLU Istanbul Sisli


Great summary, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Consider the following scenario: One night booked at a hotel with FHR followed by a second night, in the same name, booked with a free night certificate. Curious about the $100 food credit — does it have to be used within the “hours” of the first night’s stay, or could I use it for diner on the second night? (I guess I could accomplish that by booking the free night before the FHR night, but then I assume I’d be less likely to get an upgraded room?)
  2. When stacking with an “$X off $Y spend” offer, is $Y calculated before or after the $200 credit is applied?

Complication is my middle name.

Scenario is that I arrive too late to comfortably use the dining credit for dinner and want to use it for dinner the following night.

In the circumstance I described you wouldn’t try to have the reservations joined at check-in, just to avoid having to check out and in again?


I know it looks like my middle name is “In”, but that’s just short for complicatIoN.

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All moot now, as the stay has changed from one-nigh-FHR-one-night-certificate to back-to-back P1/P2 reservations. Just need to figure out how to consume $200 of food in 40 hours or so. Bev not included at this hotel, alas.


I tried to do #1 at the Radisson BLU Istanbul Sisli and was told no, the $100 had to be used before checkout time for the first reservation. Obviously YMMV.


I now at least try & confirm what the credit can be used towards at check in rather than having to fight for it after the fact. Even so, what the front desk agent tells you may not eventually agree with their accounting department so the AMEX resolution email address I posted has come in handy for me.


I forgot posting email addresses get hung up in approvals, but you can figure out where the “at” & “com” should go!



As a last resort (if the property won’t honor the $100 credit while you’re on-site), this is the email address for the AMEX travel portal resolution team.

I find this endlessly quicker than haggling with an uninformed/nonresponsive property:


Anyone tried to book 4 rooms at the same hotel/name/date with 4 different Plat cards?

Points Adventure

The one FAQ to rule them all


I booked 2022 and used 2021 credit, can I add another night to use 2022 credit?


What if you no-show without cancelling? Book a stay you know is unlikely, don’t cancel it, don’t show, keep the 5x points on $200?


Related question is what happens to a hotel that has $60 in fees/resort fees that are paid to the hotel directly upon check in. If you no show, does the hotel charge you? In that case, it would be better to just cancel the reservation if you can’t use the booking ($195 FHR booking in vegas).


My wife and I each have Platinum cards but can not find an inexpensive use for the FHR $200 credits in 2022. We don’t want to waste the benefit. Any suggestions?


Portugal has a few nice-looking IHG properties where you’ll net out $0 or close to for a one-day stay.


For your question “Is a two-night stay required for Fine Hotels & Resorts bookings to qualify for the Platinum card’s $200 credit?”, you should add a note that as of now, Hotel Collection hotels only show up flagged as Hotel Collection when looking for 2+ nights. The blue label will not appear when searching for one night. If you see the blue Hotel Collection label for a hotel listing when searching, you should be good to go.


A HC property will still display when searching for 1 night (if avail for that night), just not eligible for HC benefits (as detailed in the blue label when search for 2 nights) if don’t book 2 nights.

AMEX will also periodically post free night/other benefit promos for booking with thru them. AMEX uses those same blue labels for properties that actually participate in those promos so you don’t have to click on each prop to determine.


Just to confirm, the search results when you search for a 1 night stay show Fine Hotels & Resorts stay and regular hotels, but the $200 credit would only apply to the Fine Hotels & Resorts stay hotels. Is that a correct understanding? Thank you!


Thank you Nick! Will check out the guide!


What about the recent Amex Offer – something like $150 back on $600. There was some question on whether a $600 stay would trigger the offer or if it had to be $800. I didn’t see any data points on that.


In your example, the $600 stay would trigger both the Amex Offer and FHR annual credit. I had a $150 off $800 Amex Offer, and my $939 booking triggered both credits, for a net cost of $589.


Thanks, Avi.

And to clarify my question, I should have written “… or if it had to be $750.”