Amex gift card 2% rebate not today


Quick update: In the recent post “Gift Card Churning Deals” I said that TopCashBack would offer 2% back for American Express Gift Cards bought today (March 12th).  It turns out that they are experiencing technical difficulties with Amex.  As a result, the promotion has been delayed.  I’ll report back once the issue is resolved and a new date has been set.

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Hi Guys,

I can now confirm that the technical issue with the AMEX offer has now been resolved.

Many thanks,
Topcashback 🙂


Hi Everyone,

We are still working on the technical issue with the Amex offer.

If any of you have made a transaction when the offer was live, but not received cashback, please do lodge a claim by going to the ‘customer care’ page on your account.

Many thanks,

walrus k

Bigcrumbs sucks. Never had a problem w TCB.


Plus with Chase being down right now, you can’t get into the UR mall. Might as well call today a loss, and don’t count today and tack on a day to the end of the month.


I second BigCrumbs


In my opinion, this is fishy. When i could not do it, I went through Big Crumbs with ZERO issues.


I received my first Topcashback payment last week. My other purchases are pending. I am still waiting for the BigCrumbs 2.25% AMEX GC cashback!


I have used Top Cash Back a dozen times or so and have never had a problem.


That’s the thing. If TCB works, it works. But it doesn’t seem to work for everyone, and the company doesn’t seem interested in helping rectify the problems.

BC works. It’s solid. Yes, you may get less. But you get it. You actually get paid.

Not sure if it’s cool to post a link, but here’s mine:



I have had great experiences with TopCashBack. Yes, they could be a little slow when there is a missing claim, or any problem. But once I submit the ticket, they did handle them eventually.


Topcashback? Having issues with keeping to their word? NO WAY!

Seriously just stop using them, and go with bigcrumbs. Surprised you don’t have a bigcrumbs referral link up.