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In December, I published a series detailing how to take advantage of American Express “Sync Offers.”  With Sync Offers, American Express gives registered cardholders  statement credits after using their Amex card to spend targeted amounts at participating merchants.  For reference, here is the four part series:

Many of the great offers that were available in December have expired, but there are a few good ones still available.  One of my favorites is the J. Crew offer:


You can use this offer for extreme savings at J. Crew or to get points and cash for free.  Please read the earlier posts for details and refer to the Frequent Miler Laboratory to see what works and what doesn’t if you decide to buy gift cards.  Note that will let you split a single order across two credit cards, so that’s really handy!

In addition to the J. Crew offer, I was surprised to find an offer from a local grocery store, Plum Market:


Plum Market only has four locations, three of which are in the Southeast Michigan area (the other is in Chicago).  Since I shop at Plum Market often, I registered all of my Amex cards to this offer (to see how, please see Part 1 of the series).  Then, I took eight cards to Plum Market and bought a $400 store gift card.  I asked to pay $50 at a time with each card.  The cashier agreed without even batting an eye.  Thanks to this Sync Offer, I’ll get $80 back which effectively gives me a 20% discount off of anything I buy at Plum Market!  Of course, I’ll also use the 10% off coupons they frequently mail out to do even better.

It’s clear from the Plum Market offer that American Express targets offers based, at least partially, on where you live.  So, check your available offers (log into your Amex account, scroll down and click on “Offers For You”) because you might have some great offers not available to the rest of us.

UPDATE: Reader Andyandy says that he sees the Plum Market offer even though he lives nowhere near Michigan.  It looks like I may have been wrong about local offers!

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Do J Crew e gift cards give a pin?




Not sure if this is new or not, but this morning when I logged on, I noticed a “spend $100 get $25 back” offer from Staples. It says in the terms that physical gift cards are eligible. Time to load up on some Visa cards!!


Lucky you! I saw this on SlickDeals, but I haven’t been targeted for this offer (at least, not yet)


best portal for Crew offer right now?


uPromise and ShopDiscover 5%,

David Ma

I tried to do the amex sync lands end by order $100 physical GC online. I got the thank you email but never got the $25 back.


Call Amex and they should credit you


This was a good series of posts, and a great Sync season. Not sure about the targeting by area, though. I got the Plum Market offer and I’m way, way, away from Michigan.


Ooh, that’s weird. Thanks for that info. I’ll update the post.


Check to see if you have Amex $10 credit after 3 months of Hulu plus charges; activate.
Search 2 free months Hulu plus spotify.
From site I just selected Hulu plus.
3 monthly charges must come before 7/31.
Should get 5 months for 23.97 (plus tax) less $10 statement credit.
I figure worth trying for free and if I like it worth about $15 for 5 months.