(EXPIRED) Arizona Biltmore Waldorf Astoria: Get $250 Property Credit When Booking Via Fine Hotels & Resorts

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There’s an incredible deal available via Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR) at the moment when booking a stay at the Arizona Biltmore, a Waldorf Astoria property. In addition to the regular FHR benefits, you can get a $250 property credit which can be stacked with even more earning opportunities and benefits.

Arizona Biltmore Waldorf Astoria Hilton
Arizona Biltmore Waldorf Astoria – image courtesy of Hilton.com

The Deal

  • Get a $250 property credit at the Arizona Biltmore property when booking via Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts.

Key Terms

  • Book from May 15, 2022 through October 4, 2022 for hotel stays from May 16, 2022 and completed by October 5, 2022.

Quick Thoughts

Booking hotels via Fine Hotels & Resorts always comes with a number of benefits:

  • 12pm check-in, when available
  • Room upgrade upon arrival, when available (certain room categories are not eligible for upgrade)
  • Daily breakfast for two people
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Guaranteed 4pm late checkout
  • US$100 credit (what this benefit can be redeemed for varies by property)

You’ll get all of those when booking a stay at the Arizona Biltmore, but if staying by October 5 you’ll get an additional $250 property credit which it seems can be applied against any kind of room charges from food and drink to spa treatments and more. You can find the full list of available spa treatments here; there are several that cost less than $250 and so would be fully covered by the $250 property credit.

That’s a fantastic deal seeing as room rates are available from as low as $299 per night, although they can go as high as $800+ per night.

Arizona Biltmore Waldorf Astoria Hilton $250 credit

If you have a personal Amex Platinum card, that comes with a $200 statement credit when prepaying for a 1+ night FHR stay or a 2+ night The Hotel Collection stay. If you’ve not yet used that benefit this year, you could therefore have a net cost of $99 + tax and get the the $250 property credit, $100 food & beverage credit, free breakfast and more – an incredible deal.

The potential deals don’t end there though. If you have Hilton Gold or Diamond status, you’ll get a $25 per person (limit of two people) food & beverage credit on top of those offered by FHR. You’ll also earn double or triple points from Hilton’s latest promotion provided you’ve registered for that.

If you’d like to have a longer stay, the Arizona Biltmore is classed as a resort by Hilton, meaning you can use the $250 Hilton Aspire resort credit at this property. You could therefore book an additional night at the hotel separately, but note that you wouldn’t get any of the FHR benefits for that separate reservation.

For anyone in two player mode where each of you have an Amex Platinum and Hilton Aspire card, you could book four separate one night stays and pay for each night on the separate cards. Over the course of those four nights you’d receive the following statement and property credits:

  • $500 statement credit on the Aspire card from the resort credit
  • $400 statement credit on the Amex Platinum card by prepaying for the FHR benefit
  • $500 property credits from FHR
  • $200 food & beverage credits from FHR
  • Free breakfast on two mornings from FHR
  • $200 ($50 per day) food & beverage credit every day from Hilton Diamond status

h/t Loyalty Lobby

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If I want to book two nights, one night on my personal platinum and one on my business platinum will I be able to receive $350/night (250 special offer+100 FHR)?

Linda C

can you use the $250 property credit to pay for the $45 resort fee?

Chris from GoBucketYourself

This hasn’t worked for other FHR stays I’ve done. Assume it’s a no.

Ivan Y

Be very careful with the Biltmore. I booked 3 stays B2B with my wife’s plat and they merged our reservations without us telling them anything. Just for the record our last names are totally different so they would not have known. I checked in myself both times and so did my wife. When I asked why they merged the reservations they told me that they had seen us on cameras and at breakfast as well. So we only got one fhr credit. So be careful if you do b2b reservations.


well…that’s sneaky. saw a brief video about the Biltmore…didn’t look that impressive – though the Hilton photos have always seemed as such.

I think for me..it’s smack dab in the middle of suburbia.

Jim Livesay

Well crap, there goes the biggest attractive feature to doing this–tripling up on the $250 credit. I do see this language in the AmEx Travel Program T&C: “Back-to-back stays booked by a single Card Member, Card Members staying in the same room or Card Members traveling in the same party within a 24-hour period at the same property are considered one stay and are ineligible for additional FHR benefits (“Prohibited Action”).” So it seems like they’re able to do what they did to you, @Ivan Y. @Stephen Pepper, what do you think? Do you need to edit your post…?

Jim Livesay

If you don’t mind my asking… did you check out and check back in each day as if they were truly separate reservations?

Jim Livesay

Thanks, Stephen! One last question (hopefully). When you said you “checked out and back in,” does that mean you physically packed your bags, cleared out your room, and went down to the front desk, ready to go into a different room if necessary? Or do you simply mean that you went down to the front desk and “checked out” with them in their system, then “checked back in” to the same room–without actually packing up the room? Sorry for so many questions. Thanks again!


from your experience, do you think this will work:
Nite 1: book fhr in my name, prepay my plat. Benefits: fhr + $200 annual amex credit.
nite 2: book fhr in wife’s name, pay later with wife’s aspire. Benefits: fhr + $250 hilton resort credit.
nite 3: book fhr in my name, pay later with my aspire. Benefits: fhr + $250 hilton resort credit.
nite 4: book fhr in wife’s name, prepay wife’s plat. Benefits: fhr + $200 annual amex credit.
Even if they refuse the fhr benefits for alternating nights, i would still get the $200 resort credit on those alternating nights, right??


Does the $250 stack with the normal $100?


Yes plus you will get a $60 credit for breakfast (if there are two people on the booking). In addition, they will give you a surprise gift (for us it was two free drink vouchers at Wright Bar). If you are Gold/Diamond then you also get an additional $50 credit (if two people on the booking). It really is an incredible deal especially for people in Phoenix looking to staycation.


i always wonder who pays these MEGA inflated rates at spas in the USA. crap…for the rates they charge, one could skip a few of those, fly to a foreign country and get plenty of massages there along with some sightseeing.


so what you’re really trying to say is if you want to gain 10 pounds and then sweat it all out in the desert in 110 degree heat…take advantage of this.


I just cashed in a few free nights here with Hilton credits and the $250 credits.

This was easily the worst “fancy” hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Outwardly this hotel is super fancy, with the Frank Lloyd Right and the water slide and the pools, but just know that behind the scenes it is basically like a Waldorf Holiday Inn Express.

Robert D

Wow, stayed Memorial weekend and absolutely *loved* this hotel. So much so that I am booked again this weekend and then again Labor Day weekend.

Another Jeff

Almost like they have to pay people to go to Arizona between May and October


Average temperature is 100+ F from May-Oct… does look tempting though especially I have no idea where to use up my 2 FHR benefits before cancelling them…


vegas baby. Take a day trip to Mt Charleston. Avoid the heat, sleep /eat in style!

M Khan

I hear you on using your Aspire card for the statement credits.. but I think I would prefer to book 4 back to back nights on FHR, alternating with P2 and yourself on FHR to get the benefits 4x times… settle the bill with the Amex Plats, but then any other ancillary spending, use your aspire to pay there an then.. I think that would trigger the credits from the card if i’m not mistaken..

CJ Rock

Can you also use the AMEX offers for Waldorf Astoria – spend $500, get $100 back as a statement credit or do you have to book directly with Hilton to access this credit?


Not a fan of the F&B options here but not a bad option for those who like to take advantage of the F&B service by the pool