Bangkok Bound: View from the Loo


Join me as I travel in style to Bangkok and back. 

2013-02-01 08.46.59

Greetings from Lufthansa’s first class lounge in Frankfurt!

I stumbled off the plane at about 8:30 this morning Frankfurt time.  Unlike my iPhone which quickly figured out what time zone we were in, my body argued that it was just 2:30 in the morning, and presented me with a pounding headache as proof.  Luckily, Lufthansa’s first class lounge was just a short walk from the plane.

For info about getting access to this lounge, see the Lounge Access section at the bottom of this post.

When I checked in at the lounge, the desk agent apologized that I wouldn’t be chauffeured to my next flight since I wasn’t flying onward on Lufthansa.  Um, really, that’s OK, especially since my departure gate is just a few hundred feet away…

I found my way to the lounge bath room.  And, I really mean “bath” room, not toilet room.  I took a Jacuzzi bath and then a rainfall shower. The combo made me feel much better.  My body was now willing to consider the possibility that it really was after 8:30 in the morning.  And, yes, I took the rubber ducky.

2013-02-01 02.45.08

Next stop was the dining area and the critical cup of coffee…

2013-02-01 09.35.29

Food in the lounge was quite good.  Just FYI, most food is served from the buffet despite the fact that the menu makes it appear to be sit-down service.  I’m OK with that.

2013-02-01 14.55.11

The lounge itself is nice too:

2013-02-01 13.56.02

This has been my office all day:

2013-02-01 09.57.25

I still have a few more hours to spend here, and another meal to eat before boarding for my final leg to Bangkok.  More later.

Lounge Access

Lufthansa has quite a tiered system of lounges at the Frankfurt airport.  Here are the rules for access as I understand them:

  • First Class Terminal: Yes, they have an entire terminal for the hoity-toity.  Unless you have super-elite HON status, you get into this terminal only if you are departing Frankfurt on Lufthansa in first class.  This wasn’t the case for me, so I wasn’t invited to that party.
  • First Class Lounge: These lounges are supposedly very similar to the First Class Terminal.  You can get into one of these with a first class Lufthansa boarding pass regardless of whether you are arriving or departing.  Since I arrived via Lufthansa first class, I was allowed in.
  • Senator Lounge: I took a look at one of these and, in my opinion, it was a big step down from the first class lounge.  You can get into these if you have a first class ticket on any Star Alliance flight, or if you have Star Alliance Gold status and a ticket on any Star Alliance flight (first class or not).
  • Business Lounge: This is yet again a step down in the hierarchy, but the one I looked at seemed quite similar to the Senator Lounge I visited briefly.  All you need here is a Star Alliance business class ticket.

Here’s a tip.  If you qualify for the First Class Lounge, be careful not to accidentally enter the Senator Lounge.  Take a look at this sign:

2013-02-01 16.48.59

I know its blurry, but do you see how there’s a little “First Class” box on the left?  This makes it appear to be the First Class lounge, but it’s not.  You should really look for a sign that specifically mentions the “First Class Lounge” like this:

2013-02-01 16.49.26

I visited all three types of lounges, and believe me, the First Class lounge is worth looking for.  FYI, here’s a photo of the Senator Lounge.  It’s nice, but nothing like the First Class lounge:

2013-02-01 16.40.11

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> Gary.. I was hoping that was the way it would work. I know it doesn’t 😉 With LH no longer opening up F space as they use to or in some cases none (aka USAirways) one doesn’t get the chance to visit these F Lounges as often.


Looks like a great start to your trip. Have fun Greg.

The Miles Professor

Thanks a lot for sharing! I just booked a trip to Thailand in December and am looking forward to my first trip to Asia.

Tom // Sit in first

I think you are slightly off on FCT access rules. Aren’t arriving F pax continuing on LH allowed in, as well as f departures from muc who are connecting from FRA?


I’m guessing he is on Thai next. Looking forward to the report. Thanks for the info on entry, there always seems to be questions on what you need to get in the different lounges. Booked on ORD-FRA (C on LH hoping for F to open up) then FRA-BKK(F on TG). So this will be a good report to read.


great panoramic shots. it makes a big difference! I hope it becomes the new blog standard.


definitely like your panoramic shots. I wish people would take those more often. hope your having a great time!


Cool, in the second pic, you even captured yourself in the mirror. Thanks for wearing clothes.


What airline are you flying next?


Bobby: Thanks for your help in booking the flights. I will write up a review when my trip is done.

VM: well, since I was allowed in I’m glad right now that the other first class riffraff aren’t crowding up the place. Of course, if I ever come back through here without a first class LH ticket, I’ll think otherwise

Gary: my impression was that VM was just expressing an opinion of how it ideally should work, not how it does work

Heather Miller

@VM – nope, First Class Lounge is for Lufthansa Group passengers only. A United first class passenger, for instance, is relegated to the SEN lounge.


I think LH should allow other pax with a First Class ticket on any Star carrier to access the First Class lounge. I understand the First Class terminal off-limits but the First Class lounge in the main terminal not-so much!

Hope you enjoyed it! I’m jealous of the duck. Forgot to get one when I was there!


I spoke too soon. Dinner is menu service, not buffet. Very elegant.