Bilt Mastercard greatly expands ability to pay rent with no fees and earn rewards


A primary focus of Bilt Mastercard‘s launch last year was its novel ability to earn rewards by paying rent, a welcome addition to the points and miles universe.  Today, Bilt announced that it’s greatly expanded on that capacity by enabling users to generate a routing and account number via the Bilt Rewards App.  This allows the renter to use existing rent payment systems such as ClickPay or RentCafe or directly pay the landlord electronically.

a black credit card with silver and blue text
Bilt rewards continues to improve on the ability to earn rewards by paying rent.

Bilt shared some screenshots of the payment flow with us.  On the Bilt Rewards app, a Bilt Rent Account can be activated.  Under the “pay rent” tab, you’ll find the following screen:

a screenshot of a mobile banking application

Once you click through, Bilt will automatically generate a copyable routing and account number:

a screenshot of a cell phone

This number can then be entered into any online payment portal and used to pay rent.  Renters earn 1 point on every dollar up to a total of 50,000 points/year

a screenshot of a credit card

Quick Thoughts

This is a clever additional feature that greatly increases the usability of this portion of the program.  Previously, if the landlord wasn’t in the Bilt Rewards Alliance (which of course most weren’t) you had to have a physical check sent.  While this worked, by all accounts it was a somewhat cumbersome process.  Adding the ability to instantly generate a routing/account number makes it almost universally applicable and much more streamlined.

There are other ways to earn rewards for paying rent that may offer more rewards depending your individual situation, this makes Bilt undoubtedly the simplest, easiest way to do it. While 1x isn’t earth shattering, Bilt has a very good slate of transfer partners that makes it easy to get more than 1 cent per point value.

Note: you do need to make at least 5 transactions per month on your Bilt card in order to earn points on rent. See this post for more detail: Re-Bilt: rent rewards card makes big improvements

If you are interested in the Bilt card, you can skip the waitlist with code FM4BILT. Note that Frequent Miler doesn’t recieve any sort of compensation for this — Bilt simply passed on a way for readers to skip the waitlist.

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Tommy Long

Can I use Bilt to pay rent for my business? We rent homes for our business.

Freddy @ Pointspanda

Would international payments for rent work, specifically asking via Wise? Curious for us Americans living in Mexico.

[…] 【2022.1 更新】以前如果你的房东不是Bilt的合作伙伴,Bilt给出的付房租方案是他们会寄一张支票。现在Bilt提升了体验,他们现在直接提供一个Routing Number和Account Number给你付房租用,比支票方便了不少。HT: FM。 […]


Tried to sign up P2 with FM4BILT and received an error message: The provided early access code FM4BILT has no uses remaining. Aware of this? Can you check into it?


Sorry, disregard. Had not noticed comments below.

[…] and notes from around the interweb: Bilt makes it easier to pay rent free and electronically while earnings miles. I have the Bilt credit card and you can skip the waitlist to get one using code VFTW4BILT (I do […]


I use ClickPay but when paying via credit cards, there is a 3-4% fee. how does this card work around that?


Did you not read the part where it says not to select the credit card option? You’ll need to select the option to pay with a bank account and then use the account and routing number generated by Bilt. That is the work around.


Would anyone please have another working invitation code?


So now making the landlord rich isn’t so bad lol.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jerry
Harsh B.

I pay my landlord via Venmo. Any idea as to whether adding the Bilt routing/ account number to Venmo and making a rent payment through Venmo that charges the Bilt account would work?


Same question, but Paypal.

Sydney Morrell

Anybody on using Paypal or Venmo?


I called BILT rental department today, they said you can just add your BILT card using the account number to Venmo. Not sure about Paypal.


Ann, Have you actually done this without incurring any additional charges/fees (no cash advance fee etc.)?

Michael Tarlow

What keeps a person from paying themselves rent?

Nick Reyes

Bilt tells us they have systems in place to prevent that. I can’t imagine you’d get away with that for long.


Hi Tim, the code FM4BILT has no users remaining. Could you reach out to Bilt to see if they can raise the limit?


KAIROSFAM seems to work OK

Lord Dima

Not anymore. Tried about a dozen codes found through google search and they all are dead…

Nick Reyes

I have reached out and expect that to get fixed soon.

Lord Dima

Did you hear anything from Bilt? Seems like they turned off everyone’s codes a week ago.

Lord Dima

Thanks for the update. Enzo it is then!


The provided early access code FM4BILT has no uses remaining.
What shows up when I tried to sign up.