Visa Gift card special for BJ’s Wholesale members [YMMV]


Doctor of Credit reported earlier today on a rumor that BJ’s Wholesale members may have the opportunity to purchase certain fee-free gift cards right now. This is the type of deal may be an ongoing unadvertised promotion that is only available at some stores or it may be some type of glitch that might end at any moment, but I can confirm that this is valid for my local store as of about 4:30pm Eastern this afternoon. Furthermore, the price sign over the Vanilla gift cards showed $0, so that leads me to believe that this isn’t a total glitch, though it surely won’t last forever.

The Deal

  • Variable-load Vanilla Visa and Mastercard gift cards may ring up fee-free at some BJ’s Wholesale stores [YMMV]

Key Terms

  • This is unadvertised and may end at any time (that is to say: don’t make a scene at your store if this doesn’t work)
  • Variable-load gift cards may be subject to purchase limits at the whims of your local manager (don’t make a scene at your local store if this doesn’t work)
  • Variable-load Vanilla Visas are PIN-enabled (choose any PIN at first use), but they do not work at Walmart for PIN transactions over $50

Quick Thoughts

This deal isn’t likely to last forever, so it will likely only work for those with a membership and a store nearby. I wouldn’t suggest buying a membership counting on this as I’m not positive it works at all stores and I’m even less confident that it will last much longer. As indicated in the key terms, purchase limits may be subject to the whim of your local manager. The manager at the store closest to me imposed an arbitrary limit of $500 per person per day long ago, though a store an hour away will sell multiple at a time. It bears repeating not to make a scene over this deal if it doesn’t work or your manager institutes a silly limit as you are unlikely to force anyone into honoring an unadvertised promotion or glitch. Self check-out might be the best way around an overly zealous manager, but I have no idea what limits may be imposed by the machine, so go easy.

If you do find it works, don’t forget that Wholesale Clubs are a 5x/5% category this quarter for Freedom and Discover cardholders.

We have added this to our Current Visa and Mastercard Gift Card Deals database.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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