Buy Wyndham Points For 0.93cpp


Wyndham Rewards is offering a 40% bonus when buying their points through April 21, 2024. Unlike some Wyndham sales where you could buy up to 100,000 points, you can buy up to 200,000 points pre-bonus with this latest sale.

You can buy Wyndham Rewards points at any time for 1.3 cents each, so this bonus brings the cost down to 0.93cpp (cents per point).

While we never recommend buying points speculatively, these points could be quite useful for Vacasa Vacation Rentals, allowing you to get a 4-night stay at a 1-bedroom property for $546 – or less if you have a Wyndham credit card that offers a 10% discount on award stays. However, remember that Wyndham is changing their award chart on March 26 and will be changing redemption values for Vacasa stays from that same date.

a dining table in a log cabin
This place can be booked through Vacasa for only 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points per night

The Deal

  • Get up to a 40% bonus on the purchase of Wyndham Rewards points when buying 3,000+ points (i.e. 0.93cpp)
  • Expires 4/21/24.

Direct Link to Offer (scroll down to the ‘Purchase Points’ section and click ‘Buy Now’).

Best Uses of Wyndham Points

  • Book Vacasa properties for only 15,000 points per bedroom (see this post for more details)
  • Wyndham Rewards has three redemption tiers – 7,500, 15,000 and 30,000. Since these are fixed, they can be great value when room prices are extremely high (e.g. during special events or holidays). These tiers also apply to Wyndham Vacation Club time share properties, so one-bedroom condos can be had for as low as 7,500 points per night.
  • Book Go Fast rewards – this is Wyndham’s Cash + Points option.  With this option, it is sometimes possible to get outsized value for a small number of points. See Greg’s calculations for examples.

Things to know

  • When you book nights with points, you will not earn points for the stay.
  • Most hotel taxes are not charged on award stays, so this can make the value of buying points even better.  Arguably, this factor and the one above roughly cancel each other out.
  • Resort fees are waived on award stays.  This alone can make it worthwhile to use points instead of cash for your bookings.
  • Wyndham points expire after 18 months of inactivity, and 4 years after acquisition.  The former is easy to avoid since any account activity will reset the clock, but the four year timer is more problematic.  Luckily, there is a workaround.  See "How to prevent Wyndham points from expiring" for details.

Quick Thoughts

This could definitely be worth it if you’re booking a Vacasa vacation rental (see Nick’s review of the cabin he rented in the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area as an example).

If you don’t have an immediate use in mind, it may be worth waiting because Wyndham has regular sales at a similar rate. It’s also worth clicking through to from a shopping portal to earn a little cashback – here are the current rates.

Previous Wyndham points promotions:

  • 20-30% discount (Buy points for 0.91 cents each). Expired February 14, 2024
  • 30-40% bonus (Buy points for 0.93 cents each). Expired December 30, 2023
  • 30-40% bonus (Buy points for 0.93 cents each). Expired November 27, 2023
  • 30% discount (Buy points for 0.91 cents each). Expired October 20, 2023
  • 35% bonus (Buy points for 0.96 cents each). Expired August 8, 2023
  • 25% discount (Buy points for 0.975 cents each). Expired May 23rd, 2023
  • 40% bonus (Buy points for 0.93 cents each). Expired April 21, 2023.
  • 25% discount (Buy points for 0.975 cents each). Expired February 10, 2023
  • 25% discount (Buy points for 0.975 cents each). Expired July 10, 2022
  • 40% bonus (Buy points for 0.93 cents each). Expired April 3, 2022.
  • 40% discount (Buy points for 0.73 cents each). Expired December 31, 2021.
  • 25% discount (Buy points for 0.975 cents each). Expired November 12, 2021.
  • 25% discount (Buy points for 0.975 cents each). Expired August 25, 2021
  • 35% bonus (Buy points for 0.96 cents each with an increased cap of 120K pre-bonus). Expired June 30, 2021.
  • 25% discount (Buy points for 0.975 cents each). Expired May 7, 2021.
  • 40% bonus (Buy points for 0.93 cents each). Expired April 21, 2021.
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How many award rooms can one book at the same time with a 10% discount on points as a holder of Earner+ card?


You are right. BUT one twist that I just found out is that you have to have full amount of points in the account, i.e. before 10% card discount, in order to book the room(s). I bought just enough points to cover two rooms after the discount. But when I called (since you can’t
book online with a discount), I could only book one room. Interestingly, in the account activity it shows discounted (net) number of points deducted but on the Wyndham system apparently it is deducting the entire amount and returning 10% back. Bummer! Back to buying more points. Glad that I didn’t leave it to the last moment as it took full 24 hours for the purchased points to post from


This math must be off…


Well – to be clear, I suspect Wyndham’s math, not yours. Those percentages off just seem to have no relation to actual cost. The last sale was 30% off (same as now), but it cost .93 cents instead of .91. Looking at the historical chart, when it was 40% off in 4/23, it was… .93 cents per point. It’s just weird!

Though of course, typical of their shopping portal as well


I suppose if you transfer to Caesars at 1cpp you come out somewhat ahead? (and then right back behind with their pricing lately LOL)


Article states 15k points for a room valued at ~$557. Another Frequentmiler article stated that Vacasa devalued it to $350 per room. Can anyone confirm?

Tim Steinke

It’s saying that, by buying points at .93 cents each, you could get a 4-night stay at a 1-bedroom Vacasa property for around $557…because that’s how much 60K points would cost. It’s not saying anything about the max value per night, which you correctly pointed out is $350/night.


I am selling 60k Wyndham points from a voucher. Please message if interested.


It’s an easy buy for us 0.93 cpp. With the Wyndham Earners Biz Card, a Vacasa is 13.5K for $350 per BR or about 2.59 cpp.


The same discount seems to apply for “gifting points”.

Earlier this year I maxed out by purchasing 100K points.

Does anyone know if my wife could also “gift” me another 100K points?


Just a thought… it would be nice to know when each of these promotions started and how long each of these promotional periods last. Thanks for posting this info!

Susannah Nation

If I use my Wyndham Business Earner card to purchase points, will that transaction get the 8x back on Wyndham hotel spend? Assuming not but worth asking…


No. Transaction goes through some 3rd party.


I am slightly confused. At the beginning of the article it says “Get up to a 30% discount on the purchase of Wyndham Rewards points (this results in a cost of 0.91 cents per point)“. However, at the end of the article it says “40% bonus (Buy points for 0.93 cents each)“. But isn’t 0.91 cents per point a better deal than 0.93 cents per point? Seems odd since the discount is listed as less. Did Wyndham lower the price they usually charge for points or something? ‍♂️

Tim Steinke

That’s an excellent question. It’s “discount” vs “bonus.” A 30% discount means that you pay 30% less for each point. A 40% bonus means you get 40% more points for the same price…but it’s actually less of a discount (it ends up being about 28.6%). Several companies go back and forth with that terminology to make the actual discount seem larger.


Aha, that makes sense!
I knew it had to be something simple that I was missing


Is there an annual limit on how many points you can buy?

Can you buy 100k or 120k every time they have a sale?

FM Fan

I just checked this myself because I was thinking about buying points, and it looks like there’s no hard annual limit, but you can’t buy more than whatever the current sale limit is for the year. Since the current limit is 100K, if you’ve previously bought 100K or more earlier this year, you can’t buy more now.


Do the purchase of these points trigger hotel/travel bonus categories for spend? Or are they processed by ?

Sally Mae, but it coded as travel for me. I used my cap 1 venture x, but suppose I should have used my chase ink preferred instead


didn’t code as travel for me, I used my citi custom cash card


Does not code as travel. Tested a small purchase with CSR and coded as business services.


Does anyone have a DP on quickly purchased points post?


me and P2 have done it 5 times so far. 2 times it posted immediately. other 3 times, it took a day


Thanks for posting this, Steven!
Was getting ready to book a 4-night hotel stay for $1000 but hotel had 15K points room available, so bought and booked with 60K points for $585 which saved me over 40%!
Thanks! Where can I send your commission check? 😀


Got a room in Kona with the bought points. Awesome deal! Thanks guys


Wow – we just got a room in Kona with bought points, too!


With the trouble Vacasa is in as a company, how much danger is there that we could buy points, book a Vacasa rental, and then Vacasa goes under and the reservation is worthless?


Definitely a significant worry there. Can one expect Wyndham to refund the points? Might depend on when Vacasa is actually paid by Wyndham, and how they are paid.

A lot of the fallback Wyndham properties I have scouted out as ‘good values’ for an excess of points have gone from 15k to 30k recently too.

Last edited 1 year ago by Free3

What’s happening with Vacasa?


Vacasa is having profitability issues. They have laid off employees, and owners have left the service. But so are the other short-term home rental companies. AirBnB has had a big drop in future rentals. Analysts say it should have been expected because “revenge travel” is ending.

Vacasa Turnaround Exec Cites the Need for a Vacation Rental Reset Post-Covid (