Caesars Diamond perk: monthly $20 free bet (available in select states)


Many readers may have Caesars Diamond status thanks to status matches (most commonly one from Wyndham Rewards Diamond, which is a perk of the Wyndham Business Earner card). We have previously covered the $100 celebration dinner benefit and show tickets benefit, but a new benefit was added last year that may be of interest to those living in or traveling to states with online casino and sports betting: Diamond members get a monthly $20 free bet and an extra $20 free bet in their birthday month. While that’s not huge, it might help to offset the annual fee on that Wyndham Business Earner card if you value the free bets at all.

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The Deal

  • Caesars Rewards offers monthly free bets that are available in select states (currently AZ, CO, IA, IN, MI, NJ, NY, TN, VA, and WV or via the William Hill app in DC, IL, and NV) when you have Diamond status or higher

Key Terms

  • Online only.
  • Free Bets subject to Online Bonus Eligibility.
  • All benefits will be loaded monthly and expire at the end of each month. 
  • A five day grace period may apply at the beginning of each month for the benefits to load. 
  • For Monthly Free Bet/Bet Credit, must have placed at least $10 online bet in previous calendar month.
  • Online Bet Credit through Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill has no cash value and can only be redeemed on Sports Wagers placed on the Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill app.

Quick Thoughts

According to the terms of the benefit, you only qualify for the $20 free bet if you placed at least $10 in bets the previous calendar month, so this deal is only going to be worth it for those who would otherwise be using the app to place a wager or two.

I assume you also only get the $20 free bet the month after you achieve Diamond status and place at least $10 in bets. I’m making that assumption because my Diamond status match only finally came through this month (I had submitted for it on February 1st, but it took a month!) and while the $20 monthly free bet (and extra $20 free bet in my birthday month) are listed under the benefits of my current tier, the free bet isn’t actually showing up in my bonus balance. I assume it will next month.

This offer won’t be applicable to everyone, but with online sportsbooks becoming more widely legalized these past couple of years, this seemed like a cool little benefit that I’d previously missed despite the fact that both View from the Wing and Bougie Miles had covered it last year. Those who jumped on the status-match-go-round years ago may still be riding without even needing the Wyndham card, which makes this an easy freebie in a dozen or so states. My understanding of the way these online books work is that you don’t need to reside in one of the states where they are operational, you just need to physically be located in the state when placing your bets, so I guess if you have a trip to one of the included states that spans the end of one month and beginning of the next, you may be able to place the qualifying $10 wager in month one and then get your free bet in the first days of the next month, but I have no experience with it. YMMV.

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Haven’t been getting the usual free bets. Seems they raised mininum bet to $100.

Brian G.

The terms now say $100 min bet. Maybe they have changed since the article was written.

Joseph Giorgianni

I’m in New York (just north of you, Nick, in Glens Falls). I have Caesars Diamond status and used the Caesars Sportsbook app to bet $20 on the Super Bowl last month. No credit showing for me.


Thanks for the note about the lengthy amount of time to get matched back to Diamond. I tried to match in early Feb as well, and then again a couple weeks later, and then today I tried again and sent a message to customer support to try to get it going. Before trying that, I had considered looking up if others were having a similar experience … so I guess that answers that question.


I submitted for both P1 and P2 on February 1st. Upon arrival in Vegas February 23rd to use the celebration credits, only P2 had converted to Diamond status

Larry K

It is pretty unreliable. Some months I get it, some I don’t. Sometimes it posts early, sometimes late, sometimes not at all. I just give up when it doesn’t. Caesars sportsbook customer service is tedious, unhelpful and mean.

Alex H

Does the $20 free bet count for that $10? So initially you would just need to make a $10 bet and then every month do the $20 free one? Or does it have to be $10 in non-free bets?


I tried to do this while in the state of Illinois (actually in the Harrahs casino). It said that I had to be in a caesars property with a sports book which is all the way in Chicago. Anyone dealt with this, or have a work around?


Only casino in “Chicago” is rivers casino(not a Caesar’s property) probably closest location is Horseshoe in Hammond IN

Last edited 2 years ago by Mauro

I’m just wanting to know if there is a way to set it up without going to a sports book


Hey nick, regarding the William Hill app in Illinois. Only app I can find is William Hill Nevada? Is that the correct app?


The app is called “caesars by William hill Illinois”