(EXPIRED) Citi ThankYou Premier 60K offer

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A few days ago, an increased offer came out for the Citi ThankYou Premier card, awarding 60,000 ThankYou points after spending $4,000 in the first three months. That’s an excellent offer on this card, though keep in mind it is not available to you if you have opened or closed a ThankYou Preferred, ThankYou Premier, or Citi Prestige card within the past 24 months.

The Offer

  • Earn 60,000 bonus ThankYou points after you spend $4,000 in purchases within the first 3 months with the Citi ThankYou Premier card
  • Find more information and a link on our Citi ThankYou Premier card

Key Card Details

  • Earn 3X travel, including gas stations
  • Earn 2X dining and entertainment
  • Earn 1X everywhere else
  • $95 annual fee is waived the first year
  • With this card, ThankYou points become worth 1.25 cents each when used towards travel (or transfer to airline partners 1:1)

Quick Thoughts

This is an excellent offer as the points are worth at least $750 when used towards travel, but they can be significantly more valuable when transferred to partners. Citi transfer partners don’t get as much attention as Chase transfer partners or Amex transfer partners, but they can certainly be quite valuable. There are a number of common partners (like Singapore, Virgin Atlantic, and Air France / KLM) where you could combine forces between your transferable currencies for a valuable award. Citi also has some unique partners like Avianca LifeMiles that have some excellent sweet spots (See: Avianca LifeMiles’ awesome mixed-cabin award pricing. First Class for less.).

Unfortunately, those who have opened or closed some of the other popular ThankYou points cards (ThankYou Preferred, Citi Prestige, or this ThankYou Premier card) within the past 24 months are not eligible to receive the signup offer on this card. However, if you have had one of those cards for more than 24 months and you are considering closing that account, it may make sense to apply for this card first. Once this new opening resets your 24-month clock, go ahead and close the card you no longer need. While the Prestige card did unveil a 75,000 point signup bonus for a while, that offer required $7,500 in spend and there is no indication when it may return. Most people would probably be better off starting out with this card and its bonus categories, perhaps upgrading to the Prestige down the road if you prefer its benefits. Those who would heavily use the Citi Prestige 4th Night Free might pass on this card in favor of the Prestige.

If you have recently applied for this card under a different offer, be sure to send a secure message to Citi asking them to match — they are usually good about that if you have opened the card within the past 90 days.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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nick, do u happen to know recent DPs that bank funding could meet msr for ty sign-up bonus? Thx!


thx Nick, saw DOC’s link before…guess what i meant to ask is if citi still counts bank funding transactions in general towards MSR for sign-up bonus? will test early and see; if bonus is not posted, will do organic spend

[…] Citi ThankYou Premier 60K offer […]


Any DPs on whether you can apply and receive a second card and bonus? (Provided you’re past the 24 month opening of the first card)?


Thanks Nick. I know it’s likely for AA cards, but more or less unknown for TY cards.


Follow up DP: approved for second TY Premier.

[…] The original link died within hours but others were found and are still active. Now other blogs, like this post from Frequent Miler, are sharing the story. What can I say, it’s the first time I ever found anything before […]


So if I currently have Premiere that was opened 3+ year ago can I downgrade (pc) today to a Preferred and then apply for a new Premiere card tomorrow to snag this bonus? No other TY card activity/changes in the past 2+ years so should be eligible otherwise.


Awesome. I happened to have just PCed to the Preferred today. So do I have to wait after the PC or can I basically apply the next day for a Premiere?


Hey Nick, any idea how long this will last? Or do you think there’s a chance it could be a permanent boost to the bonus?


I am prequalified for this card, so will I get the sign up bonus even my 24 months of closing the card is not up yet?


Don’t think so…unlike some other banks, Citi will give you the card even though you won’t get the bonus. Being prequaled has nothing to do with the bonus.


The Citi ThankYou Premier is a great card if the goal is to earn points while traveling…actually even better than the Citi Prestige card. Unlike the Citi Prestige card, it has a broader interpretation of travel and therefore gives 3x points for gas purchases and cruises.

I could never understand why the Citi transfer partners are not considered to be as good/popular as the Chase transfer partners. Is it because there are no US airlines that are transfer partners with the Citi programs? I am sure that some people only travel in the US then the Citi cards would not be a big advantage. But for people who like to fly internationally, it might be surprising to learn that some of the foreign airlines might fit better than the programs from the US airlines.

To me the best card to have is the one that transfers to the frequent flyer programs that I am using. In my case it is Alaska Airlines, EVA Airways and Singapore Airlines. Citi transfers to the EVA and Singapore programs but it is the only card out there that will transfer points to EVA’s program which is my primary program. So in my case the Citi cards are perfect for me because they will transfer to 2 of my 3 frequent flyer programs.


Agreed that EVA is the best transfer partner for TYP, but the use cases are rather narrow. Cathay and Singapore are also solid, but there are other options for those. People who hate TYP probably don’t fly to Asia. 60k TYP (plus my existing 15k balance) gets me a one way in Royal Laurel trans-pacific, one of the best business class products in the world. If you travel to Asia and are over 5/24 and Citi-24, then this card is a no-brainer.


Citi just refused to match its previous 50,000 point offer with the now 60,000 point offer. I literally just qualified for the 50,000 points yesterday. That was after a text chat with an agent and then talking live to an agent. Oh well. I still like Citi.


Try sending an IM instead, so you don’t have to talk/chat to anyone live. Also, I’m not sure how you phrased it, but don’t say match to (they won’t change the bonus you signed up for), instead ask them to give you a courtesy 10,000 points since you missed out on the newer/higher bonus. Don’t know if it will work, but worth a shot.


That’s exactly how I put it. The rep said no, I told her she was stingy.


Yea, sorry, by IM I meant a secure message…LOL, did you actually call her stingy over the phone?


Thanks! I’ve been wanting to get a Citi card for a while so I can transfer to Turkish Airlines. Not the most popular transfer partner, but I fell in love with their service and stopover program on a recent trip.


When does the 3-month period start for min spend?
Also, is Citi willing to send a card to an address different from the billing address? Will be away for a month but would hate to miss out (and I’ve got some spend coming up too).

Eileen Kerrigan

Klanfa, it’s always from the moment you’re approved for the card (not when you receive the card). Not sure about the address question, but you can always call them and ask … or get someone to pick it up for you and send it to you.


how does citi handle 24 months… I canceled my last preimer on 8/5/2016… does this mean I am good to go 8/6/2018, or should I wait until sept 1 (or, along the same lines, am I good to go 8/1)


Take this with a grain of salt, but according to a Citi CSR I spoke with today, you would be OK on 8/5/2018. I’m in a similar boat, my Prestige open date was mid July 2016, but I’m still going to wait until August 1st just to be safe.




Do you still have your Prestige open today?


Just applied for the card last week for 50,000 TY points. Card has not even arrived yet. How good is Citi about matching the latest offer (like Chase does)?


Thanks for the reply – obviously too excited to read the whole thing. 2 years and 4 days since last closure. I need this card to keep my Avianca miles alive in particular.

Eileen Kerrigan

My husband applied for the Premier (at 50k) barely 2 weeks ago, and was approved … and within a day or so I saw articles about the 60k offer. He messaged Citi to request the 60k, and they told him no because “that was never intended to be a public offer, so you’re not eligible.” :-/ Will try again, but I was shocked, as Citi is usually good about giving the higher bonus if you request it soon after you’re approved.


I agree that you should try again via SM. My wife had the same timeline as your husband and luckily it only took one message. Citi’s “offer matches” in the past have occasionally taken more than one attempt, although that is atypical based on my own experience. One interesting thing to note for this match was that they added the 10k instantly, even before meeting MSR.

Eileen Kerrigan

Wow, now THAT would be fantastic! 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!


Is it still believed that a product change does not reset the 24 moth clock so long as the card number remains the same?