5% off virtual Visa Gift Cards (+ portal rewards) up to $75 off at GiftCards.com (New Codes)


Update 3/20/23: As per usual, Giftcards.com is adding additional codes to get 5% off virtual Visa Gift Cards. The new codes are SPRING5, LUCKY and SHAMROCK.

GiftCards.com is offering 5% off on virtual Visa gift cards with promo code POTOFGOLD. You can score a maximum discount of $75 with the code, but that makes these gift cards profitable — all the better if you are able to stack with a shopping portal.

The Deal

  • GiftCards.com is offering 5% off on Virtual Visa Gift Cards with promo code POTOFGOLD, LUCKY, SHAMROCK and SPRING5
  • Direct link to this deal (our affiliate link, but you can likely earn portal rewards if you click through a shopping portal instead)

Key Terms

  • Max discount of $75 off of $1500 in cards
  • Activation fee of $5.95 on each card
  • Max denomination of $250 per card
  • Net $39.30 money-maker after 5% discount plus activation fees and before portal rewards
  • Note that most portal terms indicate that you can only earn rewards on up to $2,000 worth of orders per month at GiftCards.com.

Quick Thoughts

This promotion comes around now and then and works out to be a $39.30 money-maker before portal rewards, assuming you have a use for the virtual visa gift cards. I typically use them to pay insurance bills.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to stack this with a shopping portal payout. I clicked through from Capital One Shopping because I have….a pretty good offer for GiftCards.com….

After clicking through and loading up my cart, the Capital One Shopping browser extension prompted me to activate it for 18% back. It then prompted me to try promo codes on the checkout page – and one of those codes was POTOFGOLD. I think that means this will stack. Greg has previously had success with Capital One Shopping offers for GiftCards.com, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

I believe the best public offer right now is also via Capital One Shopping at 6% back. Remember that you do not need a Capital One card to use Capital One Shopping. I bought using a World of Hyatt card to inch toward the annual $15K spend for a Category 1-4 free night certificate. See this post for more detail about Capital One Shopping and how to find your targeted offers.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Does anyone know if they pull the promotional 5% discount codes?
In the email I got from Giftcards.com, these two codes “SHAMROCK” and “POTOFGOLD” were supposed to be good until 04/06/2023.
I also tried “SPRING5” and “LUCKY” and got the same message “We’re sorry. This promotion is not currently active” everytime.


If you get a targeted cashback offer on a specific product, do you have to buy that product or will the cashback work on whatever you buy through the link? Any DPs?

Rafael Turik

I’m new to these American credit card spending strategies. I have a Hilton amex no annual fee, a delta amex gold and an amex bluecash. I want to exchange my iphone. Do you know any good strategies to maximize a discount? Would these discount giftcard cards work to go to apple and buy or buy from the apple website? What do you suggest ?


Just noticed that Walmart disappeared as a redemption option for Capital One Shopping rewards.


BLOOM also working as a code


I had/have the 18% cashback offer in the Cap1 shopping app and used it yesterday, but it was tracked at only 1.5% back. This makes me wonder if I’ll get the 30% cashback from the lodging booking after traveling. I shouldn’t have to check the cashbacks – they should just work. Irritating.


Yeah, I’ve also had problems. I took a billion screenshots this time in case they’ll listen to an appeal.


Few months ago when they didn’t credit my brother’s account and he complained, they eventually credited his account. Let’s hope we’ll also get credited – the amount is significant!


Took 4 days after purchase, but 18% posted at Capital One Shopping as pending today – $256.50 on a purchase amount of $1425 ($1500 of gift cards less the 5% discount; fees were ignored). Thanks, Nick, for this amazing deal!


I had 18% available to me today (3/20) even though it wasn’t available in previous visits. I saw it both clicking through from capitoloneshopping.com and via the browser extension in Google Chrome.

Last edited 7 days ago by Frank

Thanks for the reminder. I took a billion screen shots during the ordering process, but now that the 18% has posted, I totally forgot to do the same!


I keep getting my order cancelled! It goes thru just fine, then 2 seconds later gets cancelled. Anyone else?


Yep that was it. Works at home.

D margolis

Nick, did you get the 18% to track ?


Do these work for paying the IRS? I have a large tax bill that is due soon.

Tom Rossi

I also have a Citi Merchant Offer for an additional 1.5% cash back on gift cards dot com on about 5 cards, including the Premier and AA Platinum.


My Merchant offer paid on 12/8 from an 11/28 GCC purchase. The frustrating thing is you have to keep re-loading the offer, so be sure to load it right before the purchase.


How do you manage to keep getting unreal offers like 18%? WTH


I also have this question…


I get crazy offers of 18%, 24%, and 30% all the time and I don’t know why. Magic I guess. Or maybe I am just lucky.


Do you primarily use the browser extension? I tried leaving things in my cart there but never got offers like this. Or do you mostly use the app? Thanks


Hi Nun, I use google chrome on my computer. I don’t trust the app or anything on my phone to post properly. I thought the high offers were a glitch for a long time but they are legit. Just make sure you are logged in everywhere including the shopping button. Good luck!!!


Interesting that gc dotcom is not current in most of the portals.

Brian G.

Other than IRS payments, any easy ways to drain virtual VGCs?


Melo and PayPal send to someone

Oren S

as long as you can float the money for a few months, you can easily find a way to use them on organic spend on categories that you don’t normally get a good cashback on (streaming, insurance, random bills).


I trade them in for costco cashcards. Can do it online or at the service desk.

Brian G.

How do I do it at the service desk with a virtual VGC?


You print out the virtual card and take that to the service center. They manually enter the card numbers and it works

Brian G.



If you have a super friendly agent they can put $2k on a single cash card with 8 virtual cards as payment. it is not a short process but worth it to me.


Sorry if I’m being dense here, but what advantage(s) come from shifting funds from a gift card to a Costco cash card? I understand you can then spend those funds at Costco, but I don’t see any liquidation advantage?


I see. Thanks for that clarification.

A bit off-topic, but I’ll mention here that this approach is less attractive for me as I use ApplePay with my US Bank Altitude Reserve card, giving me 4.5% off all Costco purchases. (Nick’s article). Using Apple Pay with that card doesn’t get mentioned much these days, but it’s huge for me, both at Costco and elsewhere, for 4.5% back on much of my spend. Plus, when I travel internationally, ApplePay is accepted at virtually every merchant. Annual fee is $400 less $325 in credits = $75.

Last edited 9 days ago by Frank

You can use apple pay to purchase these virtual VGC on iphone. So, there goes your Apple pay argument.


You’re absolutely right, and I hadn’t noticed that option when purchasing at giftcards.com.

Although I don’t understand why you had to be a jerk while making your point.