Discover Deals being discontinued


Reader John reached out this afternoon to let us know that when he logged into his Discover account and went to Discover Deals today, he saw a message that Discover is retiring the program as of 10/31/18.  John shared the following screen shot announcing the end of Discover Deals:

a screenshot of a website

As you can see in the image above, Discover indicates that pending rewards will be added to your account as usual, but the program will end on October 31, 2018.

This is obviously hugely disappointing news for anyone in the first year of a Discover card who was intending to spend a lot through the portal for the first year double. Cash back earned from the portal has historically been doubled along with cash back earned on the card at the end of the first year. I would expect any cash back you earn through October 31st will get doubled at the end of the first year as promised, but those who intended to double up on holiday shopping will be out of luck.

H/T: Reader John

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Is it just me or is Discover now pretty much the most unappealing credit card company in the U.S.? Gutted consumer protections, still not accepted as broadly as MC/Visa, lackluster rewards, and so on.

At this point, perhaps signup bonus aside, I just don’t understand why anyone knowledgeable person would apply for a Discover card. My Discover card is in my sock drawer, but it probably just belongs in the trash at this point.


But their customer service though. 😉 Too bad their CS can’t be copied elsewhere.


Is it better than Amex cs?

J Cena

Yes, discover’s CS is stellar.


Discover deals isn’t the same as the doubling cash back. Two different programs.

Kailong Wang

Good Part: I finally don’t have to check discover deals when I’m shopping
What I’m looking for: AMEX acquires Discover