(EXPIRED) Dosh: Earn 32% Cashback On Uber Eats (New Users Only, Existing = 5.5%)

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Update 6/5/21: The rate is back down to “only” 32% and 5.5%.

Update 5/30/21: I thought 32% cashback for new users and 5.5% for existing users before was generous, but Dosh has made the deal even better. They’re now offering 44% cashback for new Uber Eats customers and 9.5% cashback for existing users. These rates aren’t being listed as temporary increases, so hopefully these higher rates are permanent.

If you have any Uber Eats credits to finish using up this month from Amex Platinum and Gold cards, this can help you get even more value from those because the cashback tracks when using those credits, not just when paying with a Dosh-linked card.

h/t once again to Doug from the Travel Rewards Warrior Facebook Group.


The Dosh app is offering a very generous 32% cashback rate for new Uber Eats users. They also offer cashback for existing users and these can be stacked with credits on Amex Platinum & Gold cards.

Dosh Uber Eats

The Deal

  • Earn 32% cashback as a new Uber Eats customer when tapping through from the Dosh app and paying with a Dosh-connected card.
  • If you’re new to Dosh, feel free to sign up using one of our referral links. We’ll earn $10 when you sign up and connect and verify your first card, but I’m not entirely sure what you’ll receive as a signup bonus. It used to be $5, then they reduced it to $1, but I’m not sure if it’s gone back up now or not.

Key Terms

  • Cash back is not available on Uber rides or cancelled orders. Must place order within 2 hours of clicking on the Uber Eats offer to be eligible.
  • Offer is not valid with gift cards, Uber rides, or in any combination with other Uber coupons or promotions.
  • Limited time only.
  • This offer and any payouts are from Dosh, not Uber Eats.
  • Valid only when you use the Shop button to open Uber Eats from Dosh.
  • Cash back will be deposited into your Dosh account within 90 days.
  • Offers are redeemable as long as available in the Dosh app. Check the app before making a purchase.

Quick Thoughts

Several apps and shopping portals offer cashback for first-time Uber Eats customers, but 32% is the highest rate I’ve ever seen. That’s an excellent return if you’ve never used the service before.

I suspect there’ll be a lot of people checking out Uber Eats for a couple of reasons. There’ll be the newly minted Amex Platinum cardholders due to the recent 100k offer and the fact that card offers a $15 monthly Uber/Uber Eats credit. Then there’s everyone with an Amex Gold card who now receive a $10 Uber/Uber Eats credit each month.

In most cases, earning 32% cashback on your first order will be the best option. However, some shopping portals are offering $7 cashback on your first order, so those will be better if your first order costs less than $22.

It’s not only new users who get to earn cashback via Dosh though. While most other shopping portals only provide cashback on your first order, Dosh offers an incentive for existing customers by giving 5.5% cashback on subsequent orders. From past experience, that cashback is earned even when paying with the Uber Cash loaded to your account from your Amex card.

h/t Travel Rewards Warrior Facebook group

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My Dosh account must be different because I see no Uber offers at all.
i even had other people look, but nothing from Uber, or Uber Eats.
What am I doing wrong?


Yep, it’s targeted. I took advantage of the last version of the offer regularly. This one is not showing up for me, as in no Uber Eats offers anywhere in the app. I just referred P2 and it’s available in his app.


Does anyone know if Uber eats codes as restaurant on the Amex cards that give monthly $10 and $20 dining credits? I’ve already used my Plat and Gold credits.


Since I asked that question here I found an answer by and Reddit. The guy said he tried it but it did not trigger the credit. He said it records as simply Uber and not Uber eats.

[…] Update 2/3/21: The rate is now 5.5% for existing users and 32% for new users. Could be a really sweet stack for a new user to get 32%, use a promo code or other new user special, and get their Platinum/Gold credit all in the same purchase. Hat tip to FM […]


While the key terms above indicate this offer is not valid on Uber rides, there is a separate Dosh offer for Uber rides @ 50 cents/ride (in case people wanted to use their Amex Plat/Gold credits that way).


Too bad i just closed my dosh acct after I was charged a maintenance fee of $5 month. Problem was I had only $11 in there so couldn’t cash out ($15min) and they have had zero useful offers for me in the last year, but they did get to harvest my CC usage data during that whole time, so good for them I guess.


$25 actually. I agree. I just saw they got my $15 that I couldn’t cash out. Bastards.


Yeah, the part where they take out a $5 “maintenance fee” per month coupled with the fact that there’s zero useful offers nearby makes me pretty done with Dosh. Been planning to email them and make it very clear that I’m deleting my account for this reason.