$30 off $40 at Verizon prepaid [Targeted, no stack with AA]


Update7/21/22: This offer for Verizon prepaid has reappeared on an account where I had previously used the offer. Note that the AAdvantage eShopping portal terms exclude prepaid phones and prepaid plans, so I don’t believe you’ll be bale to trigger Loyalty Points with this offer.

You may remember that when we originally posted this deal, many people initially received Loyalty Points (there were no terms excluding prepaid plans), but then those points got clawed back. Some later had the points/miles reinstated. The AAdvantage portal added terms excluding prepaid plans. Later, they removed the terms excluding prepaid plans. However, those terms are back again — prepaid plans are explicitly noted to be ineligible as per portal terms at the time of writing.

The original post follows.

This morning, I found a targeted offer on one of my Chase business cards that’s good for $30 back on $40 at Verizon prepaid. While we’ve seen better from Chase before and there’s an even better current Amex Offer and I don’t really need Verizon service, I’ll nonetheless be happy to put this to use to pick up some easy American Airlines miles and loyalty points thanks to the current AAdvantage eShopping offer (update: this no longer works) and the games we play.

The Deal

  • A new targeted Chase Offer is out that’s good for $30 back when you spend $40 or more on Verizon prepaid.

Key Terms

  • Expires 8/15/22
  • Valid one time only
  • Valid on prepaid purchases only, not valid on other Verizon products or services

Quick Thoughts

I’m not particularly interested in Verizon prepaid service, but I am particularly interested in American Airlines loyalty points. At the time of writing, the American Airlines eShopping portal is offering 3,700 miles for Verizon service — including explicitly for prepay customers. Update: terms now specifically exclude prepaid phones and prepaid plans.

I’ve signed up for Verizon prepaid before for a good portal payout. I never bothered activating the SIM card and I got the rewards. My problem is that the last time I did this (earlier this year), my total with taxes for one month was $39.

I’m sure it is possible to find a zip code where taxes add another $1.

This deal used to be worth it for portal rewards, but with the clawbacks we previously saw from the AAdvantage portal, I would not expect portals to track (though it is obviously possible that some still may, so it’s worth clicking through if you’re planning to get prepaid service).

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[…] HT: Frequent Miler […]


I got the 6,200 points last year but for two new accounts, so 1 for 2 on AA, YMMV! I did get it to work on the Wyndham portal though 1 for 1.


earlier this year I meant

M Khan

Looks like the portal is back up to 6200


Great find. Two considerations. While many portal miles post very quickly, some are delayed, and some never show up; my one experience with Verizon new service (FIOS) purchase was that I had to pursue customer service to resolve that the miles were earned and get them posted; not too difficult, but you don’t want to lose track. Most importantly, do we absolutely know that portal miles will convert to the new AA miles for status? We know that for AA CC spend only 1 point / $1 spend counts no matter what the cc earning rate is for that transaction’s purchase category; the AA rules appear to say that base portal earnings count while bonuses do not; that is stated, but not with the clarity that I’d like. Therefore, I’ve pointed all of our portal activity to use AA portal so that ASAP we can see what the data points are.

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all of these portal bonuses counted the full amount toward my status including the 6,200 points from Verizon.

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This is super random / niche, but I support an Afghan resettlement agency in my city and they always need prepaid SIMS for newly arrived refugees if folks want to donate them.


Can we get more info on this? Would like to make this AA play useful for someone besides just myself.