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Extreme Stacking TowerThis will be a short post.  I spent most of yesterday working on a post that I ended up losing interest in (it happens occasionally), then I spent the rest of the day creating an Extreme Stacking Sears and Kmart page that shows how to save up to 80% off any Sears or Kmart purchase.  That left me little time to write this post yesterday evening, especially since my son was bugging me to come watch Monday night’s recording of Better Call Saul.  I didn’t want to disappoint him…

Extreme Stacking Updates

Last month I introduced a new page on this site: Extreme Stacking.  The idea is to provide one place to go to learn (or to be reminded of) how to maximize savings and rewards when shopping with various merchants.  In addition to several Extreme Stacking pages previously in place, we now have the aforementioned Sears and Kmart page.  Also, our new Lab Manager, Anita, has contributed an Extreme Stacking PetSmart page which shows how to save about 30% off all PetSmart orders.

To find the Extreme Stacking home page, go to the “Earn More” menu on this site, or browse directly to this new URL: ExtremeStacking.com.

At the time of this writing, we have Extreme Stacking pages in place for 1800Flowers, British Airways, Kohls, PetSmart, and Sears.  We’ve also made many updates to the key “Best options for buying merchant gift cards” page.

One more thing: I’ve edited the 1800Flowers page to state that you can apply two gift cards per order online.  I was surprised to stumble upon this last week as I previously believed that we were only able to apply one per order.  This is great because the sweet spot for earning miles with 1800Flowers is with $30 orders.  However, the sweet spot for buying discounted gift cards is $50 (Amex often offers $15 back for purchases of $50 or more at 1800Flowers).  Now, we’ll be able to make better use of those gift cards.

That’s all for now.  Please check out the Extreme Stacking page and let me know if you have ideas or requests for additional content.

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Arlington Traveler

I just checked for Petsmart gift cards on raise.com and there were only three for sale. Two of them offered NO discount and the remaining one a 1% discount.

dave d


Christine B

I have saved sooooo much money since I found your site. And now you just helped me get 25% off my dog’s stuff at PetSmart via a physical gift card…we are boarding her for a week over Spring Break and I was trying to figure out how to bring down the cost.

Thanks to you, my family of 4 is traveling on miles (with a Southwest Companion Pass earned back when you could load the Target Redcard with a credit card) and staying in hotels in part on Priceless Surprises points. (We are using Autoslash for the car…the price has already dropped $40).

Next I need to do some extreme stacking at 1800Flowers when the Mother’s Day promos come out, since I already have Celebration Rewards.

When I have a few more Hard Inquiries fall off my credit report in May, I will absolutely be applying through your links. Thanks again for all of your hard work, and creative ideas…they keep this game fun!

Anita, FM Lab Manager


Thanks for mentioning using the discounted gift cards for boarding. I will add that to the post!



Thank you for putting this together.


Ha! Now we have two things in common. My son and I watch BCS together too. Now I feel all warm and glowy inside.


How old are your sons? BCS seems a little mature content wise for the under 18 crowd.