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Yesterday, I was looking to book a hotel and racking my brain to try to remember if there were any promotions available that would make a difference in the final price / value. It quickly became apparent that there ought to be an easy-reference resource page for that, similar to our Current point transfer bonuses page, so I created a new one with a sortable table for hotel promotions. You can find the current hotel promotions resource page here:

Current Hotel Promotions

As with other resource pages like the point transfer page and Current Amex Offers, the current hotel promotions page features a sortable table that you can search or sort by brand, end date, etc. Remember that it is set up to show 10 promotions per page by default, so you’ll have to either hit “next” at the bottom or increase the number of results displayed per page to see the full list. At the moment, the list is relatively short – though this is a work in progress and we will be adding to it each day as we post pertinent promotions.

Once the current promotions begin to expire, we will add a second table to the page for expired promos so that we can easily keep an eye out for any patterns that may emerge and quickly measure up new promotions by comparing to old. Just as we do with point transfer bonuses, we’ll add hotel promotions to the Current Hotel Promotions page as we post them here at Frequent Miler. You can bookmark that page to be able to reference it in the future so you can hopefully save yourself some time and find the promo you’re looking for more quickly.

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This rocks but it’s not in the index in

Greg The Frequent Miler

It is now. Thanks for the reminder.


Ha, I’ve been using the back of an envelope. This is much better, thanks!


Nick, Really appreciate your site and efforts. You provide a lot of information. Is there some way you can highlight Rental car promotions also. I get emails from Hertz and sign up for their promotions and if I loose the email or miss it, there is no way to see any promotions on their site. They don’t promote them at all. Now I am wondering what the promotion was and have to go back and find that email somewhere.


nick. dont create more work for yourself. there is absolutely no reason to have a 2nd table just for expired offers. u just need one list of promos and their expiration dates. then people can filter. everyone can do their own homework and look at the date then use their brain to determine if the promo is expired or not. just add sort and search capabilities like excel if possible. thats it.

also, i use this resource. its very helpful.


Thanks !! Me thinks this page will be really popular


Thank you so much! This is going to be a great asset. You’re already my go-to blogger anyway.


Thsnk you!