Free money and points from Staples


The following deal is valid until November 24 2012. 

On Friday I mentioned a lucrative deal from Staples: Buy $100 in Visa or MasterCard gift cards and get a $15 Staples gift card as a Staples Easy Rebate (limit 10 Staples Gift Cards per name/address/household).


This is a pretty nice deal by itself, but there are a couple of ways to make the deal even better:

  • Use a credit card that offers extra points or cash back at Office Supply stores.  For several examples, see “Best Category Bonuses“.  If you use a Chase Ink card to buy $1000 worth of gift cards, for example, you’ll earn over 5000 Ultimate Rewards points in addition to a $150 Staples gift card!
  • Or, use a credit card with which you are working on meeting minimum spend requirements.  This is a nice way to spend $1000 and get even more spending power in return.
  • Buy $200 Visa gift cards.  Reports from SlickDeals and Dan’s Deals show that when you buy a $200 Visa gift card, you qualify for a rebate of $30 in Staples gift cards.  By buying Visa cards in $200 increments, you substantially lower the fees as a percentage of card value.  $200 cards have a fee of $6.95 each (3.475% fee) whereas $100 cards have a fee of $5.95 each (5.95% fee).

How it works

To take advantage of this deal you need to go in person to a Staples store and buy up to $1000 worth of Visa or MasterCard gift cards.  The register will automatically print out a rebate receipt.  Take the receipt home and fill out the rebate online.  Wait 4 to 6 weeks to receive your Staples’ gift card in the mail.  Note that Staples gift cards can be used in-store, but not online.

According to reports, you will receive one gift card containing the entire value of your rebate.  For example, if you buy $1000 worth of MasterCard or Visa gift cards, you will receive a single $150 Staples gift card rather than 10 separate $15 cards.

What to do with all those gift cards

The Visa and MasterCard gift cards can be used like regular credit cards almost anywhere that credit cards are accepted.  If you need to liquidate those cards for actual cash, please see “Using the Target Amex card to run up spend” for one good option.

With the Staples gift card, of course you can use it to actually buy merchandise at Staples.  Another option is to look for in-store Free After Rebate offers at Staples and buy those products.  It’s a slow, but viable way to turn your Staples credit into cash.  Finally, if you really can’t wait, consider going through TopCashBack to Plastic Jungle to sell the gift card.  You won’t get the full value of the gift card, but at least you’ll get paid fairly quickly (in my experience).

Rebate step by step instructions


Step 1: Buy gift cards at Staples

Go to Staples in person and buy no more than $1000 worth of Visa and/or MasterCard gift cards.  If possible, pay with a credit card that earns extra points or cash back at office supply stores.  Make sure that you get a Rebate Receipt in addition to the normal purchase receipt.  As I mentioned above, the best value at Staples are the $200 Visa gift cards.

Step 2: Fill out the online rebate form

Go to to fill out the online rebate form. 

Step 3: Click “store purchase”


Step 4: View the example rebate form

On the next screen, there is an example of the rebate redemption form that came with your receipt.  Note that this screen shows you where to look to find both the Rebate Offer Number and the Easy Rebates ID number.  Scroll down within the screen to see an example of the latter.  Then, press “Start Now”.



Step 5: Enter the rebate offer number and your easy rebate ID number

Both numbers can be found on the form labeled “Rebate Redemption Form” attached to your store receipt.  The rebate offer number is 12-28680.  The Easy Rebate ID number is unique to each purchase and can be found at the very bottom of the Rebate Redemption Form directly under the bar code.  This number isn’t labeled so you’ll just have to trust that it’s the right number.  In my case it was a 17 digit number.



Step 6: No need to add another rebate offer

If you purchased all of the gift cards in one transaction at the store, then you only need to do this process once.  So there should be no need to add another rebate on the next screen.  Instead, just press “Next”.


Step 7: Tell Staples where to send the rebate

If you’ve filled out Staples Easy Rebates before, you may be able to click “retrieve” to get Staples to fill out this section for you.  Otherwise, fill out your name and address.



Step 8: Press Next

Nothing to do on this screen, but press “next”.  With some rebates you are given the choice to switch from a gift card to a check, but not in this case.


Step 9: Submit the rebate

Check that the info is correct and press “Submit Rebate”.


Checking status

After you submit the rebate, you will receive an email confirming the submission.  Within that email is a link to check the status of your rebate.  If you click that link soon after submitting the rebate, you’ll see a screen like this one:


After a few hours, you’ll receive a new email with the heading “Update! Your rebate is being processed!” At, that point, if you check the status you will see something like this:


Notice that the screen now shows the products I purchased and the expected rebate.

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[…] shopping a little early on Wednesday when I headed to Staples to get in on their in-store only $15 rebate on $100 Visa and Mastercard gift cards. As I mentioned, I live in the middle of suburban shopping hell, so it took a little bit to lure me […]


I used my $150 Staples gift card to purchase $150 worth of Kindle branded Amazon gift cards which are much more useful to me.


@Richard K – you could also see if your store carries BP cards. I think you can use a Staples card for other gift cards excluding Staples gift cards. I’m not sure about the Visa cards. You could roll that $1050 into other gift cards that sell for closer to 90% of value or take the hit on more Visa activation fees. I have a much smaller card to burn through so I will just wait on the rebate promos.


@Richard K – wow. How did you amass $1050?

I just went and bought $120 worth of stuff at Staples. About $20 will be free after rebate, the rest comes back in the form of Rewards. Maybe you could just chip away at the $1050 with these promos; go grab a couple packs of photo paper? I believe there is also a deal on reams of paper – buy four, pair with a $5 off $25 coupon, and it will save you another $24. So…now you only have $1k to burn. 😉 Every couple weeks these things pop up.


Thanks, FM! The card was waiting for me at work this morning. I was shocked that I couldn’t use it online, though! Oh well, there’s a store just a few blocks from me…

Richard K

Got my $1050 in Staples gift cards yesterday. Too bad I dont want anything from Staples and a 16% cut off the top is to much to swallow. Anyone got any great ideas to turn this into cash beyond whats in this post?


I did 10 of the $200 Visa gift cards and just received $300 in Staples gift cards today. 3 @ $90 and 1 @ $30. So, The $66.50 in activation fees got me $300 and the $2000 spent on the Visa gift cards made my spend on a new card. I then used the Visa gift cards to move money around through Amazon Payments at no cost to me. I met the spend for free, and netted $233.50 to use at Staples – Thanks for the tip!


Dan: I received the email that the check was in the mail on December 11th and received the check on December 20, so it took 9 days. Hopefully yours will arrive any day now.


Hi FM,

What day did you get the email notifying you the check was on the way? I got my email on 12/18 and I’m still waiting.



My $150 gift cards came in as well.


I received my $150 gift card yesterday! Anyone else?


Has anyone got their rebate yet? And if so, for how much? I got the e-mail on Dec. 11, but no GC yet.


Preacher: Not me, not yet.


FM: I think a Staples CSR confirmed it would be $150 for 5x$200 cards.Someone posted the chat transcript of the confirmation on slick deals.


I got my “rebate check is in the mail” email this morning. Still no indication if it will be the full $150 or $75


My status also went to “Reward Amount Pending” on a 5 x $200 purchase. Not looking good…


Tyler: Interesting. Mine says the same. Worst case, we end up with just $75. We’ll see…


Staples in Portland has a bunch left.. On a gift card rack with them facing the wall. I had to search but found them. Not really advertised at all in-store looks like they are hiding it!


Any updates from those who purchased 5 x $200? I did the same thing. Initially, it showed $30 for each $200 card, then it went to ” pending amount”.


If I’ve not yet acted on this, am I likely out of luck? I will check on Friday or Saturday anyway, but any data points as to whether your local Staples is out of stock?

[…] Thank you for so often bringing us Easy Rebates that truly are easy, often are quite rewarding, and sometimes lead to free spend and […]


I also had trouble at Target. They said you can’t “load a prepaid with a prepaid”. Cashing out my Visa $200 GC’s over the next five days using AMEX serve ($200 daily limit to load from debit cards/ $1,000 month) since I already did amazon payments this month. Good news is that I got some sort of $25 merchant credit in my serve account from AMEX…no idea how or why but I’ll take it!

SC Parent

@FM – thanks again for steering us onto valuable deals. My Staples was out of $200 cards when I went last weekend, but I got 6x$100. I used those to buy some stuff + $450 of Amazon GCs at Safeway. Safeway is giving 4x gas rewards AND offering $25 off coupons your next food purchase for every $150 of GCs purchased.

Cost: $635.70
I should receive $789 of value:
$150 in misc unbonused purchases from Visa GCs
$450 in Amazon GC credits on my account
$90 in Staples GCs
$75 off groceries (3x$25)
$24 off my next 3 gas fillups combined

I love that for 20 minutes of my time I was able to make $154 and earn 3k UR points! If only the online Easy Rebate process worked for me this could have counted as my Christmas present.


@Chris – I agree the revised wording is unclear, but currently my rebates are still showing the full amount of $150, of course all orders are still “pending.” I’m in for $16K so I certainly hope they honor the promotion the way we interpreted it.

The website still notes “Limit 10 Staples Gift Cards per name/address/household” so I think the argument can be made one combined receipt versus 10 separate $100 receipts shouldn’t impact your qualification for the rebate. Hopefully it is an argument that I don’t need to make.

Rick C

@chris, my rebate form said the same thing – “Rebates you’re eligible for using this rebate redemption form: 1” but when I submitted and just now when I checked status, it says $150, which is correct.



That’s fine. I just submitted rebate form for 3x $100 cards and received a message saying I will be getting Staples gift card for $45.


It appears that at some very recent date they changed the promotion. My rebate shows this:

Get a $15 Staples Gift Card on EACH Purchase of $100 or more of Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards at Staples Stores Only

They added the word “EACH” (their emphasis, not mine) onto the rebate which is not in FrequentMiler’s screenshots above. Also, on my rebate form that I received in-store, it shows:

Rebates you’re eligible for using this rebate redemption form: 1

So even though I purchased 5 * $200 gift cards my status shows that I will only be receiving $15. I’m going to try to argue with them.

Rick C

@victor and @umc – I’m confused. Did your submission say you were to receive $150 and then you got an e-mail saying it was possibly calculated incorrectly? Or did it say $15 and then you got this e-mail. I did 5 x $200 and my submission says I will receive $150 rebate.


Did Anybody who bought five $200 giftcard in one transaction and suppose to get $150 in rebate, also received a email like this. Wanted to confirm people people who did “5” $200 giftcards are going to receive $150 or $75.


Received the same email. If I get $150 Staples gift card for my 5*$200 visa gift cards purchased, I’m happy. Worst case scenario is $15 staples gift card for $1000 purchase, but I earned miles so it is not too bad.


Not looking good. should have purchased 10 $100 cards instead of 5 $200.

Dear Valued Staples Customer,

We have identified you as one of the consumers who may have visited the Staples Easy Rebate site to track your rebate. Upon tracking your submission, you may have noticed that the value of your rebate might have calculated incorrectly.

Please know that we are working to correct this issue. When you receive your Staples gift card in the mail, it will be loaded with the correct reward value.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

As always, thanks for shopping at Staples.

Staples Rebate Team


Was told by Staples that promotion has been extended thru November 24. I purchased 5 $200 Visa gift cards today, followed your instructions and, viola, $150 gift card is on its way. Hope to be able to use the FAR to realize the full $150 in cash.


Kiddad: Thanks for the info. I’ve updated the post to indicate that it runs until Nov 24


Thank you for the step by step instructions. Just filed for my $150 Staples gift card and found it so easy to do because of your help!

Rick C.

I bought 5 x $200 and was then able to buy a Vanilla Reload at Walgreens using $503.95 of my GCs. I wanted to buy two but the register said the limit is $500 per trnxn. I’ll try another Walgreens in a day or so.


I bought a $200 Visa GC, it is a debit card. Any idea if it can to used to load Bluebird?


Jen: It can be used to load Bluebird online (up to $100 per day), but there is a $2 charge each time. It can’t be used to load at the Walmart register because you don’t have a PIN

Kathy C

My staples didn’t have any visa or mastercard gift cards. UGH!!


BigTex: Did you get the email yet that says “Update! Your rebate is being processed!”? If not, you won’t see the full rebate amount. Wait until you get that email, then check the rebate status to see the $150 rebate is being processes


Just bought 10 x $100 @ Staples…got home and registered my rebate but my $1k purchase is only generating a $15 rebate, not $150! All 10 items are on the transaction…anyone else with this problem?



I got $210 in rebates, and a possible payout of $219. I blogged on my success! Feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks slickdeals and FM! 🙂


Works here too. Says they’ll send $150 card for the 5 $200 purchases.


Robert: Cardpool is good too. The problem with cash back is that Cardpool limits each person to $1K in transactions then they stop awarding cash back from any portal


Nov/14, ez rebates was not worked, but today(Nov/15) it works again.


Crap, having the same problem on the $200 cards. I am betting they will cut it to $75, but that is still a hell of a deal. I am mailing.

SC Parent

Same for me. I wonder if Staples realized they were giving the gift cards away for $200 purchases instead of limiting it to $100 V/MCs.

This makes it much less of an “Easy Rebate,” Staples!


@Mish I just got the same thing. Darn.


I just tried submitting the rebate online and got the error message “The Rebate Offer Number you entered is no longer valid for online submission.” So I’m going to mail it in and hope for the best.


@FM why not sell it to It is $124 for $150 staple GC and 4% cb on topcashback. Personally I like cardpool than plasticjungle.


My partner has a Staple’s business account linked to his business. Can we use the name and address for that business and also use our home address, to get the rebate times two?


SgFm: yes, I think that would work


Yo: No, you can only do $1000 per household


Can my wife and I both purchase $1000 each?


@Gregory: I will not do that, the cashier will be scared. Go easy on the Target amex load as it is a new one and the employees are not well trained or will not be! Use your credit card to load some amount and then drain a couple of GCs. That will not scare the manager either!


Thanks FM for your answer and your great tips/tricks and advice!


FM, you’re the man!


Dumb question of the day. Can you take the visa giftcards and use that to load Bluebird or is it only vanillas that work?


Ryne: Only Vanilla Reload cards (Vanilla Visa cards don’t work to load Bluebird either).

marathon man

Sorry for the fact the above had to be long but it is valid stuff to know of. Also there were a few typos:
First sentence… “Every” should be “Ever” Like, ever…
Fourth paragraph: “To use that’s stupid and laughable.” should be “To US…

Further on, “L?P” should be “L/P” for “Loss/Prevention.”

marathon man

I believe Gregory in comment #30 because L/P managers watch for what they may consider suspicious activity all the time.
Take Walmart for example… Every stood in line at the CS desk and one wall has a black shiny section to it? This is actually a one way mirror like you’d see at a police station. Yes, it is!
L/P managers there are such that other staff does not know when they are in or where they are, but often times they are behind that glass watching you. Certainly you can imagine Target has this too.
If someone walks up with say, 20 gift cards and wants to buy something, they are trained to instantly consider this fraud, crime, laundering, etc. To use that’s stupid and laughable. I think so at least, but they possibly have a bit more experience with people scamming something than people who are just trying to earn miles, points or rebates. And their first inclination is to wonder: So where did that shopper GET those gift cards he is using? Must be fraud! It’s a risk! As the manager, I am tired and fat and lazy and way underpaid, and don’t want that right now because I am closed minded and intolerant but I also now finally have a purpose in my job, so… he’s outta here! Call security!
We ‘hide’ our mile-isious activities and may even have to make up stories to the clerks at the registers because we don’t want to blow a deal we found online or in these blogs, but to them, that hiding in itself–the way we may try to act or speak with a manner that is less willing to tell the whole story, is a huge red flag. It took me many moons to figure out this anomaly and how once you happen to get into the cross hairs of these L/P, Compliance, Risk Prevention types of thinkers, it is the fact that you are IN their cross hairs that makes them now think that everything you say and do MUST be wrong or bad–and since I have also run into my own share of L?P personnel and corporate compliance officers over similar matters, I can tell you that it’s a tough thing to try and “un-prove” yourself as a crook and merely state what exactly you are doing! For, if you ‘go there’ and expose, say, how you earn miles doing this stuff, you may risk killing it at all levels for yourself and your online friends. But if you don’t, you risk them shutting you down, holding funds, running unnecessary reports and more. I’ve been faced with the balancing act before… and depending on the amount of money being held up, you do what you must. So far things have worked out–gigs still safe, money not lost, etc. Time is lost but not much else.
This Staples/GC/Target thing is just a small example, but FM if you are reading this bit right now, please do push for me to be able to speak at the April Do because this whole thing is EXACTLY what I wanted to talk about and I have a great deal of experience with it. Go tell Gary and the other bloggers it would only be a benefit to hear more on the subject of earning über miles and points and what happens when you hit the ceilings, get into cross hairs and the like. And oh, just because someone does those things, doesn’t mean they screwed up or that it was their fault the L/P manager or Risk Manager got after them. Many think that’s the case–until they themselves are also chomping at the bit for help! I’ve seen it a million times in varying degrees over the years: “Hey if you got caught doing X, you must have been the problem you arse! Hey I need your help cuz now I am the arse!”
In the end, many stores and clerks working at stores cannot fathom WHY on earth people would want to get say 10-20 GCs somewhere and then combine them all to another GC and clerks are trained to listen not think. Managers are trained to listen to their bosses and most in such stores are trained that everyone is trying to screw the store and any sign of frustration or argument means you get ousted–even if you are right. Everything is fraud these days, everything is ‘for security reasons’ and everything is over-zealously inconvenient–especially if you just happen to be willing and able to spend lots of money.
I have said it before and wont stop til it curbs, which it never may. Miles and points cannot be explained to 90% of the population and most who would listen don’t understand so they think you are a scammer. And if they do listen, you lose them and you have way too much time on your hands, so you must be a loser. the L/P manager in Gregory’s post was very wrong to do what he/she did in the minds of many, but also the store has the right to use its own experience to not sell to anyone it doesn’t want to for whatever reason.
I have already bought 20 Staples $100 GC MCs and used them similarly as did those who have had success at some Targets. They say they are issued by the U.S. Bank National Association and is where one can apparently register them if so inclined (although there has been no need to do this). I stated in another post somewhere that one would be best suited to not buy more than 10 on one Staples receipt or else the rebate thing could get messed up, and if you buy less, just keep track of how many you need to make an even 10 on added receipts but not more. In my case the online Staples rebate page would somehow not allow this to be submitted so I decided to mail it. No big deal–I’ll lose only a few days in the process.
Good luck!


@gabriel – I bought some of the $200 gc and apparently rec’d bigger rebates. But I am skeptical they will be given as the Easy Rebate site says it is only an estimate and is still processing.

FWIW, I bought the last $200 gcs I could find after visiting 3 Staples. Even had them check inventory to make sure that’s all they had. They only seemed to have room for ~20 $200 cards total and several cashiers said they were gone by Sunday


I loaded 6 $100 Visas on my Target Amex, but it was a battle. Was first refused by two cashiers, then by one manager as they all said “can’t use gcs”. Eventually found the only manager who knew what he was talking about and he told them it was ok to load. Then cashier could not get multiple gcs to load so had to load one at a time and pay $3 load fee each time. Won’t be doing that again…

Every time it’s been a hassle to reload at Target – none of the cashiers know what they are doing – and the managers are usually just as clueless.


Jay, thank you for calling for a reduction in rudeness, and I’m sorry you got flak for doing so.


Anybody else notice that AK got a $135 rebate for 3 $200 cards? Anybody else experience the exact same thing?


@newbie008: Do you know if Visa cards in different colors other than silver works with Serve?


@gregory I like the part about the ‘loss prevention person’. where i’m from we call them ‘security guards’. but your version is more scary. perhaps your story will keep everyone but you from taking advantage of this deal……


I messed up the post to Miguel I meant I should have written that the breakeven point for eBay would be $109.90 not $111 —- sorry about that.


@Miguel: you could buy Amazon gift cards at no cost and try reselling them on eBay. Some sell at higher than face value. However after the 9% eBay cut, you’d need to sell that $100 for 100/.91 = $111.11 or higher. Not easy. The best use is for stuff that is non-bonused or…amazon payments, kiva and al.


Here is how the math works for this purchase.

You buy $200+$6.95 fives times, for a grand total of $1,034.75 which will earn you:

a) a $150 gift card from Staples and:
b) 1,035 x 5 UR points assuming Chase Ink for a total of 5,175 UR points or so.

Conservative assumptions:
i) we will redeem the $150 card for $118 on PlasticJungle
ii) we value 1 UR point at 1.25 ct (“cash value for travel”

we paid $1,034.75
we got $118 in gift card
we got 5,175 x 1.25% = $65 in Chase UR points
we still have $1,000 to buy stuff with, which ended up costing $1035-$65-$118 = $852

A rebate equivalency of 1-852/1000 = 14.8%

Now if we apply a less conservative assumption, e.g. UR point at 1.8 ct and we get to use the $150, then we end up with $1035-$93-$150 = $792 or a rebate of 20.8%

So essentially this promo is 15 to 20$ off a wide range of non bonused stuff that can be bought with visa or mastercard. Your dry cleaning, your dentist are all options.

@FM: hire me if you’d like


You can always link the mastercard gift cards to amazon payments and drain them that way. Just make sure to register the cards at first with your name and billing address.


@newbie008: I bought 10 of the $100 Visa prepaid cards at Staples on Sunday. I went to my local Target store to reload my American Express for Target card with the Visa cards and the store personnel would not do it. When I asked nicely if I could speak to a store manager about it they had their loss prevention person escort me out.


Gregory: I’m surprised to hear that. I just unloaded my 5 $200 cards at Target today without issue.


Can I use the visa gift cards to buy vr at cvs?


All my Staples had left were the 4 pks. of Visa GC’s
for $200 (4X$50 each) costing $14.
Will that work? Worth it, or wait for more GC’s to arrive?


@Miguel: The silver Visa gift cards can be cashed out using serve ie. if you still have your serve card. No other way for Master Card Giftcards except using them to load target amex prepaid cards!


Any other ideas of cashing out the VISA/MC gift cards for their full value? Like actual cash or in a place (say Paypal) or I can deposit in my bank account.


This won’t work, I tried it myself and only got $150 in rebates. It is limited to 10 $100 or 5 $200 giftcards because the rebate is based on a $15 staples giftcard per $100 mc or visa giftcard purchased. It is based on the dollar amount. Not the amount of cards.


Since the rebate limit is 10 CARDS, doesn’t that mean you might be able to buy 10 x $200 cards?


$1K per person/address/household – can we use different cards and use friends/family as different addresses to get multiple rebates? Anyone tried this with success?


FM – Great step by step post. But where’s the smiling pic of Ms Miler holding the cards in front of Staples?


@Gabriel… NOW THAT MAKE SENSE! Somehow, Staples GC got stuck in my head, and could not, for the life of me, figure out why this would be a good deal. That thinking was in the morning before I had my coffee.


You can use the VISA/MASTERCARD anywhere you heart desires. Get it now? You’re buying $1k in “cash” for $1034.75 and getting $150 in staples on top of it (plus ~5k UR points)


Blue…you’re buying VISA/MASTERCARD gift cards, not staples gift cards. That’s the flaw in your thinking.

you are NOT going to sell the VISA/MASTERCARD to Plastic jungle. Use it to buy stuff


@Randall… okay, you’re correct I had forgotten about the rebate gift card. However, what of the 5 $200 GC?… If I’m to sell all of GCs, a total of $1150 (1000 GC + 150 Rebate), PlasticJungle will pay $905.62 then minus the GC fee $34.75 (5 *6.95) which leaves me with $870.87. This means I’m paying $129.12 in fees or a rate of 12%….. if you’re not planning to cash out, then this is useful only if Staples is the only store you can shop from….Otherwise this may not be a good avenue to meet spending requirement or to get cash?


@Blue You might be overthinking this…If you buy 5 $200 Visa gc’s, that will cost you $34.75 (5 X $6.95). In return you get a $150 Staples gc, which is worth $118 if you sell it thru Plastic Jungle. Your profit is $118 – $34.75 = $83.25, not including the 5000 points you “earn” thru an Ink card.


Thanks for the post, I find more value out of your posts than any other blog. Keep up the good work.

So here’s my idea how Staples can address the national debt.

The Treasury Dept. has 115,897 employees. If each put $1,000 in gift cards on their personal CC (couldn’t use their fed. card as the addresses would duplicate) employees would get the miles and the Fed. would get $1,738,455 in free Staples gift cards. Using Amazon Payments, employees can cash out the $1,000 and be made whole. I think the free gift cards will go a long way towards paying the postage from the US Mint deal.

If we could get all 2,840,000 federal employees to participate, we could rack up $42,600,000 in Staples gift cards. That would buy a lot of paper clips.

State and local government would add to the pool as well. How many teacher jobs could we save by reducing the cost of classroom supplies?

Thank you Staples for being a good corporate citizen here.

My Ink Bold will reward me with points so I benefit, but I think the rebates can better be used at St. Helena Elementary for classroom supplies.

Just a thought.


Does Staples sell vanilla cards?


@bluejay FU Jay

@baxterboy12, LOL!

Ron B.

@baxterboy12 Thanks for the humor!


Is there another way of cashing out staples? I never did like Staples because they’re usually overpriced (when compared with Amazon, eBay)

Going to PlasticJungle, which currently pay 78.75% of the balance would mean you’re effectively paying approximately 6.25% in “fees” (85%-78.75). The 85% is the difference between full value (100) minus the rebate (15).

How is that a good deal? I would think it is simpler to better to just get gift card that can be cashed out at a lower rate. Am I missing something here?


@ David the Visa gift cards are from mygiftcardmall / metabank


Do you know which bank/agency is issuing either the Visa or Mastercard ?




For the record, FM has had the yellow arrows for Staples FARs for a while. Though I suspect Step 9 is tongue-in-cheek.

Thanks for the find, FM.


I don’t have a problem with Baxterboy’s original post. I don’t think it was mean-spirited. I laughed and thought it was funny…but I don’t think it was nasty.

User Name

@Baxterboy – there’s a huge difference in the level of integrity found here that’s missing in bow tie’s blog.

@Jay – you *so* fancy Emily.


Thanks for the detailed transaction process! I am rather new at this milepoint process and need the details pointed out to me specifically and slowly. On my way to Staples today.


I laughed when I saw the screenshots and arrow. Good one lol


FM- this is a great post. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share.

@Jay. I did not intend to make fun of anyone. I just observed that the format of the post was different.


STFU Baxterboy12.
While I agree with you that there was no need for arrows and step by step screenshots…
You don’t need to be all snarky about it.

Jeez. I’m not defending MMS here but I’m truly tired of you morons who feel the need to act smart and sarcastic all the time.
What you wanted to say could have been said in a much nicer way.

Oh and didn’t anyone teach you manners at home? That’s someone’s wife. You not liking her photos does not give you the right to talk about her. Period.


Nice arrows. Is this MMS posting as a guest contributor? The only thing missing is a pic of Emily talking to a Staples store manager telling him how to game the system.