(EXPIRED) Free Money: Save 5% On Virtual Visa Gift Cards With Promo Codes VV56A27, VV5C3WC & VV5T216 At GiftCards.com

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Update 12/25/21: Promo code VV56A27 was added recently as another promo code that’ll take 5% off virtual Visa gift cards from GiftCards.com.


GiftCards.com once again wants to give you free money as they’re giving 5% off when buying virtual Visa gift cards and using one of two (or possibly more) promo codes.

GCcom Virtual Visa Promo Code VV5C3WC.

The Deal

  • Save 5% on virtual Visa gift cards from GiftCards.com when using one of the following promo codes:
    • VV5C3WC
    • VV5T216
    • VV56A27
  • Direct link to offer (our affiliate link).

Key Terms

  • Maximum savings of $37.50 (i.e. 3x $250 virtual Visa gift cards).

Quick Thoughts

GiftCards.com offers discounts on virtual Visa gift cards every so often and it’s always a great deal as it’s free money. Sometimes their promo codes give 10% off; this latest deal is only for 5% off, but you’ll still make a profit.

Here’s how the math works. The maximum denomination you can buy for virtual Visa gift cards on GiftCards.com is $250. Those cards have a $5.95 purchase fee and using one of the promo codes will save you $12.50 for a net profit of $6.55 per card. There’s a limit of three cards per order, so your total profit per order would be $19.65 assuming you buy three cards.

On top of that almost $20 in profit you’ll get $730.35 of spend on a credit card. That could be particularly useful if you’re working on the minimum spend requirement for a new credit card and/or if you’re taking advantage of the GiftCards.com Citi Offer.

You can also click through from a shopping portal to earn some additional cashback, miles or points depending on what kind of portal you click through from. The Southwest shopping portal is currently offering 500 bonus miles when spending $200+, so that’s one option. Check all the current rates here as there might be better options.

I think in theory there’s a limit of one order per customer, but some people have had success in the past with getting multiple orders fulfilled, so may the odds be ever in your favor. Just be sure to note that these are virtual Visa gift cards rather than physical gift cards and so you won’t be able to liquidate them by buying money orders.

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Deal is dead. Both codes say used too many times.


I get this message” “We’re sorry. This code has been used too many times“…..


VV5C3WC – says it’s been used too many times. the other code worked for me, TY


Expiration date?

Brian C

I got two $750 orders to process successfully, using each promo code once.


It seems like the general advice is to not buy these with Amex and US Bank, especially when working on a SUB. Citi and Chase seem to be ok, right? How about Barclays? Working on a SUB with Barclays and could not find a lot of data points.


These are great. I use them for Costco by going first to Costco.com and buying Costco Cash cards.


Not really correct to say the maximum savings is $37.50. It’s really $19.65 given the fees.


I understand that, but no one is buying a Virtual Visa with a $5.95 cost and $250 maximum on its own without a discount. And especially no one reading this.


Can I use these visa gift cards on UK sites? or must I use the balance on US sites?


US spend only